Guild Wars 2 Cursed Shore Guide

Guild Wars 2 Cursed Shore Guide by Defarus

Over the last bit of days I’ve noticed a big group of people wanting to know what this magical gold fest called ‘Cursed Shore’ is and have seen a plethora of things said about it. Both right, and very very wrong. So as it’s 6:33am exactly as I get to this sentence, no one is in my EBG, and I just read -another- post about Cursed Shore, I thought I’d spice my night (morning, but hey, it’s still pretty dark) up a bit.

Below is going to be a long and decently thought out ‘guide’ so to say, of Cursed Shore.

Hello! I am Defarus, probably more commonly, but not extremely, known character of Alsterian, and previous, Defu. Both a Norn and Asura respectively which for months and months used to farm Cursed Shore. I have farmed two legendaries through Cursed Shore. My own and my best friend’s, and then another through 50% Cursed Shore 50% dungeon spams. And, for a friend. (All of us contributed to each other’s, so if you niggas happen to read this, don’t you dare think I’m selling any of you short on you parts. :) Errbody was a great help.) I think that justifies a lot, as most of the time when I was there, I had my lovely Blue (now Yellow) tag up, and I learned quite a lot over the months. Now onto the real stuff you guys wanna hear if you’re reading this.

Cursed Shore, unlike most other farming areas that I see, isn’t so cut and dry. And in the end, that makes it -very- confusing for some people. The events themselves for the most part, are not confusing however. The big thing you need to nail, is timing. If you do all your events at once (not rallying everyone to one specific event) or do them in a bad order, well, you’re fucked. You ran out of events, and your train crashed into another one, causing body parts of various species and races and genders to splatter all over the… well yeah, you get the point.

Good events to look out for are Plinx, Loana, Megill, Both offense and defense of shelter’s gate,as well as Penitent Path.

Now any good Cursed Shore farmer / commander knows that those are just good events. You do em, ya move on to the next. The big boys are as followed.

Arah – Both Offense AND Defense

Grenth Offense – Escorting Jonez to the Temple

Melandru Offense – Escorting Izzmek to the beacons + boss kill

These are your bread and butter events, they’re juicy, pretty hard to derail, and normally won’t end in limbs being scattered across the barren landscape with people crying out horrif-… sorry.

But what do you do if two or all of them are up? Well first you scream fuck because your chance of rallying enough people together to make absolutely sure nothing gets missed at all is about… 50%. This is because Arah and Melandru(offense) do not stop like Grenth. HOWEVER, you can generally get Grenth to pause on the Jonez escort, or die at the Grenth fight if no one goes / only a few go. This is good, because then you then have ample time to do Melandru or Arah.

Arah + Melandru up? That’s more of a personal thing, in my opinion. How I do it is – Arah offense? Go to Melandru Offense. Arah Defence? Stick by and get the free baggies. The people are going to be split up regardless, so either should be good in the case of Mel offense + Arah defense.

There are still some events to go, however, before we get into ‘routes’. There’s Jofast, and Champions.

I want to start out, and I’m going to bold the fuck out of this, Champions are absolutely fucking worthless if literally any other event is up at the time. You will either get insane amounts of baggies and drops from mobs, or more champs will spawn than the slow as all fuck one you are killing. That being said, and I always say, you are free to do as you want, but I am not leading you to less shit when I say ‘Ignore that champion’.

As for Jofast – This is a fall back event. If you enter the situation where nothing is up, fuck it. Do Jofast. It’s longish, you get some nice spawns, some champs, and the best part is, it’s fail-able so when another event pops, you can let it fail, and then bam. It’s back on the backburner until you need it. A good group will always be successful with this.

So now that every possible event that I can think of that is actually worthwhile besides the full Southern Pact Advancement chain (just do it if it’s up, trust me. It’s the same as Shelters and Penitent) let’s get down to what events to do.

So my favorite event in this game besides temples, is Loana, and Megill. Loana up? Fucking do it. That is the downsiest event ever, and I after months of playing can not figure out a spawn time on it besides “fuck it, I wanna spawn now.” It’s basically a mini temple if by some god-send the defense event after it works, and if not, it’s still a fucking amazing event.

As for Megill, you do it too. It’s quick, you finish it, it’s on cooldown. Very quick spawn, I’d say a little bit quicker than Plinx.

Now that Plinx is brought up, ayyyyy, it’s a good event. Do it if those two are down, BUT GUESS WHAT, there’s these magical little events people ignore like the plague right next to it! R&D Camp being overrun, and The Risen Contenders, PAY THE HELL ATTENTION, CUZ SHITS GETTING REAL. WHITERA SPECIAL TACTICS COMING THROUGH.When the Plinx event gets to the LANDING PHASE, you know, that useless circle where about 2 mobs spawn every 30 seconds pops, you run to those if they’re up. Do them. Get people to follow you, and do it. For the contenders? Ignore that gladiator. Unlike other events, who the hell cares if he dies, you’re there for that bonus of the contenders. It will reset / be killed eventually. You got better things to do.

Plinx and Megill, along with defense events, are going to be your priority when leading. Loana, temple events, and other things will not spawn as frequently as them. It’s just a fact.

Now I hope you real this far, because I chose to add probably the second most important thing about these smaller events towards the bottom. Timed events are always better to do than timeless events. Like plinx, Megill, hell, even Loana. Those can wait (wait a good, obedient group.) If you have to, just don’t announce them. Fuck everyone else if you know better. Sorry to say it, but it’s true. Your goal as a commander is to make sure people get the most out of their time here. If you can’t do that, then damn. Don’t let your swarm get out of control, or your rein as king of the goodie train will end. If some randi-bo-bamby comes along and does it, then damn. Just go along and say damn again, whatever. Try to move through it.

Now, I want to add this in specifically at the bottom because if you really took the time to read this, or if you just happened to see it I guess, know you’re a cheater for one, but for two, realize that you can know everything there is to Cursed Shore, when events spawn, how to tag, how to do everything, but if you fail to put them in a decent order, you’re screwed. Taking Plinx on a walk when you still got 3 mins up on Shelter’s? You just potentially got yourself 3 minutes of downtime. Not completing Megill because it’s a little slow on the escort and you want to get to Grenth? That’s one less event for after. Learn what to do, when to do it, and overall, succeed as a commander and get better through experience. Maybe that sounds contradictory, but it works, and is by far the most effective after months of doing exclusively Cursed Shore and dungeons. This isn’t getting bolded because hey, always read the bottom yo.

Thank you for reading this ‘guide’, though honestly, it’s mainly for commanders now that I think of it. I’m sure all of you will benefit from it though. Here’s shit if not though.

Group up in parties – AoE shit down – Buy a fire sigil and a bloodlust sigil, tag mobs and don’t do single champion events like Giant, Rotbeard, Mage, etc. if other things are up. Thanks again, pce.

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