ArcheAge Pirate Guide

ArcheAge Pirate Guide by Orchidna

Hello, this wall of text should introduce the Piratefaction.

I am a Pirate since one Month now and play on Orchidna EU. If you have had better experience, then please share it with me/us, or if your Pirate adventure was/is terrible then here is some help for you.

At first. Why the hell do someone want to became a Pirate?

Here are the pros. General pros.

  • Own Island
  • No trading
  • Good titles like more dmg with canons, faster swimming…
  • PvP everywhere even on your Farm 24/7
  • Bath in Honour points
  • Don’t need to do much PvE any more
  • You have to actually use your brain and be creative to make money
  • See People loosing ships to morpheus at least 2 times a day, or help them to lose their ships =D
  • Barrels to hit , you can get rich with it if you are lucky.
  • You cant go to Prison on the open sea
  • Pirate quests not much but good
  • Awesome broken dailies till Auroria -.- (guess every time can you finish it or not )

On my Server Pros

  • you get Land at least a 16×16 if you hurry before Auroria
  • Much better teamwork
  • No Pk more if you don’t piss us off.
  • fair trade-pack split, not all to the officer and so on
  • On Friday evening everyone is drunk in Teamspeak

And the cons.

  • No trading.
  • Neutral guards are not so neutral -.-
  • Difficult to roam on Faction continents.
  • if you die there to a player you go for 40 min in Prison if you can’t fool the court.
  • Everyone think we are a PK guild xD(No we aren’t 80% of us didn’t even Pk a single player, but I have =)alot)
  • Much lesser Gildastar gain, 1 Gilda a day.
  • broken dailies till Auroria
  • you need a twink in a Faction for Selling stuff without AH or/and as a spy.

What do you have to get done before become a Pirate! Besides lvl 50 the 50 Gilda main-quest-line, for harpoonclipper, and the two scarecrows you don’t need much to be a good Pirate. But, I have to admit, if you have a Haslaweapon a cutter/trading-ship and a bit money it would be easier for you. Maybe the GHA armour.

How to become a Pirate: The easiest, cheapest and fastest way to become a Pirate without Prison time is the mountkilling trick with a friend. Your friend get a lvl 5 mount and summon them on a hidden place. The mount should be set on the state where he just stand around and don’t follow the player. It should be done near a village where a stall is because the player, whom the mount belongs to, should go there and just revive the mount every time you kill it for some coper. Afterwards he report all the blood and if you get Crime>3000 you became Pirate and don’t spend a single minute in prison.

Now I am a Pirate what next: Go to our Island, and try to find someone who knows you Language(West or East language) and is in a Guild. Talk with him/her!!!!!!! As a Pirate you cant do much alone you need a guild. The Important thing is when they are more Pirateguilds already, they have to be in a Alliance or they drawn. On our Server there are just two Pirateguilds, one only for germans (a stupid rule from starting days of archeage which surely get thrown away soon) and the other international but we work so strong together we even equip their people with our 4-man-GHA-run-group because their guild have some difficulties to do it alone.

The main Point to understand here is that all Pirates have to work togetherbecause we are shorthanded anyway why make it easier for the zerg to deal with us. ‘Surprisingly’ it works for us very good.

I am in a guild what now: Mainly you should help some traders to get rid of this heavy packs we like to do this on some bottleneck points where many traders pass. All you need is a harpoonclipper a bit fuel and so many people you can get. You are “helpful” till everyone have a pack and go home to store them on your scarecrow. The better way is to have a Trading ship in a save distance to store the packs so you can double the outcome of one roam. Personally I dislike cutter because they are slow and don’t benefit the roam at all. Bonus is if the enemy have cutter, clear them and drive it to the blackpearl on our island to get destroyed. The Morpheus likes such sacrifices and the owner need to pay a lot of gold to repair this thing.

To get the packs is easy but get rid of them not. To turn in the packs for Gilda (the resources are worthless on freedich) you have to make more plans. Scout the freedich and the area around with some mates, the trading ship should be parked at our castle on freedich to be save. Its should be done early or late nights on weekend when everyone have time. And if it is clear trade everything fast in.

Ok but I want make some money not only Gildas: Now I list some things you can do alone or in a group to get some sweet money

Land/Farming When you want to became a Pirate this late it can be that there is no place for you on the Island. Some guild have reserved extra space for the future but I doubt that every guild had this luck. You can still get some land before Auroria. Because after the release to much people want to join the Piratefaction and it gets more difficult.

A option is to get or have a Farm on the factioncontinents which you can maintain with a twink.

But if you want some Land on the Pirateisland you can watch for nonpirates which just claimed land there some of them out of desperation some of them want to become pirates later. You can see it if you hover the house with your mouse you have the crossed swords as a cursor .If this is a farmer just kill him every time he farms there to force him to sell or destroy it. This is how I get my 2 16×16 farms. Some people don’t want to stay Pirates talk to everyone maybe you can get it this way. Or at least you can just write a mail to every nonpirat with land claimed and ask about this plot.

Or when nothing helps just right in front our Island is a endless protected Aquafarm-place. Start Aquafarming its a good income. Before I managed to get my farmhouse and my farms on land, I generate my gold this way and if you want to lvlup Alchemy is a Aquafarm helpful.

Farm Keywarden in Atlantis This is a activity which requires a good equip and some skill to do it solo. Here I found a map its there were the questionmark is. You just have to kill the one star champions watere-lementars which roam around to get the keys. The sleep the bigger elementar which are above the chests and loot them. You can make there a decent amount on gold if you have luck with loot. But be careful sometimes the treasure can become a strong enemy or a tradepack which you can only turn in on freedich to a relicthunter.

Go GHA There are enough youtube videos how to do it. But I have to say you can do it with a trashy group not as good as a hasla weapon 7/7 group but you can do it. You just need a healer and a skilled primeevil. He does the most work. We started to try it with 2 of 5 lvl30 equiped people,they became pirates very fast and just get lvl 50 through crafting. After first like 20 fails we managed to kill the first boss after a bit less trys the second and so on. Now we run GHA in 30 mins with 4 people, the fifth person is most of the time a new guild-member or pirate which roll on all equip if he don’t have it already.

Barels!!!* Dive under Morpheus ship and destroy all the barels and collect all shells. You get some Pirate-clothes which you can sell and other funny stuff. Some of the shells and corals can cost up to 15g if you get 5 of them and refine.

Farm Coinpurses A lot guides are there but as Pirate its a bit more a pain because you have to hide from everyone in every status of the war.

Diving I think its the first thing every pirate should try because it the easiest.

Do Arena ….

Finally I don’t regret my decision to join the Pirates. Its a Player driven faction where the social aspect is in the middle. I would be happy to see more improvement but I don’t wait desperately for it any more. Its the content which I generated for me which makes it so exciting. For example, I hunted and killed the twink of a farmer for 4 days which tried to farm on the Pirateisland to force him to destroy his farm. I think this is a thing not everyone had done to get land. Now I can sit on the porch of my 24×24 farmhouse look on my two 16×16 farms right in front of me and say, ‘yes I earned it’. I brag a little but I’m just so f*ckng proud that its worked.I helped one guildmate to, to set their House and big farm so I think its ok when I brag =). I hope I could get some of you interested in the Pirate being. Sorry for my English and if you don’t understand something how can I then =). There are a lot things I have forgot to mention I think but my head hurts now.

tl;dr:Pirates worth a try just be friendly to other Pirates and generate your own content and don’t wait for XLGames to do it.

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