Destiny Crucible Beginner’s Guide

Destiny Crucible Beginner’s Guide by Carnasis

Before the rounds start, the first thing you’re going to want to make sure you have the following things in check before you begin:
If you aren’t very comfortable in Crucible, try and play a support role for a while to learn the ropes, for instance if you are a Warlock you may want to level your Sunsinger subclass to aide others around you on cooldowns and you’ll also be able to revive yourself for second chances!
If the map is very open, ask yourself if you will be doing CQB (Close Quarters Battle) or if you will be playing in the open areas, if you choose to play CQB I would recommend using an Auto Rifle as a primary, it will provide good cover fire to pin down enemies, and if someone comes after you with a shotgun either backpedal and fire or try to land some shots down range on them before whacking them with melee for the finish. If you choose to play in the Open area, I would recommend you use a Pulse Rifle, Sniper, and an LMG. This will give you a well rounded mix of great close to mid range with the Pulse Rifle, Extreme Range with the Sniper, and when they get up close a few rounds from an LMG will take them down without a problem.

A few tips and tricks as you play the round:

Communicate: Call out locations where you die, where enemies are headed, which locations will spawn the next relic, when heavy weapon ammo is coming (Share it with your team, don’t just take it for yourself, if your teammates are close by when someone grabs heavy weapon ammo it will spawn some for them too!), where someone is camping, and the routes you may take to try and eliminate your enemy.

Stay with your Team: This is very important, there are teams for a reason, through communication you should group up with your teammates and form a plan on the fly as you try to take a new Relic (Salvage Gamemode) or Zone (Control Gamemode) over. Destiny is a game where you can be one shot by an assortment of things, and if you are trying to take on two players at once, chances are you will lose unless you have a heavy weapon or a super, you may take one down but you will be at low health and the 2nd one will finish you off. As a given, anytime you have two or more people firing on one person, thats 2x or 3x+ more damage done to you. Sticking together will even your odds.

Weapon, Level,and Armor Scaling:
Weapon damage/impact doesn’t really matter in the Crucible, what you want to focus on is how fast it reloads, how stable it is with recoil, and how good the added weapon bonuses are.
Once you have leveled your Guardian enough to gain the first row or two of subclass talents, level does not really play a role in the Crucible, a level 8 will be able to do just as much damage as a level 20+ in this respect.
Armor, similar to weapons, does not provide any more or less mitigation against attacks in the Crucible based on the amount of defense it has, rather the armor bonuses are what you want to focus on here.

Congested Areas: Objectives such as Control points, Relics, and Heavy Weapon Ammo are guaranteed spots to find a large amount of Guardians, this is always a great location to save your Super Charged ability for, a grenade and a few rounds from your primary, or Heavy Weapon also work quite well. NOTE: This increases your chances of being taken out by the enemies doing this same tactic so be wary, and stick together but SPREAD out!

Vehicles: Nobody likes a vehicle noob that stays in it the whole game, so when you see one patrolling in your area, notify your teammates so that you can focus fire and take him down before he comes in unexpected to ruin your streak!

Use your Motion Tracker, but not too much: The motion tracker is a great way to see where your enemies are coming from, how far they are or what direction; this gives you the ability to make a quick game plan on how you think they will approach you so that you can be best suited for the situation. NOTE: Don’t rely too heavily on this, if you spend too much time watching it you may get caught by surprise from somewhere else!

Keep Moving: Rather than trying to aim with your right stick during a fight, try leaving your crosshair where it is and use the left stick to move your character AND crosshair on target, this will not only provide offense but also a nice defensive strafe! NOTE: This one is very very useful, I avoid a lot of deaths in ANY FPS using this trick.

Don’t pass up a good chance: If you are right next to an objective, and there is nobody else around, don’t just walk by it in hopes of a seeking a kill, set up a defensive position and invite your teammates to come join you, if there is an objective, ENEMIES WILL COME! See “Congested Areas” :)

How did it go? Make sure your talents and weapon/armor have bonuses that cater to your playstyle. For instance, if you are a Hunter who loves CQB;you may want to check out the Blade Dancer ability in addition to using a shotgun or fusion rifle, and make sure your armor/weapon bonuses are giving you added bonuses to CQB style play such as “Melee”, “Shotgun ammo,” or Supercharge Cooldown reducers so that you can spam that Super! (Intellect shortens your Supercharge Cooldown, you may want to stack that if you want to use it more often!)
What was killing you most? If you are trying to play out in the Open, using a Sniper/Scout Rifle/Pulse Rifle and such, you may run into the people who are choosing to be attuned for CQB if you try and get out of the Open, so stick with your chosen area for the match to avoid useless deaths. NOTE: The only exception to this is if you have a friend with you that you could double team them with!

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