Destiny Efficient Material Farming Guide

Destiny Efficient Material Farming Guide by GenerationKILL

Let me start off by saying many of you may already know these techniques and therefore this guide will not be for you. It’s for the beginner, or someone looking for other ways to make gains in Destiny, I will explain as best as I can with the hopes this will help you in your quest to gain a foothold on some legendary faction or vanguard items.

First of all, farming materials consists of spin metal, spirit bloom, relic iron or helium filaments. Many of you might not know that when you trade in 50 pieces of spin metal for example at your vanguard or crucible handler, he’ll give you 5 vanguard or crucible marks. If it’s sweet faction gear you’re after, you need to go see your crucible handler to gain faction marks from him when you trade in materials, also make sure you have your faction emblem equipped when you do, just in case. If it’s vanguard marks you seek, go and see the vanguard handler in the tower hanger, and make sure your vanguard mark is equipped.

Farming materials like spin metal is a guaranteed way to earn marks and also increase your faction or vanguard reputation by a small fraction each time you trade in spin metal. It’s also a great way to earn crucible marks if you’re not into this game’s PVP, like me. Just remember to visit that crucible handler and have your faction mark equipped if it’s crucible marks you seek from trading in materials. This is important to remember.

Now, farming materials like spin metal can be a tedious task. I like to do it every day for a couple of hours after I am done the day’s events. But often certain bounties can be completed while you’re grinding the farming experience and I personally like to do patrol missions I run into during one of my farming runs I am going to talk about because it’s also an effective usage of time, maximizing my surroundings while I farm spin metal.

For the purposes of this guide, I will talk to you about farming spin metal in The Divide / Rocketyard, which you’ve probably heard about from other sources. During your time farming in these areas it’s also efficient to work on the following bounties: “Kill Fallen Majors or Ultras,” “Get 100 precision kills,” “Melee kill 30 enemies,” “Kill 20 enemies without taking damage from them,” and “achieve 3 gold stars in public events, three times.” This is because these two areas of the Cosmodrome obviously have enemies and both contain Reaver Fallen which can count towards your “Kill Fallen Majors or Ultras” bounty. Of course every so often a Fallen Walker will drop as part of The Divide’s public even and you can work on that gold star bounty whenever it arrives.

I also like to do Patrol missions while doing my farming run, but I be selective and keep it simple: I’ll only do the ones that just require me to kill enemies in the area. This is an important idea, because if I get a patrol that wants me to scout an area that’s far away or fetch some data in an other area, I just delete it. Doing patrols in the area you’re farming is a great way to increase you faction or vanguard reputation by small fractions, and while you’re spending hours farming, it’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Just be diligent and remember to pick a patrol when you come across a green marker. But remember, for the sake of efficiency, only take the ones that require you to kill or scout in the area you’re already farming.

Efficiency is a big deal of mine when I am doing the tedious task of farming materials like Spin Metal in the Divide / Rocketyard. Often you’re spending hours doing the same tedious thing over and over again. If you can do a Bounty relevant to the area or a patrol, it never hurts to kill two birds with one stone and kinda have the game working for you. For the sake of efficiency I will now break down the farming task of spin metal in the area of the rocket yard and The Divide in particular, because I feel the route I take and it’s yields are by far the most efficient that I’ve personally found in the game so far.

  • When farming spin metal in The Divide / Rocketyard I’ve found EFFICIENCY is the most effect way to maximize your gains while spending as little time as possible doubling back along your route. When doing the The Divide for example, it’s best to pick a path along the perimeter of the area, going in a clockwise or counter-clock wise route, keep your eye out for Chests in nooks and crannies, along with check the buildings you’re in. Obviously Spin Metal is quite easy to see, just be aware that once you’ve exhausted the area, you’ll have to come back to it and locations for spin metal leaves and chests always vary slightly but are usually always in the same vicinity as each other.
  • Once you’ve picked out a good route around the Divide, incorporate moving into the Rocketyard in a smooth, almost big circular path. Move into the Rocketyard and at the border you’ll notice the game will stop to briefly load as you enter it. This is because the game is transitioning you to a new server which is why farming the The Divide / Rocketyard combination is one of the best: When you enter the adjacent area, the spin metal and chests resets in the old one, so you can immediately return there and farm the area again.
  • Move around the rocket yard in the same circular perimeter pathway of your choosing. You’ll find chests in perimeter rooms and spin metal occasionally growing here and there. Once you’ve exhausted the area’s supply take the sparrow back to the Divide and follow the circular path around until you re-enter the rocket yard. Do this enough times and you’ll find your spin metal gathering to go up pretty quickly. It’s also a great chest farming run and you’re bound to find a few other good items eventually in the many chests you’ll find in both areas. Killing enemies you come across in your route might also even yield you blue and sometimes very rarely purple engrams. I’ve gotten a few off the Hive in The Rocketyard.


