Destiny Beating Atheon with Randoms

Destiny Beating Atheon with Randoms by Sickshotztoo

What everyone should be doing:

Inside the praetorian portal (A) As a defender: Fire heavy or use supers on the praetorians. If he’s hidden just kill a goblin. Any relic holder worth his salt can handle the praetorian by themselves (minus bugs lol full health). Make sure you move with the other defender staying close by each other. You both need a cleanse.

(B) Relic: Melee, Melee, Shoot is a solid combo with the relic which puts a praetorian into a permanent stun lock.

(C) Everyone inside: the relic holder will LEAVE to go rejoin Atheon when the last two Oracles appear. They both appear near the actual portal. Don’t forget a last cleanse before heading out. The relic holder will go to the center platform and by the time you get there the people inside should be on their way out with times vengeance. Stand at the edge closest to Atheon and towards the right of the platform. This helps prevent splash damage. Do not bump into the relic holder.

Outside Kill supplicants. Use supers (void bombs and golden guns) and handcannons for the best effects. When the relic bearer makes his way out get to the middle UNLESS the spawning of supplicants could cause issue to those inside the portal. They spawn 3 at a time. Right side then left side. Always. One of the three outside should follow the relic holder anyway. Two should be enough to kill the supplicants while waiting on your team. When they are out everyone needs to be in the middle alternating between heavy and snipers (if you don’t crit a lot fusion rifles work). A good and upgraded LMG does about 1,000 per shot.

Titans: You need to have Weapons of Light on. It helps if you have the extra buff to it too. See where the relic holder is? Go stand on the opposite side and tell your team WoL is up on the back.

Hunters: Congratulations! You found a raid group! Just kidding. At about 10 seconds (only one hunter needs to be doing this) activate your super and kill some supplicants please. If you’re good enough leave yourself less time so you can focus DPS more. I personally go on supplicant patrol at about 4 seconds.

Relic holder: You just pretty much watch the clock. Give your team an update at 10 seconds. Let them know around 3 seconds to head back.

Getting out of the middle Ahhh Supplicant! Seriously just don’t blow yourself up. Personally I run back to the titans bubble. Make sure if you do it that way you stand on the edge of the bubble so if you don’t get teleported you don’t die from a detainment field.

The only thing different in hobgoblin land Defenders: Kill oracles. Don’t even look at the hobgoblins.

Relic: WALK up to the hobs. Shield bash them one at a time. So many people try to go for the jumping slam. It’s the wrong move. They start shooting you earlier. If you WALK up to them you’d be surprised how long it takes them to shoot. Shield bash is shoot, by the way.

LAST NOTE Establish relic holders. If you’re good with the relic take it. If you’re a level 30 you NEED to take it. Time to nut up or shut up

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