Destiny Trophy Guide

Destiny Trophy Guide by F8L Fool


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: TBD (personal estimate 9)
  • Offline trophies: 0
  • Online trophies: 42 (26, 13, 2, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 100+ (depends on luck and start day)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+ (not required to play through the story again)
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Destiny is a sci-fi shooter with loot hunting elements and is often referred to as a “shared world shooter” by its developer, Bungie. The main premise of the game is to create a powerful Guardian character that will save humanity from the brink of extinction. All the while uncovering the mysteries of the enemy that plagues them, as well as the Traveler that protects them.

Like most loot hunting games the biggest gameplay element is the item hunt, but with a greater emphasis on cooperative play. Destiny contains very challenging end game content in the form of Heroic and Epic strikes—three man missions in previous story areas—as well as the hardest content available: six man raids.

With any Bungie game also comes PvP as well, where players can advance their characters through various PvP playlists just like they would in co-op. The way that you shape your character in Destiny is completely up to you.


The story mode in Destiny acts as a sort of introduction to the universe as a whole. It lays the ground work for how to play the end game and lets you go from there. You will complete the story first so you can know your way around as well as how the base enemies behave. Beyond that there is no reason to revisit the main story missions at all, until you are finishing your second and third playthroughs for the other class trophies.

The vast majority of your time will be spent trying to min/max your equipment and conquer the most difficult content available. In order to do this quickly and effieciently you’ll have to balance leveling and reputation gains, along with Vanguard and Crucible Marks to secure upgrades. The quicker you max out both marks and reach the right reputation, the sooner you can start raiding and truly “beat the game”.

Because there is such a huge emphasis on reputation and experience you must always pay attention to the bounties. Think of the bounties as the highway to the end game. They will get you where you need to go the fastest and with the least amount of effort needed. If you neglect the bounties it will substantially slow down your time to platinum. With each new reputation rank comes a chance for a legendary, along with new equipment to buy.

Besides doing bounties, dailies, strikes and buying items in the right order there isn’t much else you can do to predictably boost your strength. You are at the mercy of sheer randomness and with the right drops your time to platinum will be substantially lower. Conversely with the wrong ones it could take an extra week or two, without ever having done anything inherently wrong in terms of choices or gameplay.

Just focus on what you can control and leave the rest up to RNG.

Step 1
Create your main character, a account, then check the Legend

This might seem like a silly first step but it’s actually quite important. For starters you will need an account in order to join a clan and unlock the Strength of the Pack and Raiding Party trophies. There are also other useful utilities there as well such as your Grimoire and stat tracking.

In Destiny a lot of things are controlled by both the date and time. Dailies reset after 24 hours, certain playlists are only available on the weekends, a vendor has certain store hours, and weekly caps are reset as well. So finding out when all of this will happen and keeping an eye on it will help you determine how to approach specific tasks and trophies.

After you have created your account go to Destiny Companion | and click on “Advisors” at the top. Here you will see how long until the dailies and weekly resets. You can even see which bounties are available to you rather than going back to the Tower to check. It’s quite useful. What’s most useful about it is the fact that you can prioritize doing a bounty, daily, or strike based on the remaining time. Or even postpone doing one so you can get better gear and attempt a harder difficulty before the reset, and reap superior rewards.

Keeping an eye on bonuses and finishing them off is also an added perk.

Once you are all set up you can move on to the good stuff: the actual game.

Step 2
Create two alternate characters from the remaining classes, do first 2 story missions with each and the Gold Tier Public Event Daily

Let me first preface this step by saying it is the absolutely fastest way to cut time off the platinum in this game. If you carry the advice found here with you throughout your entire time with Destiny, you will have a better time down the road, guaranteed.

Before you dive into the meat of the game you should make one character for each class. You should then resist the urge to power through on one and instead do the first two story missions on Earth—Restoration and The Dark Within, while completing the Gold Tier Public Event Daily for each character along the way (see Public Defenderfor help with this task). Upon completing the daily event you should go to the Tower, check the Postmaster who will have a gift for you, and redeem the item. Then deposit the contents in the Vault to the right. Before switching to another character pick up the dailies as well from Xander in the .

Doing this will accomplish several very good things right off the bat. You will have acquired no less than three end game upgrade materials, that are all needed for literally every task post level 20. These materials are hard to come by outside of Daily/Weekly Heroics and Raids, so getting them via the Public Event Daily will not only be the fastest and easiest way, but it will also fastrack your character for success in the end game.

It will also get you in the routine of doing Public Events that yield the fastest Vanguard Mark gains, as well as start slow but steady EXP gains on your other classes. The more EXP you can easily gain, the faster you will unlock the three Fully Upgraded class trophies.

Step 3
Play through the story on your main character while doing all bounties for it, as well as daily public events and easy bounties for your alternates

The story consists of 25 missions spread out across four planets. Each planet has Strikes (co-op boss content) that are unique to them, but you should not bother doing them until you have already out leveled the content. The time and effort needed to complete them at their intended levels will greatly hinder your leveling speed, which is paramount depending on the day you begin playing.

The only time you should get side tracked from your story missions is to do bounties, daily story and PvP missions, and at the very least one Gold Tier Public Event a day on your two other characters. This goes for both the Crucible and the Vanguard. The only dailies that should be left untouched are the Strikes. The reason the bounties take precedence is that the reputation vendors are the only reliable Legendaries in the game. They will also mail you legendary engrams for ranking up. The bounties are also the best source of experience in the game.

