Destiny A Dubious Task Guide

Destiny A Dubious Task Guide by necrochaos

This guide (from a n00bs perspective) should help you complete your bounties and obtain the shotgun named Invective.

A quick aside about my PvP skills, I’m a n00b. I played CS back in the day for fun and was ok playing with friends. I enjoyed playing the Halo series multiplayer. I was sporadic at best , but enjoyed the multiplayer. Destiny is a different story. The gameplay is so tight and the players are so good that I’m usually in the middle to bottom of the pack. So I worked on my play and found some ways to get better and muddle my way through this quest.

If you are an advanced or average player, this guide may not be for you. Let’s first talk about the quests.

1 – Talk to Ikora Rey

2 – Complete a total of 5 Strikes without dying – Just complete any 5 strikes (level doesn’t matter) without dying. If you die it won’t count against you.

3 – Return to Ikora Rey

4 – Earn a K/D Spread of 25 in the Crucible – You need to accumulate 25 points. Each kill/assist you tally will give you 1 point. Each death will remove 1 point. If you complete a match with 5 kills and 5 assists and have 9 deaths.. 5+5-9=1. You will receive 1 point on the bounty. If you go K4/A2/D9… 4+2-9= -3 you will lose 3 points on your bounty. This is a cumulative bounty. What I also noticed is that my bounty completed during a PvP match, so I didn’t have to worry about the deaths taking away from my 25 points once I reached 25 points (in essence, I hit 25 points in the middle of the match. If I died I would have gone down to 24, however once you hit 25 the quest is complete instead of waiting until the end of the match)

5 – Return to Ikora Rey

6 – Complete a Weekly Challenge Activity – The nightfall or weekly strike will complete this challenge

7 – Return to Ikora Rey

8 – Purchase an Invective Component from the Gunsmith – You will need to buy 50 Special Weapons synthesis Packs which cost total 12500 Glimmer. If you have already some Special Weapons synthesis Packs in your inventory at the time, it will count towards to the 50 needed for the bounty.

As you can see, the most difficult part will be step 4, the 25 point K/D spread in the Crucible. Here are my tips for completing this quest:

Tip 1: Slow down. This isn’t a race. Take your time. If you die, no need to mash the respawn button. Playing under control will help you stay alive and get more kills. Only run when you need to run. Crouch and hide in a corner. Find a good spot to snipe. If you are running as fast as you can with that shotgun out you will likely get blasted in the face. Play with control. You can win this bounty in 25 games with getting 1 kill and 0 deaths. Take your time.

Tip 2: Play Control only I tell you to play Control because on one reason, people are worried about capturing points more than they are worried about kills. If you are a BladeDancer, you will get 2-3 kills when you super is up when enemies are trying to capture a control point. Grenades will hit multiple people. Remember Tip 1, you can hide at a point you control and kill them as they come in the door. Most people will be running at the point so fast (playing out of control) they won’t be a worried about getting that kill. This is your chance to knife them in the best. For this bounty an assist is worth just as much as a kill. If you see any enemy, put a bullet or two in him. If someone else finishes him off, you will get the credit for an assist. It’s not about how many kills you get, it’s about getting a score higher than 0. If the enemy is capturing a point, don’t go alone. Go with another player to give you the better odds. Chances are they are using more than one guy to capture that point. Going in 1v3 is never a good idea. Even a BladeDancer with his ult up can die in that situation.

Tip 3: Use guns that you are comfortable with. I load out with my trusty Vision of Confluence or The Devil You Know, a shotgun and Truth. I feel comfortable with my Scout Rifle and Hand Cannon. Truth has seeking missiles. If you pick up the Heavy Ammo you are going to get at least one kill. I rarely use the shotgun in my loadout. Mostly due to what I talk about in Step 1. If I use it I feel like I’m running around the board hoping to run into someone and fire first. If you feel good with your Auto Rifle and sniper, use it. It’s about what works for you, not what’s the best weapon.

Tip 4: Watch your radar. You need to know where your enemies are. You need to pay attention. If that radar shows someone is really close, look for cover. Firing from cover gives you a chance to win. Be on higher ground to fire down and get those headshots.

Tip 5: Fight smart, not fair So now you are in that fight 1v1, what do you do?
Do you have the jump on him? Throw a grenade and start unloading on the enemy. Do you see each other from a distance? Use that scope and go for a headshot. Duck to cover if you can. Did they get the jump on you? Pull out the knife and start hacking.

Don’t forget that melee can easily finish of a user. Sometimes you will get that great postmortem kill and get a death/kill to even things out.

Try to resist the urge to chase someone across the map to get the kill. He’s likely retreating to the rest of his team. You will likely pay dearly for this.

There is so much more to talk about, but I think you are getting the idea. Want to know more? I’m happy to add to the post with other tidbits.

Something I missed? Let me know and I’ll add it while giving you the credit!

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