World of Tanks Tier List for Tier 6 Strongholds

World of Tanks Tier List for Tier 6 Strongholds by uMadTown

Lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of tier 6 strongholds and encountering a lot of teams that seem to have no idea what they’re doing. I’m hoping to write some guides maybe when I have more experience. One of the most common problems I see is teams running sub-optimal tanks and basically losing in the loading screen so here’s my tier list of which tanks you’ll want to pick. Please bear in mind this is my opinion based on my experience so results may vary. Tanks are ranked from 0 (trash tier) to 5 (basically overpowered). Feedback/ opinions/ discussion welcomed.

Light tanks:

T37: OP hit points, excellent everything else, run at least two every match. This tank can snipe like a TD and brawl like a medium while being an amazing recon light tank. Can also mount an autoloader if you have a burst damage fetish. Did I mention 680 HP and how stupid broken that is on a light tank? 5/5

AMX 12t: Gets an honorable mention for the autoloader but suffers from having unreliable damage, terrible terrain passability and long down times. If you want autoloading lights consider T37s with the autoloader as it has much better handling and has better utility. 2.5/5

MT-25: this tank is really fast and has a good gun but is just slightly outclassed as a light by the T37 and as a medium by the A-43. The gun and mobility are good but for anything this tank would be used for alternatives exist that have more HP and function more or less the same. 3.5/5

VK 28.01 I can’t really call this tank bad, just gimmicky and unreliable. The 105 can put serious hurt on other light tanks IF it hits but that if is large. This tank also rams well but competent opponents may not allow you to. This tank can shine on maps with a heavy emphasis on an early close range brawl for a pivotal possition like Mines or Karelia. Viable and special but nothing to write home about. 2.5/5

T21: this tank is good but is worse than the T37 in nearly every way. Suffers badly from not being different enough and outclassed by other tanks. Only redeeming feature is that it can mount a rammer while the t37 can’t so you’ll get higher DPM. Nobody cares though because the T37 has better accuracy, pen, mobility and hitpoints. 2/5

Type 64: Less hitpoints than the T37 and a worse gun with slightly more speed. Can mount a rammer to achieve a higher DPM which gives it a slight edge. Not as good as a T37 but close. 4/5

59-16: This tank is probably the worst of the bunch but is neat because it can be either a shitty MT-25 or a shitty autoloading T37. Hold on I don’t really want either of those tanks. The autoloader reloads quickly but still somehow manages to be terrible. 1.5/5

Medium tanks:

Cromwell: The speed and firepower of this tank are simply incredible. Capable of scouting and fighting well this tank is great. The only missing piece is armor but you really don’t need with the crushing speed and DPM. I dont like to play strongholds without at least 1 cromwell. 5/5

A-43: functions similarly to the Cromwell but is slightly different. This tank actually has some armor which is a plus but it has a few weaknesses as well such as worse gun depression, low alpha damage and a very vulnerable ammo rack. 4.5/5

VK 30.01 D: very similar to a Cromwell but it sacrifices some speed and DPM to have actual armor. This makes it more of a jack of all trades tank but it’s still above average in most areas so I’d use it as a replacement for the previous 2 mediums. 4/5

M4A3E2 “Jumbo” Sherman: This tank is slow and has a ton of armor so it’s more of a heavy tank. This sounds cool at first but is lackluster when compared to actual heavy tanks (especially the M6). 1.5/5

M4A3E8 “Easy Eight” Sherman: Very similar to the Cromwell. Possesing better armor, depression and on the move accuracy this tank brawls better. The Easy Eight is however hurt by worse mobility and damage per shot making it not a preffered tank. As a medium to follow your heavies and flank/brawl it can be a decent pick. 3/5

VK 30.02 M: Extremely similar to the 30.01 D, this tank is slower but has slightly higher DPM and more hitpoints. This tank leans heavily towards a sniping role and is less flexible than the better alternatives. Being outclassed in firepower as a sniper by actual sniping tanks make this tank less relevant. 3/5

T-34-85: The T-34-85 while average in most areas can be very good in that it has much higher alpha than other mediums with good pen. The firepower allows it to trade effectively with any tank it can encounter (1 for 1 with other mediums, 2 for 1 with heavy tanks or TDs.) Played as support tank for a couple of heavies this tank can be quite decent as it can take on any role on an at least adequate level. Somewhat of a hidden gem and a personal favorite. 3.5/5

Type 58: Some kind of weird trade off T-34-85 with less depression and penetration and slightly higher DPM. The trade off for the higher DPM isn’t worth it because you may as well just run a faster medium tank if you want the DPM. 2/5

Chi-To: The Chi-To is an odd tank, it has a crap ton of hitpoints and DPM… And not much else. Giant slow box tanks with no armor are unappealing. The tank is very restricted in what it can actually do well because literally everything else is more flexible. At least it has good depression. 2/5

VK 30.01 P: If you’re looking for something that goes fast and blaps people see the hellcat, if you’re looking for something to brawl there are many better alternatives. The short 8.8cm is a terrible gun and this tank sacrifices a lot to mount it. If you run it with the 7.5 L70 it’s strictly worse than the 30.01 D. If it was faster it could be good. 1/5

Pz IV S: Slow with nothing to make up for it, bad armor, mediocre gun. This tank should have stayed a tier 5 because it’s about as useful as one. 0/5