Be sure to always be on the lookout for the upgrade materials (Spinmetal, Helium Filaments, Spirit Bloom, Iron Ore) and public events—needed for Public Defender and its own hidden daily—while you do the story. Never ignore either of them, no matter what you are preoccupied with. Doing this will save you a ton of time later on when it comes time to upgrading gear to complete Raider, Packing Heat and Fully Loaded.

By the end of this playthrough you should have unlocked the following trophies:

Change of Heart
Ship Rite
A New Steed
Dragon Slayer
Lucky 7s
Use of Weapons

Step 4
Work on PvP trophies, reputation and maxing out Crucible Score

Now that the campaign is over you should be somewhere in the vicinity of level 17 or even 18. If you were very diligent with completing bounties it is highly unlikely you will be lower than 16 at worst. You will be unable to start earning Crucible Marks until you reach level 18, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother with PvP if you aren’t there yet.

Try and get a knack for the PvP and start leveling up weapons that you are comfortable with—always look at the details with to find good mods. Play Control exclusively until you’ve amassed 50 point captures for the Finders Keepers trophy. Along the way you will most likely unlock at least one or two of the 100 kill trophies as well. If it happens to be the weekend at this time you should then head over and do Salvage for the Relic Hunter trophy.

The goal of this step is to gain reputation, levels, light items, and maxed out crucible score. If all goes as planned you should end up with a light level of ~22, rank 1 crucible (or near it), and maybe even a legendary.

By the end of this step you should have unlocked the following trophies:

Hunter Killer
Giant Slayer
Witch Hunt

Step 5
Begin doing strikes and max out Vanguard Score

Now is the time you want to really start knocking out some strikes. Try and always do a strike difficulty that is no more than one level higher than your light level. Trying to do a 24 right when it becomes available will most likely be a bad experience. The reason being that when you are 2 light levels lower than the enemy you will have a significant penalty to your own damage, all the while taking bonus damage. Needless to say the strike will take a lot longer unless you are with some very geared friends.

If you can find a premade fireteam of people that actually talk and cooperate it will be a lot more enjoyable for you, as well as for them. Take a look at the PS4 and PS3 Co-op partners threads for people to play with. Also, joining up with a clan to complete the Strength of the Pack trophy is good as well. Take a look at the Strength of the Pack walkthrough for information on how to accomplish it.

Once you are fully prepared, be it solo queuing or with a premade fireteam. head over to the Vanguard Strike Playlist. It is just to the left of the Crucible playlist in the destination map. Farm them for as long as possible to try and get enough gear upgrades to move up a difficulty level. Be sure not to neglect dailies in the process.

By the end of this step you should have unlocked the following trophy:

Rising Vanguard

Step 6
Farm Rank 2 Vanguard and Crucible reputation to buy legendaries

From here on out you will want to go through the motions and cycle through every possible task available to you, in order of importance. Daily Story and Bounties will always take precedence over the standard PvP daily. If you are near the weekly reset then the Heroic Weekly is #1 on the to-do list.

Crucible reputation is much easier to get than Vanguard reputation, so depending on your personal preference you may want to start there. The moment you hit rank 2 with either of them head back to the Tower and buy either a chest, gauntlet, or boots from their vendor. Whichever one you don’t already have a legendary or exotic for. You can now begin leveling up your first piece of legendary gear to help push you towards raiding. If this is your second piece of legendary armor you are just one item away from being guaranteed light level 26, the minimum level raid requirement.

As soon as you purchase your second legendary or get a third to drop, move on to the next step.

Step 7
Farm materials and level/upgrade your gear to light level 26+

Now that you have the necessary equipment to do raids all you have to do is level and upgrade it. Check each piece for the materials required and then collect the amount you’ll need to upgrade them as much as possible. Once you’ve acquired them you can choose any method you’d like to level up the gear and unlock the upgrade nodes.

Once you reach light level 26 you can move on to the next step.

Step 8
Begin raiding

The very first raid has a level 26 requirement that you should have reached in the previous step. The Raid is called Vault of Glass and is located on Venus. You will need to find five other players to complete it due to the absence of a matchmaking system for raids. If you don’t have five friends to play with I suggest making use of the PS4 and PS3 Co-op partners threads for people to play with. I highly suggest joining up in a clan prior to embarking on the raid, in order to also unlock Raiding Party.

Please refer to the Raider trophy for a detailed walkthrough that will assist you with all your raiding needs. By the end of this step you should have unlocked the following trophies:

Raiding Party

Step 9
Level second and third classes to max, find all ghosts

With your first raid out of the way the only things that should be left are maxing out the other classes, a few miscellaneous trophies, and the two remaining raid trophies. If you have yet to fully max out an Exotic or Legendary weapon don’t worry, you’ll definitely get some of the mats while finishing off the last bit of leveling needed.

Please refer to Hunter Mastery and Ghost Hunter for additional assistance.

By the end of this step you should have unlocked the following trophies:

Hunter Mastery
Titan Mastery
Warlock Mastery
Ghost Hunter

Step 10
Trophy Cleanup

By now the only remaining trophies should be things like not dying in a raid, completing a raid on hard, and perhaps Fully Loaded and/or Packing Heat if you’ve had abysmal luck. For any additional assistance please refer to each respective trophy walkthrough that you need help with.

