Star Trek Online Borg Disconnected Guide

Star Trek Online Borg Disconnected Guide by sarcasmdetector

Protips if you have aggro while trying to rescue:

  • Attack Pattern Expertise will grant temporary HP, taking damage to these temp points will not interrupt a rescue interaction.
  • Rock and Roll, the barrel roll has the same duration as the rescue interaction and you can start the rescue while rolling.
  • Intel Team will shed aggro and give you a temporary battle cloak allowing you to rescue.

With the above abilities you should be able to solo a side without having to be in a carrier.

Additional Tips:

  • The cooperative ships will respawn 20 seconds after you free the previous ships. They will not respawn if one of them gets reconnected.
  • The Undine Rifts show up every other cooperative spawn.
  • if you double up Intel Team (so that you have a 15s cooldown) you should be able to free ships while in the middle of combat.
  • Enemy NPCs only respawn after you have killed the previous enemy spawn. You can use TBR to push (and stun) a couple of enemies away from the cooperative ship spawn and never see any NPC respawns again.


  • The bulk of the points you get from this mission is from rescuing ships. more points = more marks. For a bigger marks reward focus on rescuing ships every 20s.
  • you will still get a R&D package and marks reward even if you fail to kill any dreadnoughts at the end. It works like FFA and NWS, you will get rewarded for any points you have accrued so far.

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