Dota 2 Ogre Magi Solo Offlane Guide

Dota 2 Ogre Magi Solo Offlane Guide by el1enkay

Ogre is a great offlane hero in 6.82 due to his high (2.5) base regen, good starting strength (23) and 6.96 starting armour. With this item and skill build you can bully the enemy carry, trade right clicks favourably, and maybe even get a kill if the enemy isn’t careful. As an offlane you’ll be able to buy items and remain strong through to the lategame.

This item and skillbuild does not apply to support Ogre.

Staring Items

Stout Shield, Ring of Protection, Iron Branch, Tangos

This item build gives you 10(!) starting armour, which along with a stout and your high regen makes you stupidly tanky for a level 1 hero.

Skill build

Max Ignite, then fireblast, then bloodlust, taking a point in ult whenever you can. This gives you the most reliable damage early game and increases duration and slow, while fireblast only goes up in damage. At level 4, fireblast does 240 damage, or 480 on a 2x cast, while ignite always does a reliable 400. At level 7 you want to be 2-4-0-1 and at level 10 4-4-1-1.


You are very tanky and have a strong 59-65 base damage. Don’t be afraid, go up to the creepwave and punch people! Your damage and animation should let you lasthit easily. If you are against a ranged dual lane, or a difficult trilane, or just taking a lot of right click harassment upgrade your stout shield to a poor man’s shield. When you can buy an Orb of Venom. This makes trading hits even better, especially when people realise they can’t and start running away. Don’t be afraid to use the occasional ignite and run at people, especially against a dual lane. With an orb of venom, PMS, and levels in ignite, you should be able to bully most people out of lane if you’re not being trilaned.


As stated before, in lane get an Orb of Venom if you are trading/bullying, and also consider a Poor Man’s Shield.

Arcane Boots should be your first major purchase.

Tranquil Boots and Soul Ring are a good alternative to Arcane Boots.

Aghanim’s Scepter is a core item on offlane Ogre. You should get this first unless it’s a game where you need a force or a blink. The second stun and nuke is simply too good to pass up. Also, the 6.82 nerf to fireblast damage does not apply to unrefined fireblast!

Vladmir’s Offering is an item to consider if you have a lot of melee carrys who don’t naturally build lifesteal. If so, build your Ring of Protection into a Ring of Basilius and then get a vlads later on.

Blink Dagger is for instant initiation with fireblast. Great if you have no way to initiate, or if you have others on your team with a blink.

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity gives you amazing mana regen, another disable and a way to save yourself. If you can’t afford a sheep, or need to avoid Skywrath ult etc. get this.

Force Staff is always a good item. Get this if you you need an escape or need to help allies e.g. against skywrath or clockwerk.

Scythe of Vyse gives you great mana regen for your spells and if you already have an Aghs, a ridiculous amount of single target lockdown.

Shiva’s Guard is what to get if you’re dying a lot to lategame physical damage.


  • Really good against dual lanes, especially against heroes who are a little squishy
  • Stupidly tanky early on and able to bully most carrys out of lane.
  • High regen and armour means you’re not that likely to have to go back to base.
  • Scales well into the lategame thanks to Aghs.
  • Good at roaming on mid (get smokes sometimes!)
  • Can buff your carry lategame with Bloodlust. So even if you’re super poor and lost your lane, you can be relevant.


  • Weak vs trilanes with a lot of magic damage
  • Useless if zoned out of exp range, as he’s melee.
  • To be able to get a kill in lane, generally requires people to make stupid mistakes
  • People might demand you play support and take offlane.

It’s all ogre now.

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