Destiny Solo Weekly Nightfall and Heroic Strike Guide

Destiny Solo Weekly Nightfall and Heroic Strike Guide (30/09/14) by xSweatySockZz

So it’s that beautiful time of week where the weekly reset has happened and we get to shit our pants at the thought of another Nightfall Strike… yay!

Since my guide last week was successful (for most of you guys), I thought I’d take the time to write up this weeks. Quick thanks to all of those who left positive feedback in last weeks guide by the way!

Here is the build I used this week. (30/09/14)

We have the pleasure of killing Valar Ta’aurc on Mars this week, and this week’s Damage modifier skull is Arc Burn, so get those Arc type weapons at the ready as they’ll make this Strike a whole lot easier for you. NOTE: THE ARC BURN SKULL IS ONLY ACTIVE FOR THE NIGHTFALL THIS WEEK!

Tips for throughout the Strikes:

The Cabal Psion’s have an attack that is Arc damage, which will screw you over. If you see these little bastards start to glow blue and levitate, get ready to double jump over the attack or get out of it’s way!

I was fortunate enough to have a Sniper with Arc damage on it, but even if your Sniper doesn’t have that type of damage, stick with the Sniper as you’ll be hanging back a lot of the time and it’s safer than running in close with a Fusion Rifle/Shotgun, but it’s down to personal preference.

I wrote this specifically for the Nightfall, as that is the harder of the two. When doing the Heroic Strike just use the same tactics but keep in mind the Arc Burn skull is off, so you’ll have to use Solar damage for the Centurion shields, but at least those Psions don’t have shield and can’t one hit you now!


This Strike begins with you having to send Dinklebot to a terminal, get that done with then head over to the next part where you have to enter the cave full of Cabal. You don’t have to worry about dying in this part, as it isn’t part of the Darkness Area, so even though the enemies are level 28, you can die as much as you want. With that said though, you don’t want to die over and over do you? So you have 2 options here;

1) Keep back and take the enemies out one by one, slowly advancing through this area

2) Hug the left wall and RUN LIKE FORREST GUMP like I did! This may take a couple tries, but it saves your ammo and is much quicker than fighting the all the enemies!

Once you’ve passed this area you should then have entered the Darkness Area, here is where you have to stop dying. Once the door is open you’ll be greeted by a couple Psions and a Colossus near the end of the tunnel. Take out the Colossus first as he is the biggest threat right now, the Psions will back off into the next area so they can be left alone for now. Once the big guy is dead, head on over to an Interceptor and get in, here you’ll want to get to where the Colossus was and start doling out justice with your Interceptor. Hang back for this bit and enjoy the free ammo. Take out as many enemies as you can with it and if your ride ever looks like it’s about to explode, head back for a fresh one. I personally used the Interceptor to take out all surrounding enemies and the first Lieutenant, then headed back to the tunnel before the drop ship arrived with the second and third Lieutenants and simply repeated the process I used for the first one. Soon as you’ve kill all three. Get out of your Interceptor, pick up as much ammo as you can carry and head for the raised area on your left where the enemies were spawning.

Here is where you’ll be taking out the fourth and most vicious Lieutenant, we’ll call him “Prick”. He is slow, predictable and has giant crit spots so use this to your advantage. There will be a tree in front of you, you want to keep that tree covering his cannon at all times, as one blast of that attack hits you and your back to the start. He should be strafing around trying to get a good shot on you but you must promise me you’ll keep that god damned tree between you and him, because for that moment, that tree is God. Keep taking potshots at his four thrusters, taking them out one by one. When his last thruster is destroyed, he’ll start off a fireworks display. I had my Arc Final Boss Sniper take this guy out in 12-14 shots for reference.

Get on your Sparrow and zip on over to the next bit. The enemies outside the building you have to go in next will all be around level 15 so you can easily kill them for ammo. Once done head inside to the corridor and take the Upper platform for the next firefight. We’re using this platform simply for the height advantage, you’ll have an easier time getting those headshots. There is nothing special here that you haven’t faced during this Strike so just take your time and hang back, hit them when they pop out of cover and never ever follow them to finish them off as there are a couple Psions here and you don’t want to get caught between their Arc attacks.

After you’ve killed all the enemies in this room, you’ll be at the end of the Strike with just Valar and a couple of his minions to kill. You’ll want to take out the two Legionnaires and quickly head up the platform that was straight ahead of you as soon as you entered the room. Here is where most of the fight will take place (This video does not belong to me by the way, just using it to show you exactly where you need to be). I’d also like to point out that Valar can’t hit you when you are here but his minions can, so if you see them deal with them quickly. When Valar comes out, wait till the door is shut completely behind him as he has Immunity until it shuts, and you don’t want to be wasting Rockets here. It’s a simple process of jumping up, take a couple shots in the air and recovering your health until he starts to move. Once his health hits a certain point, he’ll take a stroll to the other side of the room. Once he does this you’ll have to take out the enemies surrounding you and get on top of the platform and start sniping him. Again, once his health hits a certain point, he’ll move back towards you. Get back into the spot in the video and wait for him to stand directly in front of you like in said video. It’s only until his health is that low that he stands there ready to die. Once he’s in position just unload everything you got on him, because once he’s there the fight is as good as yours. His melee attack can’t get you and his minions can’t stand there because he is in the way!

Once he is dead, be sure to do the mandatory tea-bagging and then dance to celebrate your flaming head!

Congratulations! You’ve beat this weeks Nightfall Strike!

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