  • The biggest, single thing that’s helped me farm spin metal and chests in this location is KEEP YOUR EARS OPEN. Both chests and spin metal make very distinctive sounds which you already probably knew, but if you’re intent and a keen observer you might hear a chest or spin metal before you see them. This can be VERY helpful in these two areas because often chests especially respawn in tricky nooks and crannies. In The Rocketyard for example, where the first Servitor is on the left, sometimes a chest spawns on top of the little hut, I only discovered this after HEARING it one day. Sometimes another chest spawns in the Rocketyard up onto of some angle iron in a breezeway near some knights, I also wouldn’t have found that if I didn’t hear it first. Always keep your ears open in these areas, some chests can be tricky.
  • Be thorough in your investigations. If an area looks like it might have a chest or some spin metal in it, think like the guy who developed the area, he was probably thinking the same thing. It might not be there now, but always check the next time you come through on your route, because it might spawn there the next time. An example of this is again, in the Rocketyard. When you enter to the right there’s a bunch of large corrugated steel shipping containers, I figured there’d be a chest in there and many times there isn’t, however maybe 2 out of 5 times there is. So I am glad I found it. Be curious and keen on your environment and always keep your eyes and ears open, you don’t want to pass up on a chest or spin metal just because you’re not being intent. It’ll take some time but once your mind is conditioned to the area, it’ll come naturally to you. I’ve farmed well over 2000 spin metal in The Divide / Rocketyard, checking every nook and cranny is now second nature to me. I know where it’s growing or spawning and I know where it’ll probably be next time if it’s not there now.
  • Always be efficient in your route that you pick. I picked a broad perimeter route because that always seems where everything is, I also picked a circular clockwise one because it cuts down on the tendency to double back for things, which is wasting time. Spin metal farming in these two areas is a tedious process, going back and forth in the Divide for example, criss crossing paths is inefficient and you’ll find yourself working harder than you should. Cut down on the time not spent finding these items by being efficient in your path that you travel. Clockwise in The Divide’s perimeter and then segueing into doing the same in the Rocketyard only to leave and rejoin my path in The Divide so far seems like it’s the most efficient use of my time.
  • Make the game work for you in other ways. Doing those patrols along your route never hurts as long as it doesn’t mean leaving your area. Doing those bounties that I mentioned before also helps. You’re going to be farming the Divide/Rocketyard or any other area for a while, might as well do some “kill enemies” patrols while you’re at it to strengthen that faction or vanguard reputation. Completing the relevant bounties I mentioned also helps with killing two or three birds with one stone.

So there you have it. My definitive guide to farming spin metal in The Divide/Rocketyard for beginners. It’s a pretty good system and it can be applied to any other route on other planets for their relative materials. Always remember to keep your route efficient, do other tasks like relevant bounties or patrols while you’re at it.

Material farming for spin metal for example is, in my opinion a far more guaranteed way to earn those marks and reputation for vanguard or faction gear. The purpose of doing this explanation wasn’t to detract from the rest of the game, but to shed some light on another way to grind for things that doesn’t require you to stand in front of some tedious cave for hours. This way you can farm materials, do bounties and patrols all in one go and they all go towards the same thing: Reputation and Marks, you might even pick up some interesting items along the way.

Maximize your yields by being efficient, and make the game work for you. Don’t find yourselves standing in front of a cave for hours!

Any other questions, just leave ’em here, and should you ever need a Raid sherpa or just a punching Titan for effect, I am at Hitman604Actual on Xbox One.

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