Destiny Titan Exotic Armor

Destiny Titan Exotic Armor by ibleedaftertacobell

Hey guys! I’m back with another guide to selecting the best Exotic armor piece to fit your play style. This week, I’ll be looking at Exotics for the one, the only, TITAN!!!!!! (yes I punched that into my keyboard) Anywho, let’s get started!

We’ll begin with the helmets:

Helm of Inmost Light

This is by far my favorite helmet for the Striker subclass, and for many a good reason too. This helmet will give you both the ‘Headstrong’ perk, and the ‘Death from Above’ perk. This is great as these perks extend the length of your leap during FoV, and allow you to aim it at those pesky baddies below respectively. This also allows you to spend you FoV perk and you first Modifier perk on something else, giving you two free perks. And your Light is literally breaking the helmet and escaping – badass!

Helm of Saint-14

Personally, as someone who doesn’t really use the Defender subclass, I don’t use this helmet often. However, it is essential for anaggressive Defender. This helmet’s unique perk blinds anything unfriendly who tries to enter the WoD. This makes it very good for close quarter Crucible matches, or any situation where you try and pop a bubble in the enemies faces. I don’t love this helmet, but it is arguably the best PvP Exotic for Defender.

An Insurmountable Skullfort

Quite a unique name and look on this interesting helmet, but it should not be overlooked. This Exotic appeals specially to Strikers once again, but leans towards a crowd that like to get the most bang for their punch rather than use FoV as effectively possible. This Exotic’s unique ability allows immediate health regen on the killing of any enemy with Storm Fist, and allows you to respawn with full melee energy. The health regen really shines in PvE, but the immediate melee energy is absolutely fantastic in Crucible – especially on a tight close-quarters match where punching is titmilk.

And that’s all for the helmets! Let’s move on the the two chest pieces:

Crest of Alpha Lupi

This is identical to its Hunter counterpart, and to the ‘Light Beyond Nemesis’ Warlock helmet. Not only does it provide an immense amount of Defense as all chest pieces do, but it also revives teammates faster, gets you revived faster, and provides more Orbs of Light for your teammates. This is the ultimate team building Exotic. The revive buff can be the difference between a wipe in the Raid, or a trip to Orbit during a Nightfall. It’s also quite useful in Skirmish as well. The Orbs of Light buff is equally important, and can be utilized in both PvE and PvP excellently. 10/10 would bang.

The Armamentarium

This thing is a beast, and will turn you into an absolute bullet-hose in any game mode. This Exotic equips you with extra Special ammo, extra Heavy ammo, and an additional grenade. Two of any grenade is really fantastic, and the extra ammo is just self-explanatory. Useful all around, and doesn’t require as many Special or Heavy ammo syntheses.

And finally, the Exotic Titan gauntlets, No Backup Plans

Whilst playing as a Defender, I don’t find myself punching as much as I would as a Striker, but these gauntlets definitely change that quite a bit. The Exotic perk of these glowing purple gauntlets extends the duration of the Force Barrier buff, allowing you to carry an overshield for even longer. With enough Strength, and carefully picking your Disintegrate victims, you can have an overshield as long as you’d like in PvE. Even in PvP, this will save your life on more than one occasion. These gauntlets are great pieces of armor, but as a Defender I’d roll with the ‘Helm of Saint-14’ any day, unless I am in a particularly punchy mood that day.

Well there you have it! I hope this was helpful and if anyone has any additional information or has any questions, please just type away! Good day Guardians!

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