LoL Spending Your First 18K IP Guide

LoL Spending Your First 18K IP Guide by evilgamemaster

Firstly, let’s establish the premise here.

  • The guide is for beginners who are just starting out in LOL or just reached level 30 who are wondering what to spend with their IP.
  • This guide is a no-frills approach at maximising 18K IP in developing a player and teaching him/her basics about LOL.

To start: Runes

9 AD Marks (205 each only) 9 Armor Seals (205 each only) 9 Magic Resist Glyphs (205 each only) 3 AD Quints (1075 each only)

Total = 8610 IP only. That’s all the runes you need. Remember this is the no frills version. I’ll explain why later.

Buy these champions:

Mundo – Top (can be played jungle)

Udyr – Jungle (can be played top)

Annie – Mid (can be played sp)

Caitlyn – Adc

Morgana – Sp (can be played mid)


  • tl;dr, last hit, tank and get out.
  • You will learn how to play a tank. And if you like playing Mundo, you can buy more tanks!
  • Mundo is resourceless (almost, everything he does costs health)
  • Mundo’s E makes last hitting easy.
  • You learn to buy tank items as these are the only relevant items for you. You will learn to soak damage and run out (hopefully before you die.)
  • You can play him as a jungler.
  • You will learn skillshots with him. His skillshots have low cost and low cooldown. Landing his skillshots consecutively rewards you. There is minimal penalty for missing his skillshots.
  • All in all a very forgiving champion.


  • tl;dr, decision, gank, farm
  • The most important thing to learn as a jungler is decision making. As Udyr, since you have no ultimates or skillshots, that will be only thing you need to do the whole game. Pure decision making.
  • As a jungler, he can go 21/9/0 or /0/21/9. You can play him two different styles (aggressive tiger ganker or phoenix feral flamer). This is a champion where you can even learn two distinctly forms of jungling.
  • You can be Trick2g wannabe. j/k


  • tl;dr, last hit, harass and initiate/all in.
  • You learn how to last hit with your free spell.
  • You learn how to abuse your 625 range and harass the shit out of the other midlaner. Unless she is Caitlyn. Remember those multipurpose AD runes you got?
  • You counter Yasuo
  • You learn spell rotations.
  • Press E and win any trade. If they even come close enough to trade autos that is.
  • You will practice the most important skill as a mid-laner: THE LEVEL 6 FLASH ALL IN. She is the best laner for you to develop your instincts as a mid-laner. You also learn to initiate too.


  • tl;dr, last hit, position and poke

-You have the longest range in the game (short of some exceptions). Hence you will have the easiest laning phase for last hitting.

  • Want to learn to trade as ADC? Practice trading with Caitlyn when you see your rifle glowing.
  • You can learn to poke with your Q. Or escape with your E.
  • As Caitlyn, late game just learn to position and dps the enemy down.
  • You have the safest laning phase of any ADC in LOL. Just lay cupcakes and farm. Trade with shiny rifle.


  • tl;dr, snare, pool and initiate/all in
  • You practice skillshots!
  • If you land your snare, you can follow up with a pool and maybe a kill.
  • You learn how to do flash, initiation and hourglass.
  • You learn how to shield your ADC.
  • You can play her Mid too.

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