Destiny Atheon Hard Mode Guide

Destiny Atheon Hard Mode Guide by hipsterinvoker

This was our original tactic to beating Atheon on Hard, before the glitch was discovered.

Enjoy the video, it’s about 6 minutes and fairly straight forward. The minimum requirements are… a rocket launcher I guess.

Also feel free to ask questions.

Tip #1 for Relic Runners: You can drop the shield

*This is key to any relic holder to know. If you hit your switch weapons button (triangle or Y) it will drop the shield and the shield can remained drop for a minimum of 5 seconds (bear in mind, picking up the shield too late can still wipe you and your team). Dropping the shield can sometimes save your team when you need to drop a little more DPS on the oracles.

Tip #2: Don’t be too far back or too far forward with the cleanse bubble

*The farther up you are with the shield, the more leg room your team has to work with behind you. Also, if you are too far forward, there have been… instances… when the relic holder has been pushed off the edge. Very rare, I assure you, but it does happen so be careful.

Tip #3: Use supers on Oracles if needed

*Going back to tip #1, dropping the shield should be your second option when taking care of oracles. The first option is to use your super. Make sure you coordinate with your team and let the inside team know when your super is up. The moment you say your super is up, tell them to ignore the next oracle that spawns. That oracle will be yours to handle. This will allow your team more time and more ammo to work with when dealing with Oracles/Atheon

Tip #4: Hitting the melee key while in the air will move you the fastest towards targets

*Like a graceful one winged butterfly, when you jump in the air, it’s key to note that repeatedly hitting your melee button will dart you forward with each swing, similar to a blade dancers arc blade. It’s also good to note that, if you are high enough, enemies, Hobgoblins in particular, take a longer time to aggro on you so position yourself in the air with your Flappy birds maneuver until your in the perfect spot to Iron Man ground pound them. These are the major tips I have that are a little less obvious than the usual “inside team focus Minotaur/Hobs first” kind of tips. I’d also like to add that if you have a level 30 on your team, they should ALWAYS be the relic holders if teleported into the portals as they do not have damage reduction or take additional damage.

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