ArcheAge Support Beginner’s Tips

ArcheAge Support Beginner’s Tips by GreatGeak

Quick disclaimer

I’m using different maps located out on the web, so you may have to ignore some of the markings, I will note this.

My focus group

My goal is to give the beginner like I once was, super handy tips that my guild shared with me, and once I’d learned them, I was sorry I didn’t learn them sooner.

These tips won’t hand you the game on a silver platter, but they will make exploration of the game a lot easier.

Quick semi-unrelated tips

  • Although being in a guild is not a necessity, most of these tips I learned from asking the guildies questions, and them being helpful…you should join one, a small friendly one, or a big friendly one as long as they’re friendly and help developing players.
  • If you are already in a guild, and you knew none or few of these tips…leave that guild the second you log back in.

The Glider

Ok, many of you may already know this tip, but I hate Archeage questing, and I didn’t learn about the glider until level ~20 because I asked some random person. Shoutout to the random person flying a glider who got a random whisper about that glider (somewhere in Kyrios…Austeraish?)

For a newbie on the east continent, you will find the glider quest in Tigerspine Mountains

The quest line begins down at the foundry, and gives you the glider towards the top of the mountain/mine…it’s this robot thing that provides the glider.

For Nuin, it was a quest at the top right of the Lilyut Meadow map. 3 or 4 NPCs standing around in a little camp at the top of a hill.

This is the referenced area, although I did not mark it because I was not sure (someone else feel free to mark it for others)

Special thanks to this guy. I am not Nuian.

What you may not have known: It is super easy and cost less than 2 gold to upgrade that glider.

The upgraded glider goes about as fast as any of the others and will last you until you decide to go with something fancier.

You will find the plans for the glider in Mirage Island….over where it says, “Glider Designs” (go figure?).

Once you have the designs, you’ll need to go to…a carpentry work bench? I believe (feel free to correct me on this one please).

The Clipper

What I knew: The clipper design is purchased from Mirage Island for 50 Gilda Stars.

What I didn’t know: If you finish up the Main Quest Line, you will have 50 Gilda Stars.

This guide is for the elves.

It is worth it to make up an alt and finish that quest line in a couple hours tops, and then send yourself the design.

…Just because the main quest line dropped you off in some random area, doesn’t mean you’re actually done with it, follow a guide like the ones I linked.


There’s a several different ways to do this, but as I said, I hate questing, so here’s how I did it.

  • West Continent:

For you guys this is so easy it’s almost sad.

Just swim your way out to the area clearly marked for Star Shards.

Under water you will find these bubbles that mark out little veins you can mine. This will yeild good exp, Raw Stone, and Starshards. This is what you are looking for (no that isn’t me).

NOTE: For more breath, consider purchasing and taking Dahuta’s Bubble. The clipper also has breathing devices on it that recharge and give you 10 minutes of extra breath…I had my clipper built before leveling like this, and I would recommend you do the same.

You will take the Raw Stone you have gathered, and you will craft Hereafter stones at any masonry workbench, for even more good exp. (enjoy the free levels).

Hereafter stones also sell fast in the Aution House, as do Starshard Ingots. People like to buy Hereafter Stones, in stacks of about 10…vs the 100 that sit there for a good hour. (Shift+Left Click will split up stacks)

Warning Note: This tends to have one or two people in the area, and it’s a PVP area… however I believe the results outweigh the risks.

  • East Continent:

For us this tends to be quite the adventure, as the west continent is the only one that has this area.

Either take your clipper, or have a friend take you….or swim (dear heaven above please don’t swim).

If you’re going to make this trek (again the results tend to be worth it), please consider saving labor and bringing Dahuta’s Bubble.

Definitely bother to land on the nuian content (put your feet on dry land)…this way if you do die, you’ll at least respawn on their continent, relatively nearby.

NOTE TO LEVEL 50’s: I know this is a clearly marked PVP area, but leave the scrubs alone. If you need to, assert your dominence by beating them to a pulp, but killing them only makes life a pain having to venture back. Yes we all hate filthy reds no matter who they are, but being the better sport starts with you, here’s hoping these scrubs will learn and pay it forward.


This is going to be way more than I’m going to bother to put on paper…let’s just put it this way: When you’re 40~45, you should be in a guild, and you should ask them about Hasla gear (this game basically hands you really decent gear in easy quests).

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