Dota 2 Techies Ancients/Jungle Guide

Dota 2 Techies Ancients/Jungle Guide by elendilli

If you don’t want to divulge in this text a sample video was made by JELLYHATERZ

This is a guide I planned to write since I discovered doing it in DotA 1, and here I am writing it at this very moment. This guide to jungling Techies works quite in almost every game and guarantees experience without leeching experience from a lane partner.

I’ll start with the easiest method to Jungle Techies which would be on the Dire side Ancients indicated in the image below.


I kind of fkd up with the image and forgot to number what lines do what but thegreen line (line with the arrow) indicates the pull direction for neutral creeps every minute while the blue lines indicate the general area where you can place the mines to dish out the most damage too ALL Ancient creeps at once. The next image will help you understand what I mean better.


In this image we have four ancient camp stacks, 11 mines along with a numbering system to explain what what each line indicates.

The Green Line (1) is the line that indicates the movement pattern you want the Ancient creeps to take to navigate them into the landmines. This is the most effective method to kill and heavily damage the Ancient creeps at once because they will ALLbe in the AOE to take landmine damage unlike normal pulling where they will follow behind each other, which means they won’t all take damage when you lure them straight into landmines and it would be less efficient because you would kill only a few while the others are still healthy. You may also notice that I have bought a set of tangos to clear two trees which would normally obstruct neutral creep pathing when you’re about to farm/clear them. Get rid of those two trees.

The Red ‘X’ (2) is not really important. It’s just the point where all the mines explode when Techies walks left past the ‘X’.

The Yellow lines (3) shows that all the Ancients are in the landmine explode AOE, so once I walk all the way to the left, all of the indicated neutral creeps are close enough to trigger the landmines and kill/damage all the neutral creeps at once.

You will normally always leave behind a few Ancients that need a few more mines to finish them off like in this image.


When this happens, simply finish them off with one landmine at a time.


The most efficient way to finish off remaining Ancient creeps is to simply place a landmine infront of them and attack to pull them. You do this because after you place the landmine, the mines have about ~1.5-2 seconds to set off, so you have time to aggro them and avoid Ancients autoattack damage, while still dealing the maximum amount of landmine damage possible.

Now lets get more realistic. Lets say the enemy team is aware you are doing Ancients and blocks your Ancients / chooses to contest and you still want a method to get levels. Simple. Just go into your jungle and stack up jungle creeps while placing mines every second possible in the exact spot of this screenie:


In this image, there is a 3 stack of Big Jungle creeps and 6-7 landmines in one spot.The Green Line (1) is the path YOU take to navigate the neutral creeps. The Red ‘X’ (2) is the area you WAIT FOR 1-2 SECONDS to wait for the jungle creeps to come closer, then you quickly continue following the green line to go left. The yellow squiggly lines with no number (i forgot) is the same thing I displayed in the previous Ancients image where all jungle creeps should be to effectively deal the most damage.

Once again, there will probably be a few neutral creeps left like in this image


Finish them off with a single landmine and you quickly obtain level 3 / almost 4.

Now, lets assume the enemy team will definitely SENTRY your Ancients before the game begins (obs would be a waste of vision normally). Personally, I like to start with the jungling method, then switching to the Ancients method because by the time I finish farming the jungle, the sentry ward would normally time out, and I can go Ancients – if not whatever the heck you planned to do after obtaining easy levels without relying on the enemy running into your level 1 placed mines.

Lastly, I will show everyone how to do it on the Radiant side.

Radiant Ancients are terribly placed and is extremely difficult to Ancients with techies there compared to Dires. It’s almost unfair how big the Dire side Ancients area is, giving you so much more flexibility. But we have to work with what we have so:


The Green Line (1) is the path you take. The Red ‘X’ (2) is where YOU WAIT FOR 1-3 SECONDS to clump them all up, especially if they’re ranged you MUST wait otherwise they will take much less damage. and the yellow lines simply indicate the Ancients are in a good position to take efficient damage all at once.

Of course we can’t forget the Radiant Big Jungle camp.


The Red ‘X’ in the image is where you should tango down the trees. The Yellow Circle (2) is where you should place your landmines and the Green Line (no number) is the line YOU FOLLOW to navigate the neutral creeps into the landmines.


is what it looks like when they all explode.

I know my screenshots are messy (last two mostly, Lol), but I hope you got the gist of it, along with more flexibility of what you can do with techies. Last time I remember doing this in Dota 1, I had a very early Aghs sceptor with soul ring on Techies by purely doing Big camps into jungle. I believe the timing was anywhere around 12-20 minutes uncontested (again i forgot when I normally got it, but it was definitely SUPER fast than you normally would waiting for people to run over your mines while you leech exp / barely get farm in lane because 30 base damage). Again, this was in DotA 1 so I would like to leave the Aghs timings to you. Hope you learned something from my not so ‘guide’ worthy ‘guide. Thanks for reading.

Edit: sm0kie420 made a gif of how it generally works. If you’re asking why it looks like one mine its because he simply didn’t move his mouse or screen and just afk clicked one spot so it looks like there’s only one ward there. Used to be good mindgames back in DotA 1 where ‘people who could see the entire map’ would think it’s only one mine and then ‘accidentally’ walk over it and then cry ‘wtf’ followed by no response. Hehe

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention was that if you are pulling with techies do it one second earlier than you would compared to other Heroes because his attack animation travel time is quite long and slow. 51>52 – 52>53. I’ll keep adding things as I remember gradually to help everyone make the most of everything I have learned. I’ll answer any newer questions tomorrow.

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