ArcheAge Solo Player Tips

ArcheAge Solo Player Tips by Starslinger

Hello people, I wanted to give some tips to solo players because I know a lot of us are out there, I actually prefer to go it alone because it prolongs the games fun for me and makes trading across seas very fun and interesting.

First off, a priority of every player should be getting 4 level 15 Characters on the same faction same server. The reason for this is that at level 15 they can use labor pots and this will help you grant you regular exp, skill tree exp and level up your profs as well as give you labor for gear crafting and everything else. If you want to be competitive in this game, there is really no other way than having 4 characters. Of course doing this means you have to have some way of paying for labor pots, il get to this.

When you first hit 50, if you find yourself broke with unmaxed skill trees and shit gear and are getting stomped, dont worry JOIN THE CLUB! What I would recommend is that on all those level 15 alts to do all the gilda star quest line, get random players to help you kill the quest objectives you can easily do them all at level 15. This should net you 50ish G per character on clipper/farmhouse designs. Rinse and repeat with 1 character after consuming a pot and do it as many times as you want. You could do this for 5-8 hours straight and net hundreds of gold.

Next, intercontinental trade can be a hassle solo, to make it easier craft your trade packs in the opposing factions workbenches (find unpopulated ones near the ocean) and deliver them to solzreed/two crowns for resources. Right now charcoal stabilizers and sturdy ingots are going for a pretty penny and its my most profitable route, Ynstere to Two Crowns. When on the ocean try avoid housing islands, fish pools and thunderstorms as well as popular diving area and PVE places (kraken lair ect.) If an enemy is pursuing you, Beeline for the closest peace zone and keep chugging! If they have a faster ship, despawn it before it hits you Drop back and stealth. You never know you might get away.

Farming Jester Coin Purses. Most people find this really boring but I like to farm coin purses off of giant achias in rookborn, they seem to have a 50% ish drop rate at level 41 and are extremely easy to kill. If you are low pop server just go to sandeep beach.

DO NO WASTE LABOR. Cutting down trees for 1 log? Stop. Up rooting for no reason? Stop. Crafting iron bars when they are 1g for 100 on the AH, STOP! (unless power leveling metal working)

Doing this has netter me full illustrus blue so far with illustrus staff with 30k mining 30k metal working, 10 k larceny, 20k woodworking. Keep in mind im a solo player who couldent login for the first week and a half cause of ques.

Thats all the advice I have for you guys.

Edit: If you have no hereafter stones or want to save them sit in Marionpole and wait for portals, even going in one to get across the continent can save you 2 stones.

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