Hearthstone Deck Types Overview

Hearthstone Deck Types Overview by Burning_Titan


Face Warrior – Use weapons and charge minions on your opponent’s hero to constantly lower his health and kill him.

Rage Warrior – Abusing the rage mechanic and the card that gives him card draw from hurt minions.

Control Warrior – Abuse damaging your own minions for armor and card draw to delay the game until you have a full hand and all your late game minions.


Bloodlust Shaman – Lots of small minions and bloodlust to finish the game.

Burst Shaman – Controlling the board until you can one shot your opponent with a charge minion with windfury and high damage

Ancient Shaman – High spell power deck that has potential massive board clear and burst potential

Classic Shaman – A mix of strong board presence, minions, and some burst from minions.

Deathrattle Shaman – The new age Shaman of which there is not yet a definitive deck list. This deck abuses Baron Rivendale, Deathrattle, Ancestral Spirit, and Resurrection to pull of an insane combo that wins you the game out of it’s shear board swing in your favor.


Miracle Rogue – Abusing Auctioneer while dealing damage to your opponents face, and using Leeroy with Shadowstep to burst your opponent for the win.

Old-Style Miracle Rogue – Use Auctioneer for card draw, but this time build a HUGE Vancleef, Mana Addict or Adventurer and give it stealth. Next turn you win by attacking your opponent.

Malgyos Rogue – Abusing Auctioneer and trying to get your opponent health low for a malgyos + Sinister Strike + prep + (any card that deal damage to face) for the win.

Backspace Rogue – A face rushing (attack opponent health instead of board control) rogue that only wants to aggressively rush your opponent face with charge and weapons. Oddly enough this deck has no auctioneer, and instead uses Coldlight for card draw.

Mill Rogue – Mill refers to trying to have your opponent run out of cards in his deck and lose from Fatigue. This deck constantly draws cards by playing coldlight and returning it to your hand to play again, and can return cards to your opponents hand to possibly even kill those minions if your opponent has a full hand. This deck has never seen competitive play.

Tempo Rogue – You play low cost minions and Rogue’s cheap spells for early-mid game board control, eventually overwhelming your opponent.


Shockadin – Rush your opponent face and play a lot of minions with low health with divine shield. Then cast divine favor and do it again.

Control Paladin – The most late game oriented deck I know of. Has so much control, healing, and taunts that you get to play every card in your deck, which should include a lot of really high value cards.

Divine Paladin – A mid-range deck that plays a lot of Divine Shield minions in order to get a lot of value out of Blood Knight.


Face Hunter – Use charge and unleash to amass damage on your opponent while drawing lots of cards.

Mid-Range Hunter – A slower face hunter that has risen in popularity, you still go for your opponents face, but instead of using charge minions, you just control the board while hitting them in the face.

Seagiant Hunter – Never seen competitive play, but basically you use your ability to mass minions to make cheap seagiants and control the board.

Secrets Hunter – A newer version of hunter that utilizes Mad Scientists and secrets in the mid-range hunter deck above. It is currently seen as the strongest deck in the meta.


Ramp Druid – This deck has seen many changes over the year, but your ability to get mana faster than your opponent allows you to play big minions really early in the game, often crushing your opponent.

Token Druid – You force your opponent to deal with your tokens (minions that are spawned by other minions), while you prepare to finish them with force of nature and savage roar, or savage roar with your tokens.

Malgyos Druid – Deal damage to your opponent while controlling the board. You try and abuse moonfire with malgyos along with innervate + one other spell to finish him off. This deck has never seen competitive play.

Mill Druid – Druid has enough board control to delay your opponent. By using some of the new cards, coldlight with some brewmasters, and naturalize. You can often mill your opponents deck, and have him lose from fatigue. This deck has never seen competitive play.

Watcher Druid – A druid deck that mixes silences with minions that are great when silenced. The name comes from one of the key cards in the deck, which is Ancient Watcher. You want to gain board control and dominate the mid-game until you win.

Old Mid-Range Druid – You play as many high stat cards in relation to their cost as possible. Because of how valuable your minions will be, you will be able to gain card advantage and gain board control. You win with savage roar with some minions on the board.

Aggro Druid – A druid deck that is essentially a much faster token druid. It wins in the mid-game with it’s savage roar and force of nature combo, but sets up for it using some low cost minions that are difficult to remove and make tokens.

Murloc Druid – It’s a reddit joke, just play along with it. The most overpowered deck in the world.


Zoolock – Abuse warlocks draw power to play lots of strong cheap minions to overwhelm your opponent early.

Handlock – Using your card draw, you get to play giants basically for free. Add in some twilight drakes and a lot of board clear, and you have yourself a very scary mid-late game deck.

Demonlock – The new age warlock that Realz played this weekend. It abuses the new Void Caller card to play strong demons for free, and has enough minions and card draw to overwhelm your opponent with strong creatures in the mid-game.

Murlock Warlock – An aggro deck that abuses your hero power to overwhelm your opponent with murlocks, which gain more and more momentum with each murlock played.


Aggro Mage – Overwhelm your opponent with cheap board clear and minions.

Freeze Mage – Delay the game until you can one shot your opponent with spells.

Giants Mage – Delay the game until your can play a lot of late game minions.

Arena Mage – Mage is often considered the best arena class, just because of how good flamestrike and her hero power is in the arena meta on their own. Just to mention it.

Secrets Mage – Lots of secrets and cards that interact with them for board control. Whether you want to go mid-game style or late game style with bigger minions is up to you.


Classic Control Priest – Priest has some of the best control cards in the game, and this deck essentially steals your opponents late game cards from him and wins with them.

OTK Priest – The dream is to increase the health of a Stormwind Knight or something like a Lightwell/Shade of Nax, and then use Inner Fire on it to burst your opponent and win on turn 10. This deck has never seen competetive play.

Aggro/Mid-Range Priest – The new age priest where you overwhelm your opponent with low-mid cost minions who have high stats.

Zetalot Priest – Similar to classic control priest, except with the inclusion of a Velen, and Mind Blast. You must be running smites as well, but basically you play normal priest until you can finish your opponent with Velen, Mind Blast for ten damage, and then Smite for four damage.

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