Destiny Materials Farming Guide

Destiny Materials Farming Guide by bm_nJoi

Greetings Guardians!

So we’ve been hitting Destiny hard for the past Month now and if you’ve played even half as much as me I’m sure you’re decked out in Legendaries and probably even have an alt starting up or are starting to clear Hard modes. What does that mean? Lots of gear to level!

One key component of upgrading your legendaries are materials found in the open world. The only way to farm these materials is by farming their respective planets for those resources!

Well I’ve been farming this stuff for way too long, already have a few gear sets as well as a full alt, and from public opinion as well as personal opinion and extensive comparison testing – I am confident these are the four fastest ways to farm the four respective materials on each planet.

Not only that, but I’m also confident that these guides won’t distract you from what really matters here – the farming routes themselves! Lately there’s been an abundance of bulky guide videos that take 15 minutes to deliver 2 minutes of content, so I tried to simplify the format for material farming route guides. (See NOTE below)

First, Spinmetal! Earth’s silvery shiney bundle of metallic foliage!

  • This spinmetal run features the Rocketyard chest run, it simply cannot be beaten on Spinmetal/Hour anywhere else on Earth!

Now, here comes my favorite farm spot, Helium Coils! This NEW Moon chest run has yet to be popularized so hit it hard while you can!

  • This Moon run is an nJoi Gaming-found run that features a TON of chest coverage across a large area that respawns quickly by the time you’re looping back around and I’ve seen tons of lucky double-spawns!

And then there was Spirit Bloom, the easiest sh!t to farm since the Loot Cave – this stuff is everywhere but here’s the fastest run out there featuring the well-known Ember Caves

  • NOTE: I was rushing on this one because it’s already pretty well known, and I believe I missed a cave! By those dregs when I go under the bridge, up above that to the right is another cave and apparently it’s an important one to check! Sorry for this little mistake! Happy farming!
  • More Spawns On Venus: “One cave is to the left of that big pack of enemies you passed, when you commented on “You can kill these if you want, but I jump over them” It goes underneath the entrance to the Draksis/Archon priest area if that gives a little better understanding… and… one I rarely see anyone get, but above the first cave on the right wall, there is actually another small cave you can jump into, its very shallow, but it sometimes has a chest in it. I usually just turn my volume up and listen for the sparkling sound, and if I dont see it in the cave itself, I jump up there.”
  • This popular run is by far the fastest Spirit bloom farming route out there, so I did a quick showing of how the run works and how quick and easy it is to max out on Spirit Blooms.

Last, let’s talk Relic Iron! My very own NEW run! Get to Mars and get this run going, you won’t regret it.

  • Another spawn I forgot to mention:“In the area of Mars where you farm relic iron and jump on top of the building to look high and check the one cave – You then look in the big building which is usually empty, but there’s an underneath room just outside of the building which is the best chest spawn on the run and you’re missing it.”
  • This run took a popular but small chest run on Mars and expands upon it to create what I’ve found to be the fastest Relic Iron farming in the game, it doubles the number of chest spawns it covers from its original, smaller version and adds a ton of raw Relic Iron spawns as well.

[NOTE: Each video is broken down into three, well mostly two, distinct parts. The first is where I run the route without gathering nodes and hunting through caves, just trying to show you the fastest route you’ll be running without any distractions or disorienting movements. The second part is the route in full detail as if I were farming it myself. I’ve commented timestamps on each video to skip forward to these parts, the intro is similar for each video so feel free to skip it once you’ve heard it!]

[Edit:A couple of users pointed out that I missed a Venus cave so I edited in a note to the video and added it to the description and comments on the video to make sure nobody misses it! Cheers and thanks so much for all the support!]

[Edit #2: Disclaimer: These videos were purposely generic and simple to just show you guys the routes in an easy to understand manner. I really appreciate the help from the community pointing out major chest spawns (like Venus cave I missed), but I just want to clarify that I do not point out 1 by 1 every single spawn. I’m leaving some of the work to you guys and your powers of observation, because I know for a fact that not only can I not point out every potential chest location but if I did make the 15+ minute video required to do that you’d get lost in the details anyways and probably struggle with the route. these are just the routes I run, be observant and you’ll find tons of nodes and chest spawns along them! cheers!]

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