Trophy Guide:

Guardian Lord
Obtain all trophies in Destiny.

Change of Heart
Reverse a decision you made in an upgrade grid.

Upon reaching level 7 you will unlock your first tier two ability in the upgrade tree; a new type of grenade. Open up your inventory by pressing , then select your subclass by pressing . In the first column, second row, you will see a newly unlocked ability. Simply learn it and the trophy will unlock.

If you dislike the new grenade type you can immediately change back to the base form at any time, with no fee, cooldown or penalty required.

Ship Rite
Rebuild a Jumpship.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

After fighting your way through the Fallen in the prologue portions of Old Russia, you will come across an abandoned Jumpship. Your Ghost will quickly repair it and you will depart to the Tower. Once the cutscene begins and you take flight the trophy will unlock.

Bane of the Emperor
Kill 25 Cabal with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.

You will first encounter Cabal on Mars, the fourth planet in the game. It is the only planet they can be found on thus far and will often be seen fighting the Vex. They consist of primarily of very large, armored, hulking enemies that wield rocket launchers and other heavy weapons. The most common types of Cabal are Legionary, Phalanx and Psion.

In order to get a precision kill you must land the killing blow on their head, with a weapon that can critical. The Legionary and Psion are very easy to get headshots on, while the Phalanx require a bit more work. Whenever you see a Phalanx (shielded cabal), aim for his rifle to stagger him and make him drop his guard. When he is staggered immediately shoot him in the face for the headshot, before he has a chance to recover.

Decrypt 25 Engrams.

To decrypt a found Engram you must take it to Master Rahool in the tower, just to the right of the entrance behind the vaults. He is a Cryptarch that not only decrypts but also has a random assortment of Encoded and Encrypted Engrams you can buy. He will not charge you to decrypt a found Engram.

Engrams are very similar to regular loot drops that you find throughout the game. The only difference is that they must first be decrypted in order to reveal the item’s type and stats. You can find Engrams by killing enemies in the story, as a reward for completing story/strike mission, or as a reward in the Crucible.

They come in four different rarity types, give varying amounts of Cryptarch reputation, and have specific tiers of loot they can reward.

The four types are:

  • Encoded (White) – Common + 5 rep.
  • Encrypted (Green) – Common or Uncommon + 10 rep
  • Decoherent (Blue) – Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, or Upgrade Material + 100 rep
  • Legendary (Purple) – Uncommon through Exotic item chance or Upgrade Material + 200 rep.
  • Exotic (Yellow) – Exotic item + 500 rep.

This trophy will unlock through natural progression and requires no additional effort or farming.

Use of Weapons
Dismantle 50 pieces of armor or weapons.

Whenever you have an item that you don’t need, or want to get the upgrade materials from, you can dismantle it. To do so press and highlight the item(s) you want to dismantle, then hold until it is broken down. You will get a small amount of glimmer in return and guaranteed upgrade materials at higher levels.

Luckily you will find an abundance of loot throughout your first playthrough, which will allow you to unlock this trophy through natural progression in no time at all.

The best way to increase the amount of materials you receive is by dismantling leveled (upgraded) items. Whenever you have an item in a slot that is fully upgraded be sure to swap out to a non-upgraded one before you turn in a bounty. This will drastically increase the amount of upgrade materials you receive and not waste precious experience.

You do not need to actually learn the upgrades prior to dismantling it. Simply having filled it with experience will do the trick.

The Life Exotic
Obtain and equip a piece of Exotic gear.

Exotic gear is the rarest and most powerful type of equipment in the game. Each piece has a yellow color icon and a unique look, as well as effects and modifications. You can obtain a piece of Exotic gear by doing any of the following:

  • Decrypting a Legendary Engram
  • Decrypting an Exotic Engram
  • Raid Drop/Reward
  • Exotic Bounty Reward
  • Purchased from Xûr, Agent of the Nine
  • Weekly Nightfall Strike

This is all in addition to the usual extremely low chance of being rewarded a fully completed Exotic at the end of any 20+ Strike or Crucible match.

Legendary Engrams can be obtained as rewards for doing Strikes, Crucible, and random drops from enemies. Exotic Engrams are from raids as well as Xûr. Raids and Nightfall Strikes are the primary source of Exotic gear and have very high chances to drop. The final two ways of getting an Exotic item are much more complex than the former.

Exotic Bounties seem to be random occurrences just like any other “lead” that is given by the bounty tracker, Xander 99-40. The key difference is that the Exotic bounties are given to you after you turn in a completed bounty, rather than picked up from the Postmaster and taken to Xander. A bounty lead called the Vanguard Mentor Missive is instantly placed in your inventory, which lets you choose from one of three bounties—each with a unique weapon reward. The bounties and their rewards are:

  • A Light in the Dark – Thorn (Hand Cannon)
  • Toland’s Legacy – Bad Juju (Pulse Rifle)
  • A Dubious Task – Invective (Shotgun)

For a complete walkthrough of each bounty please visit this link (WIP).

The final way to get an exotic item comes in the form of a mysterious vendor named Xûr, Agent of the Nine. Each weekend he appears in the at a random location in one of the three main halls. Every week he will offer different Exotic items that you can purchase using Strange Coins and Motes of Light.

