Destiny Xyor Killing Guide

Destiny Xyor Killing Guide by Heeto

Since I was having a lot of trouble with this, I’d figure I should make a post to hopefully save you guys some time. I won’t focus on the entire strike, The Summoning Pits Level 26 version, just how to get Xyor to spawn.

Okay, so I will skip the other parts of the strike, straight to when you reach Phogoth’s Arena. This is where I got stuck at, everything else in the strike before this is simple, kill enemies, listen to ghost and use him, etc.

To explain the process a bit more easily, I will use names for the rooms or areas. The giant room where Phogoth is in, I will call this the “Arena”. The room just before the Arena I will call the “Entrance”. The room right before the Entrance I will call the “Safe Room”.

Frankly, all you have to do to get Xyor to spawn is to kill all the enemies, or “adds”, that are around Phogoth enough times until Xyor appears. While this is all you have to do, there are several tricks/traps to mention:

  1. You don’t have to stay in the Arena to kill the adds. You can stay in the safe room and pick off enemies as they chase you, right when they come into the entrance. If you stay in the safe room, the enemies won’t chase you that far, they will enter the Entrance room and then leave shortly after. If the adds have ranged weapons like the acolytes and wizards do, they will shoot you.
  2. You CANNOT just stay in the safe room: some enemies will not chase you that far, especially the ones that sit on the highest platforms in Phogoth’s Arena, the ones on the far right wall. So you do have to pop your head into the Entrance room, check if any enemies chase you into that room, and if you’re not getting chased but still see enemies on your radar, you will have to head into the Arena. Watch out for Phogoth.
  3. There are several waves of enemies you have to kill before Xyor comes. You will be able to tell when a new wave comes if you see a ship appear in the Arena and drops enemies. The ships appear on the opposite side of the Arena from the Entrance.
  4. (MOST IMPORTANT PART) Alright, so it seems easy to just camp in the safe room and Entrance, picking off enemies. Well Bungie added two traps, both of which I fell for.

The first one: in the Entrance, if you stay in JUST this room for too long, a shrieker appears near the ceiling. It will keep shooting you if you stay in the Entrance, however you can kill it. DONT. This is because the shrieker spawns WITH three hallowed knights or two to three hallowed wizards. KILLING THE SHRIEKER AND THE KNIGHTS OR WIZARDS DOES NOTHING. Xyor will not spawn if you keep killing these enemies, I’ve killed them for an hour and Xyor didn’t show up. (When I did it the right way Xyor showed up in about ten minutes.) I call these “fakes” because if you stay in EITHER the safe room or Arena for long enough, around ten seconds, these fakes will disappear by themselves. You can test it yourself by staying in the entrance, waiting for the fakes to show up, then retreating to the safe room. You will see both the knights/wizards and shrieker disappear at the same time, you can watch the shrieker on your minimap as a red dot that just vanishes. I am not sure if they will disappear if you stay in the Entrance, I wouldn’t bother trying anyways but you can if you want.

Second trap: There are various other sources that say you can hide behind the rocks in the Arena and just WAIT for Xyor to spawn. I’m not sure if Bungie changed this recently, however for myself Xyor did not spawn when I just hid behind the rocks. I waited for roughly half an hour, nothing. You HAVE to kill the enemies/adds, I personally killed each wave, or all the enemies in the Arena, and then another wave came in a ship. You might not have to kill all the enemies, I’m not sure but if you just stay in the safe room and play it slow, picking off enemies, there really isn’t much of a risk of dying except for killing knights on the far right wall of the Arena.

  1. Lastly, if you followed all the previous parts, Xyor will eventually spawn and he will actually enter the Entrance room, just like any regular enemy. He looks exactly like a hallowed wizard, except his name is “Xyor, the Unwed”. Once you kill Xyor, your corrupted thorn will change (into what I forget I was too excited), and will show on your screen for a few seconds. You can leave the strike then and just go back to the speaker for your Thorn. Gratz.

TIPS: Going solo or going with others in a fireteam will NOT make this mission much easier. I’m fairly sure I saw more knights and wizards when I went in a group of three than solo. I killed Xyor solo in my successful attempt. I would really only bring a person to make sure you don’t fail if one person dies at Phogoth’s Arena since it’s a darkness zone.

An arc fusion rifle is the best weapon against the knights, I personally used an arc Light/beware. Mine two shot ascendant knights, and stripped the shields off of hallowed knights then I used a shadow price to headshot the knights dead. I would keep an arc fusion rifle as a special weapon, any good damage primary for the acolytes, thralls, etc. and a solar heavy weapon for wizards. I used a rare solar rocket launcher and while it didn’t one shot hallowed wizards it brought them down to half health with no shields. My rocket launcher had shells which tracked though, so using a machine gun might be easier to hit wizard. Having arc/solar grenades really helps, however you can also just take it slow by using an arc special/heavy, then switching to a solar special/heavy after you’ve taken out any knights to finish off the wizards.

It took me about three waves of enemies or ships coming for Xyor to actually pop his head though the Entrance. If it’s taking you 30+ minutes for him to show up, you’re likely doing it wrong like I was and not killing enough enemies in the Arena. Some of them hide behind pillars for a long time, hunt them down.

The hardest part aside from getting Xyor to actually spawn is when you’re decoding the runes. You don’t have to stay in the room where ghost is, you can back up all the way up the stairs. The wizards will follow you until the stairs though, so be careful of that.

TL;DR version: you have to kill the adds, but if you camp in the room with a shieker you might be wasting your time killing fake enemies.

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