Destiny Max Light Level and Raid Gear Guide

Destiny Max Light Level and Raid Gear Guide by noz3ro


Hello. I thought I would make a new post to better educate all of the newer players with correct information. If you’ve been playing for a while this is likely very common knowledge to you already.

Light LevelRequired +Light
Level 2121 Light
Level 2232 Light
Level 2343 Light
Level 2454 Light
Level 2565 Light
Level 2676 Light
Level 2787 Light
Level 2898 Light
Level 29109 Light
Level 30120 Light

What is Light? How can I get more of it?

At Level 20 you will require Light from armor to reach higher levels. Light is on most higher level pieces of Armor (18+) but you’ll want the Level 20 armor for the best results. Upgrading the armor will increase the Light stat on the it, often by 1 for Rare armor, 2 for Legendary, and up to 4 for Raid and Exotic armor. Rare Level 20 armor will cap at 15 Light a piece. This means with full Rare armor you will only achieve Level 24 (60 Light) and thus need something else to level higher. That’s where Legendary armor comes into play. It can cap at 27 Light, allowing you to level up to 28 (108 Light) and with a little assistance from Exotic or Raid Gear (which both cap at 30 Light) you can reach Level 29 (109 or higher). To achieve the current maximum level you need 120 Light. This requires a combination of 1 Exotic and 3 Raid armor or simply all four pieces of Raid armor, fully upgraded. Raid Gloves, Chest, and Boots can be obtained from Vault of Glass – Normal Mode — the helm is obtained from Hard Mode.

Note – All Legendary armor starts at 18 Light, even Raid armor. Exotic armor starts at 21 Light. The cost of Ascendant Shards for Raid armor and Exotic Armor upgrades towards the end cost more than normal Legendary armor (8 instead of 6).

Raid Gear

You can obtain all sorts of items from the Vault of Glass, to include Ascendant Energy, Ascendant Shards, Legendary/Exotic Weapons, and Raid Gear. Below you’ll find the items you can receive in addition to each set for each class. Items can be received from:

  • The 1st Chest after unlocking the Vault.
  • After clearing Phase 2 of the Templar fight (Oracles).
  • After defeating the Templar
  • From the left chest in the Gorgons’ Labyrinth
  • From the right chest in the Gorgons’ Labyrinth
  • After defeating the Gatekeepers
  • After defeating Atheon
  • Additionally, there is a chest in a hole to the left of the Templar which provides Spirit Bloom. There is also a rumored “5th Chest” in the secret pathway from this chest, it is currently unconfirmed.
  • Note – Completing the Vault of Glass on Hard Mode before Normal Mode will reap “double rewards” much like completing the Weekly Heroic at Level 28 includes the rewards for Level 22/26. Doing this will result in no rewards when doing the same checkpoints in Normal Mode, ie; if you’ve cleared up to the Gatekeeper in Hard Mode but defeat Atheon in Normal Mode you’ll receive the loot from Atheon still.



Titan – Normal Mode Set

Titan – Hard Mode Set (Currently Unavailable)

Hunter – Normal Mode Set

Hunter – Hard Mode Set (Currently Unavailable)

Warlock – Normal Mode Set

Warlock – Hard Mode Set (Currently Unavailable)

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