Coins drop randomly, are decrypted from engrams, and are also rewarded for the Weekly Heroic and the typical Crucible and Strike rewards. Motes of Light are given to a player every time they accumulate enough experience to reach a new level after 20. The exact amount of experience is extremely large. Somewhere in the region of 50k to 100k.

You will need 13 Strange Coins to purchase a piece of armor, 23 for a primary weapon, and 17 for a special or heavy weapon. An Engram costs 23 Motes of Light. While the Strange Coin items are completed and denote which class can wear them, the Engrams do not, and will frequently decrypt into an item of a different class. Engrams are a big, big gamble.

Important Note: If you obtain an Exotic item for a class/level other than your intended character, you will not be able to equip it. You will have to level the appropriate class to equip the item and unlock the trophy, wait for another piece to drop, or purchase one that is for your class from the vendor.

A New Steed
Obtain and equip a new personal vehicle.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

During the third story mission, The Warmind, the first objective is to link up with the grid to activate your sparrow; a hovering motorcycle-like vehicle. Find the grid console and activate it with your Ghost and you will automatically be given the Sparrow and unlock the trophy.

There is no need to manually equip it in your inventory.

Suited for War
Have all armor and weapon slots equipped with Legendary or Exotic gear.

You will need to collect and simultaneously wear a total of 8 different types of Legendaries or Exotics—3 weapons and 5 armor slots— to unlock this trophy. The item types are:

Weapons: Primary, Special Heavy
Armor: Helmet, Gauntlet, Leg, Class

What makes this trophy more difficult than it should be is the fact that loot is entirely random. Not just the item type but also the class as well. Weapons can be wielded by all three classes but the armor is class specific. It is entirely possible to find ten legendaries, only to discover that every single piece is for a class other than the one you play. It is also probable that you find many weapons but they are of the same type. Furthermore, you may only equip one exotic weapon and armor piece at any given time which compounds the difficulty yet again.

In order to take some degree of the randomness out of the equation, it is best to purchase as much of your entry level equipment from the reputation vendors as early and as often as you can. Doing so will allow you to safely acquire slots that you need without the randomness of decryption and rewards, while simultaneously leveling them up while you search for new gear. Two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately Vanguard and Crucible Marks are both capped at 100 per week, so the most gear you will be able to purchase in a single week is three with marks. Although it’s possible to get a cloak as your third item it is a waste of marks. Simply pick up a cloak from one of the rival reputation vendors such as New Monarchy or War Cult for glimmer. Only equip it when you want to complete this trophy, otherwise it will leech 100% of your gained reputation. Doing the above will leave you with five slots that need to be filled.

Grinding out Daily, Weekly, and Playlist Strikes or the Crucible are the best ways to amass experience, loot, and the reputation needed to buy from the vendors. Raids are also the ideal choice but you will need at least an exotic and a legendary, or three legendaries to even participate in a raid. Not to mention the random factor and difficulty associated with it.

Bane of the Kell
Kill 25 Fallen with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.

A precision kill is just another word for “Critical”. Whenever you shoot a Fallen in the head a yellow number will appear rather than a white one, which signifies that it was a precision (critical) shot.

The very first enemy type that you encounter will be the Fallen; four armed, cloaked humanoid enemies with spiked helmets.

In order to get 25 precision kills on them make sure your final shot is always on the head. You will know it worked when their head vanishes, sparks fly out, and a large yellow number simultaneously pops up. Just rinse and repeat and always take cover when your health reaches red, in order to regenerate your health and shield to avoid dying.

If done correctly this will be the first trophy that you unlock in Destiny. However, should you make it through the prologue without unlocking it do not worry. The very first official mission is against Fallen as well so another opportunity very shortly.

Lucky 7s
Attain a Grimoire score of 777.

To unlock this trophy you do not need an exact Grimoire score of 777, only to reach or exceed said value. To see your current Grimoire score press and look at the top right corner of your screen. Underneath your level is a deck of cards icon with a grey number; this is your grimoire score.

You earn Grimoire score by doing virtually anything within the world of Destiny. Such as visiting a new story or strike missions, completing said missions, killing a new species of enemy, getting a new weapon/armor type, finding dead ghosts, and many, many other things.

There is absolutely no reason to go out of your way and grind or rack up a lot of points, since you will easily surpass 777 just by completing the main story line alone. You will also unlock no less than 250 Grimoire Score while going for Ghost Hunter.

To see a complete breakdown of every type of Grimoire card you have, as well as read detailed descriptions, what you are missing and their archetypes, please visit this link: Destiny Companion |

Bane of the Dead
Kill 25 Hive with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.

A precision kill is just another word for “Critical”. Whenever you shoot a Hive in the head a yellow number will appear rather than a white one, which signifies that it was a precision (critical) shot.

The Hive are insectlike creatures that come in shades of white for the weaklings, and red for the average and strong foes. You will first encounter a small amount of Hive enemies at the end of Story Mission 1, but not enough to unlock the trophy unless your accuracy and play are flawless.

The earliest place that you can reliably farm the 25 kills is during Story Mission 2, The Dark Within, at the Skywatch area. A large number of Hive will be battling Fallen and continuously respawn. Most die in just one or two shots to the head. If you missed your chance during the Story you can load up the section in Patrol and head right over, or just redo mission two if you are unsure about how to reach the Skywatch. Please see the Vanguard Honor trophy for a map if you are unable to locate it.