Pz V/IV: I don’t even know if anyone plays this tank and I doubt you’d want to run it in strongholds because it has a tier 5 gun and nothing else special about it. 1/5


KV-85: The successor to the 1S, the 100mm on this tank is almost as incredible as the former tank. Probably the best heavy tank posesing good firepower and mobility with adequate health and armor. This tank is usually the front line of a team. The main weakness is the poor gun depression. 5/5

M6: Speaking of gun depression, this vehicle is very similar to the KV-85 but has 10 degrees of depression. Slightly worse armor and mobility, better hulldown and gun handling. Being slightly more situational gives it a slightly lower score but I prefer to have both tanks. 4.5/5

T-150: best in tier armor and alpha (ignoring the horrible 122 on the kv-85 and gimmickmobile that is the kv-2) give this tank the niche of stronkest tenk. Unfortunately it’s quite slow which leaves it inflexible and easy to abuse. A strong anvil if you want to run one. I prefer to run more mobile team comps but this tank is still incredible. 4/5

ARL 44: The ARL has a selection of guns with insane overkill penetration and god awful gun handling. Unfortunately for this tank the turret face and DPM are miserable so it gets out brawled by anyone competent. 2.5/5 or if you’re willing to mount the 105 and fire straight gold (and still probably be worse than other heavies) 3.5/5

KV-2: Stronk tenk Stalin guide shell etc. It’s honestly an unreliable gimmick tank with a long reload that’s easy to avoid and bully. If it works it’s fantastic but it relies far too much on RNG To be useful. Slow and weak. 1/5

Churchill VII: The armor on this tank is honestly not good as most tanks you’ll face can shoot the front of the tracks to detrack it and deal damage. Mobility is terrible. Firepower is anemic. You’d be better off with any other tank, even a tog. 0/5

VK 36.01 H: Similar to the Churchill in that it has high hitpoints and a medium esque gun (the 8.8 is terrible and not worth using, 7.5 waffe all the way.) The VK however can actually move so it can be a decent heavy. Snipes well but doesn’t offer enough mobility or brawling ability to be a strong pick. 2/5

Tog II: A gimmick tank mostly in that it has far and away more HP than anything else as well as acceptable firepower. The mobility however is so god awful that you’re forced to give up the initiative. Easy to avoid and easy to kill. Ugh/5

Tank destroyers:

Hellcat: Before patch 9.3 this tank would have earned an easy 5/5 but the nerfs did hurt it a bit. The mobility and firepower are still incredible, but it doesn’t perform as well as a medium tank as it used to so it’s slightly inflexible. Still the best sniper tank. 4.5/5

SU-100: If you must use a casemate TD to hide in a shrub and blap people, pick this one. Possessing high alpha and good camo this tank can generate large HP leads in just a few shots. Sadly it has no turret and not much else going for it. 3/5

SU-100Y: A giant box tank with no turret combined with horrible armor and HP. Gets bonus points for silly gimmicky alpha damage. Still bad. 1.5/5

Jackson: Unlike most TDs this has an actual turret but I don’t see a reason to take it over an M6 or a hellcat. 2/5

Nashorn: The gun is fantastic but no turret and no survivability (wow the camo is bad) make this tank a no no in 7v7. 0.5/5

Dicker Max: The only people you’ll be dicking with this tank is your own team because this thing moves slow and dies quickly. At least it can hide decently and has the silly depression so it can be alright on a few maps. 0.5/5

Jagdpanzer IV: This tank destroyer can at least hide, move, and turn. Sadly the firepower isn’t good enough to make up for the lack of armor, hitpoints, and a turret. 1/5

ARL v.39: Just don’t, this tank dies to and gets spotted by everything because of the tumor on top. Has trouble bringing the gun on target due to long aim time combined with a narrow gun arc. Worse than the SU-100 in every way. 0/5

AT 8: Everyone and their grandmother knows how to pen this tank and it’s as slow as they come. Firepower is unremarkable. Doesn’t even have a turret. 0/5

Churchill Gun Carrier: Slow, unarmored, large, can’t use hills due to terrible gun mounting, narrow gun arc, I could list faults of this tank until the end of time. -1/5


FV304: The only arty I’d ever consider as it has somewhat reliable damage and craps on turtle strats which are fairly common. Any competant team will force a 6 vs 7 brawl if the map allows it and you’ll probably lose. 1/5

Other SPGs: Just don’t, without reliable damage or fighting abilty why would you take these over actual tanks in a 7v7. No/5

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4 Responses

  1. DerpGunner says:

    Why is the 59-16 at the bottom?

    + Great camo.
    + Incredible clip reload and DPM.
    + Awesome view range
    + Adorable

    – Bad pen (negated by premium ammo)

    So the only negative, is easily countered by using premium ammo…


  2. KK says:

    Thank U 4 taking the time & thot to do this. Sure wish i had read this BEFORE i started some grinds.

  3. Sny says:

    Since the TD-viewrange-nerf, the Dickermax is quite the spotter since it wasn’t nerfed.

  4. David says:

    You’ve forgotten an important aspect – niche players. Several tanks you completely bag on, like the tog and kv2, are unstoppable in proper hands. I, for one, have gone on 5-plus match winning sprees with a team of 5 kv2s and 2 cromwells.

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