The next best place is at the very end of the Earth storyline during Story Mission 5, The Last Array. The final area of the mission is the Terrestial Complex, where dozens and dozens of hive are spawn in rapid succession. You can rack up a huge precision kill count here by picking off the Thralls (white Hive) with an Assault Rifle, as well as go for the Blink of an Eye trophy if you haven’t already unlocked it.

Inspect another player.

To inspect another player walk near their character and press to lock on to them. Then press and select “Inspect Player”. You can do this with a friend by inviting them to your game, looking at a random player in the world, or simply wait until you reach the tower where it is crowded.

Blink of an Eye
Kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds.

There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of places in the game that this is extremely easy to do. For the vast majority of players this will unlock naturally by simply playing the game. If you are concerned about unlocking this or just want to get it out of the way very early, refer to the below.

Mission 1: Restoration (Dock 13) – At the very beginning of the mission turn right and head directly towards the wall. You’ll run into a few enemies standing near it and behind them is a trailer, a hole in the wall and some broken stairs. Kill the enemies and go into the hole/up the stairs.

Make your way through the halls until you see enemies show up on your radar. When they do, start crouching and walk until you see “Dock 13” pop up on the bottom left of your screen. Inside this room are ~10 enemies huddled close together. Turn the corner and throw a grenade in the middle of them, then shoot a Rocket Launcher or use a Heavy Machine gun to dispatch the rest.

Mission 4: Last Array (Terrestrial Complex) – The final step of the mission will bring you to a large open area on the edge of the map. Three ships will teleport in and drop massive amounts of Hive. Toss out a grenade in the very center lane towards the middle ship, just as the Hive are teleported down. You can then clean up the rest with a Heavy Weapon of choice or Super.

Mission 1: Dark Beyond (Temple of Crota) – At the very end of the mission you will encounter a dead Guardian and a very large, chained door. Equip a Rocket Launcher and inspect him to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene the door will open and a huge mass of Hive will come pouring out. Toss a grenade into the door just as it opens, then hit any remaining enemies with the rocket launcher. You will easily get the 5 kills, with some to spare.

Strike: The Nexus (Starting Area) – A ton of Vex will be fighting the Fallen in the middle of a grassy opening. One well placed grenade, a rocket, and some shots will easily do the trick.

Strike: The Nexus (Pre-boss Area) – You will eventually come to to a very dark tunnel with purple rocks protruding from the walls. Once you reach the mouth of the tunnel and there is a steep ledge prepare to fight roughly fifteen Vex Hobgoblins. One grenade into the center should kill enough, but if it isn’t you can jump off the ledge with your team and reset them to try again.
Relic Hunter
Assist in capturing 20 capture points in Salvage.

Salvage is a weekend only Crucible playlist that is very similar to Control except there is only one point at a time, and when a point is captured and then neutralized it vanishes. To capture a point you merely stand in it until the meter reaches 100. Afterwards there will be a 45 second countdown until probe has salvaged the point, but successfully salvaging has no bearing over this trophy.

So long as you are in the point when it is captured and belongs to your team it will count as a successful capture. However, disabling an enemies point will not count towards a capture. Because of this you must be a lot more coordinated and forceful in this playlist, since you can’t freely roam and neutralize then cap at will.

I suggest playing with a Titan or two that use Ward of Dawn with Armor of Light. Place the ward on top of a salvage point to get what amounts to a free capture. Try and control the center of the map and whenever the Heavy Weapons are about to spawn at 9:00, 5:00, and 2:00 prioritize it over all else. Since having the ammo will give you total map control for several salvage points, if you use the Heavy Weapons well.

Earn the maximum weekly Vanguard score.

The “score” that this trophy is referring to are Vanguard Marks. Unlike reputation which has no weekly cap, the maximum amount of Vanguard Marks you can earn in a week is 100. Also, you will be unable to start earning Vanguard Marks until you reach level 18 and the second Strike Mission, Vanguard Viper, is made available in the Strike Playlist. The first Strike unlocks at level 16, but does not give any Vanguard Marks.

These are five methods of earning Vanguard Marks, as well as the amount given for the varying difficulties and levels:

  • Strike Playlist
    • Level 18 – 0 Marks
    • Level 20 – 2 Marks
    • Level 22 – 3 Marks
    • Level 24 – 6 Marks
  • Weekly Heroic Strike
    • Level 22 – 3 Marks
    • Level 26 – 6 Marks
    • Level 28 – 9 Marks
  • Nightfall Strike
    • Level 28 – 15 Marks

Gold Tier Public Events – 4 marks
After you reach level 18 you will start to get 4 marks per gold event. Your first successful gold tier Public Event of the day will reward you with 4 marks, 25 reputation, and the chance at an Ascendant Shard or Ascendant Energy. If you need yet another incentive to attempt the gold tier each and every day, keep in mind that you must gold 10 total public events for the Public Defender trophy.

Upgrade Material Exchange – 5 marks
Collect and turn in 50 Spinmetal, Spirit Bloom, Helium Filaments, or Iron Ore to your class’ Vanguard vendor to receive 5 Vanguard Marks, 200 glimmer, and 25 reputation. This is extremely inefficient since it takes far longer to gather 50 resources than do a strike or daily. Since you need a large amount of these materials for equipment upgrades I suggest avoiding this step, unless you really enjoy gathering mats for hours.

Important note: Weekly score resets 2 AM PST (5 AM EST / 9 AM GMT), and the 100 mark cap must be reached before then for the trophy to unlock.

Earn the maximum weekly Crucible score.

The “score” that this trophy is referring to are Crucible Marks. Unlike reputation which has no weekly cap, the maximum amount of Crucible Marks you can earn in a week is 100. Like the Vanguard Marks you will be unable to start acquiring them until you reach level 18.

There is only one way to get Crucible Marks and that is by playing in the Crucible. You will receive 3 marks for every victory and 2 marks for a loss. If you are confident in your own ability Rumble is a great way to get marks the fastest without having to rely on others. Rumble games are much shorter than the other playlists, so win or lose you’ll get a nice chunk of marks. Although if you are playing with a very talented fireteam then nothing beats Control for points or sheer speed.

Important note: Weekly score resets 2 AM PST (5 AM EST / 9 AM GMT), and the 100 mark cap must be reached before then for the trophy to unlock.

Public Defender
Earn the highest tier of completion in 10 public events.

To see how many Public Events you have completed go to this link,Destiny Companion |, then select “Patrol”. Scroll down to see your Public Events total.

You can complete the same event ten times and it will still count towards this trophy. It does not have to be ten separate events or on different planets. There are only a handful public events that will always appear at the same location on a preset schedule.

The easiest one to get to also happens to be available in the very first story mission, at the Divide. It will appear at 15 and 45 minutes after the hour, every hour. The other is also on Earth at the Skywatch, appearing on the hour and at 30 minutes.

To get to the Divide load up the first story mission on Earth called Restoration, or the Patrol if you have progressed enough to access it. Once you land follow the path directly to your right until you see a group of fallen near the wall and some broken down shipping trucks. Directly behind them is a hole in the wall and some broken stairs. Climb up the stairs and proceed through the tunnels until you reach the exit. Once you come into a clearing that will be the Divide.

It will take you roughly two to three minutes to make this trip, so start heading there around 10 minutes after the hour. If you still can’t find the Divide please see the Vanguard Honor trophy for a map.

When the event begins a drop ship will come and bring a Devil Walker tank for you to fight. All you must do is destroy the legs to make it become vulnerable and fall, then attack the orange glowing engine that is exposed for a few moments. Rinse and repeat until you are victorious.

You do not need to survive or do anything besides kill the Devil Walker before the 5 minute timer ends. Although you can reach this location as low as level two, in order to do some decent damage to it and survive the added minion waves you should be at least 5 or 6. To solo the entire event safely you should be no lower than 10+ with a good Sniper and Assault Rifle.

To get to Skywatch you simply go left at the start of a Patrol/Mission, then follow the road until you see a large building with an antenna on it. Enter the building and continue through the hallways—which are longer than the one leading to the Divide—until you come out into an open grassy area. A Warsat will spawn here. All you must do is activate it with , then defend it from attackers and stand in the circle until it fills up.

If you were to do the optimal number of Public Events in a hour you could get 3 done, always. Here is the route to take:

  • Skywatch – :00
  • Divide – :15
  • Skywatch – :30
  • Divide – :45
  • Repeat

Sometimes they appear at roughly +/- 5 minutes, so getting to each slightly early and leaving a little late is best. Were you to complete all 3 every hour you could finish the trophy in just over one hour. If for some reason an event doesn’t spawn just continue the route as usual.

Completing a daily event with a Gold Tier ranking for the first time on a character each day will also grant you an Ascendant Energy, Ascendant Shard, or Strange Coin as a reward. These are the highest tier crafting components and are extremely valuable. I suggest creating three characters as early as possible and doing the daily at least one time a day on your two alternates, then putting the reward in the Vault for your main. This will take no more than 15 minutes a day worth of effort and help you progress with Life Exotic, Packing Heat, and the two remaining class trophies since it rewards experience for completion as well.

All other public events happen in preset locations throughout the game. They will begin at one of predetermined the spots every 30 to 45, depending on the planet you are on. When a public event is starting the sky will become dark and grey, your screen will become blurred (if you are near the epicenter), and your controller will rumble very hard. Then and a huge hole will open in the sky followed by a very large dropship emerging. Your Ghost will suggest checking it out and if you are close enough to the event, a dark blue waypoint indicator with a timer will appear. If the waypoint doesn’t appear for you after the hole closes, be sure to start heading towards the direction you saw the hole/dropship.

You should always go well out of your way to complete every Public Event even after the trophy is completed. They give 4 Vanguard Marks for each Gold Tier after you reach level 18, as well as experience and a random chance at special crafting materials.

For additional Public Event locations you can use this site, but the best method hands down farming them on Earth.

Finders Keepers
Assist in capturing 50 capture points in Control.

Control is the very first PvP playlist that is available upon reaching the tower. It is a domination game type that consists of capturing one of three zones (A, B and C) that are located on the map. To capture a zone you must stand inside the circle until the value reaches 100 and it belongs to your team.

You do not need to literally “assist” in capturing it, as in have someone else capture the zone with you. Any capture you make, regardless of if it is with another teammate or solo, will count towards this trophy.

The best way to unlock this is to always capture the closest control point at the start of every match. From there simply roam and prioritize capturing over everything else. If you see someone on your team that is particularly set on capturing as well, follow them around to increase your chance of success. Playing with a partner or two in your fireteam also helps, since it will be much easier to capture each point with an organized group.

You can also intentionally let someone neutralize a point you control, then kill them and recapture it yet again.

Hunter Killer
Kill 100 Hunters in PvP.

See Witch Hunt

Giant Slayer
Kill 100 Titans in PvP.

See Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt
Kill 100 Warlocks in PvP.

Despite what the kill trophies say, you do not need to actually kill 100 of each class. Assists count towards the completion which makes them much easier to unlock than typical kill goals. Because you need an equal amount of kills on each class it is best to play control, which will also help you with your captures for Finders Keepers.

Avoid doing playlists like Rumble, because you can only get assists in that playlist if you do a very big chunk of damage. Where a single point of damage in the team playlists will count as an assist.

Like always is the case in Crucible PvP, try and capitalize on the Heavy Weapon Ammo as much as you can. Not just for easy kills but to make progress with Excessive Force and hopefully snag Triple Play while you’re at it.

Ask Questions Later
Earn a first strike kill in PvP.

To get a First Strike Kill you must be the first person in the game to kill an opposing player. An excellent way to do this is by playing Rumble or Control.

In Rumble, on smaller maps you will spawn very near enemy players at the start of the match. Take advantage of this by immediately crouching () and look for any movement on your radar. If you see some, head there as quickly as you can to try and secure the kill. Use sprint and slide to cover lots of ground and obscure yourself from the map as much as possible. You can also join up with two other friends and intentionally seek out and trade off first bloods.

For Control, the best way to try and secure a first blood is on an outdoor map like First Light or Burning Shrine. When the round begins hop on the nearest Pike—Sparrow w/ cannons—or bring out your own Sparrow if another player snagged them. Head directly to the opposing teams first point, which will always be either A or C depending on your side. If you are on a Pike try and go for a kill while mounted. If you used a Sparrow dismount and try and rush down someone, or get between their point and B, crouch and pick off whoever passes between points.

Excessive Force
Register 25 kills in PvP with heavy weapons.

Heavy weapons function differently in PvP than they do in PvE. When you start a PvP match you will spawn without any Heavy Weapon Ammo. After four minutes the announcer will say that Heavy Ammo is about to spawn on the map. Ten seconds later two purple ammo icons will appear on opposite sides of the map. Walk over to one and pick it up, but be on the lookout for enemies because they are always hotly contested.

Once you’ve obtained the ammo, swap to the heavy weapon by holding and proceed to kill enemy players. Another way to get ammo is by picking it up from a player you kill, that had previously picked up heavy weapon ammo themselves. It will look like a purple pouch on the ground, but it won’t have the large purple ammo icon above it. Walk over the ammo pouch to immediately replenish your heavy weapon ammo.

I highly suggest using a Rocket Launcher to secure the kills. Preferably one with the mod “Grenades and Horseshoes”, which turns the rockets into proximity rockets. The description will read as follows: “Rockets from this weapon will detonate early based on proximity to targets.” You can aim directly at targets with this mod and they will detonate right next to them. No more aiming at the ground while jumping.

Although you could theoretically get more consecutive kills with a Heavy Machinegun, it is also riskier because people can easily counter it with a Super or Shotgun.

After killing 25 cumulative players, across as many matches as it takes, the trophy will unlock.

Triple Play
Kill a Hunter, Titan, and Warlock without dying in a PvP match.

Although the description of the trophy leads one to assume you must kill one of each class, in any order, without dying before the third and final kill, it is wholly misleading. You have to achieve a triple kill on the three classes. Either through a simultaneous death or rapid succession, which is far more difficult to do than the trophy description leads one to believe. The strange part is that this game counts assists as kills, so two kills and an assist would suffice, as long as it was very quick.

Since it is an extremely luck based trophy the best thing you can do is help increase your own odds. You can do this in a number of ways, but the safest bet is using large radius attacks such as Rocket Launchers, Warlock Nova Bomb, Hunter Arc Blade, and Titan’s Fist of Havoc.

Playing Control is a sure fire way to get a lot of double kills, since it’s not uncommon for two or more players capturing to be in close proximity. However, it’s much harder to get a triple since three players can quickly capture a point and disperse, long before you can line up a big attack. Worse yet they will typically see you coming and attack as soon as you come in range, so Sprint-Slide in close.

If you are a Warlock or Titan be sure to immediately head to contested points and launch your Nova or Fist super on top of it, the second you see people grouped up. With enough luck and attempts you can secure a triple kill consisting of the right classes.

I personally prefer playing Clash for triple kills. It is very easy to flank distracted targets and teams will often have standoffs, allowing you to do just that. The down side of Clash is that on larger maps teams will frequently spread out and make it nearly impossible to get a triple.

Either Clash or Control will work fine and it is entirely personal preference.

Complete a Raid.

For a complete walkthrough of the entire Vault of Glass raid, along with tips for success, please visit the walkthrough guide located here.

You must be light level 26 to participate in the Normal difficult for Vault of Glass. This figure amounts to total of 76 light from your equipment. The only way to obtain this value is to have at least two legendaries, or a legendary and an exotic, both of which are upgraded a good deal. If you are wearing two legendaries you will have to have reach tier 3 defense on one item and tier 2 on the other, out of five possible upgrade tiers. If it is one exotic and one legendary they both have to be upgraded two defense tiers.

Raiding requires that you have six players in your fireteam participate in it. Unlike the Strikes and Crucible there is no Matchmaking system that groups together random players around the world. This requirement places a heavy emphasis on trusting your teammates enough to actively seek them out, rather than being forced to play with them. Furthermore, when you open the door to the Vault your progress will become saved to that one instance, so always raid with people you intend to play through the entire raid with.

If you are looking for raid partners be sure to check the PS3T Co-op partners thread.

The first raid available contains two full bosses and four events. They are listed as follows, in the order you encounter them:

  • Bosses
    • Templar
    • Atheon
  • Events
    • Vault of Glass Entrance
    • Defeat the Oracles
    • The Gorgon’s Labyrinthe
    • Awaken the Glass Throne

Each event and boss grants either unique raid tier loot that has modifiers only found in raids, or large amounts of Ascendant Upgrade Materials, such as Energy and Shards.

Despite being a level 26 raid the enemies inside are as high as level 28 at the end of the raid. This creates less linear progression and puts greater emphasis on not just knowing the fights you encounter, but becoming increasingly more powerful in order to conquer the content. Needless to say a level 25 by the end of the raid would be in a serious bind.

In order to prepare yourself for the Raid I suggest you refer to Suited for War and The Life Exotic for how to reach the necessary gear requirement.

Raiding Party
Complete a Raid with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members.

See Raider

Epic Raider
Complete a Raid on hard difficulty.

See Raider

Flawless Raider
Complete a Raid without anyone in your fireteam dying.

See Raider

Vanguard Honor
Attain Vanguard Rank 3.

Important Note: If you wear the class item (cloak, bond, or mark) of one of the rival factions—Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, War Cult—all of your gained reputation will go directly to their faction. Do not wear another faction class item unless you want to postpone unlocking this trophy.

You gain Vanguard Ranks by amassing a large quantity of reputation. It will take 6000 total rep to hit rank 3. There are six ways to gain Vanguard reputation in the game and each method rewards different amounts of it. The tasks you must complete, as well as the reputation given, are listed below:

  • Patrol Missions – 10 to 25 reputation (kill X high value target will always yield 25)
  • Strike Playlist Missions – 10 to 25 Reputation
  • Material Exchange – 25 reputation (NOT worth it for the high cost)
  • Vanguard Bounties – 50 to 100 reputation
  • Daily Heroic Story – 150 (LVL. 20) to 350 (LVL. 28) reputation
  • Weekly Heroic Strike – 150 (LVL. 22) to 400 (LVL. 28) reptuation
  • Nightfall Strike – 500 (LVL. 28) reptuation

In addition to the above you can gain an extra 20% Vanguard Reputation per completed task by clearing the Weekly Nightfall mission (credit to SWAT_brigadeCT for this info). It lasts the entire week until the reset on Tuesday at 2 AM PST. Although it’s very likely most people that can complete a Nightfall are already at Rank 3, it is still helpful for those that neglected Vanguard in trade for another faction or Crucible farming.

The fastest way to gain large sums of reputation outside of the Daily and Weekly’s is from Patrol Mission farming in a full fireteam. You can spread out across multiple sections of the map and chain missions together, one after another. My personal favorite setup is on Earth. Here is the map breakdown:

  • Player 1 – Steppes & Mothyard
  • Player 2 – Divide & Rocketyard
  • Player 3 – Skywatch & Forgotten Shore

Always prioritize kill missions over all others and say when you have one in your area, so no one else picks it up. They are marked by a triangle (collection), white star (VIP), and open Ghost (pure killing). Once those are out of the way do the exploration ones that are a compass symbol (exploration area) and a closed Ghost (scan object).

This will net an average of 500-700 reputation per hour, so long as people are diligent about clearing the objective as quickly as possible.

If you are confused about the locations I’ve listed please see the map below:

vanguard map

You can view your current Vanguard reputation at either the Vanguard Quatermaster in the Hanger or the class representatives in the Vanguard Hall. When you interact with them with you’ll see their icon on the top left with a meter encircling it and your current rank at the bottom. Hover over it to see how much reputation you need to reach the next rank.

The amount of reputation needed to go from one rank to the next is as follows:

Rank 1 – 1500
Rank 2 – 2000
Rank 3 – 2500

You will need a total of 6000 reputation to reach rank 3. This is equal to doing roughly 90 bounties, or 260 level 24 strikes. If you were to do 5 bounties a day for an average of 75 rep, along with every level 22 daily heroic for for a week, you would be at 3675 rep or just over half way to rank 3. Depending on the rate which you complete Playlist Strikes, it should take somewhere around 10-20 days for an average player to hit Rank 3.

A Friend Indeed
Resurrect 5 fallen players.

You will frequently encounter fellow players throughout the open world of Destiny, as well as in Strike Missions and the Crucible. Whenever a player is killed they will revert to an open, blue Ghost form, that can be revived by a fellow player. To resurrect them walk within range until you see a square prompt appear, then press and hold until they are fully revived. Do this five times total and the trophy will unlock.

A dead player waiting to be revived

Players will die all of the time during Strike missions so this will without a doubt unlock through natural play. However, if you really want to get it out of the way you can join a fireteam with a friend and have them intentionally die in your game. They can repeatedly jump off of a cliff and have you revive them where they fell. You can even jump off the ledges in the Tower.

Rising Vanguard
Complete a Strike.

A strike is non-story, three player co-op mission, whose the objective is to defeat a difficult end boss and reap the rewards. It is the only content in the game besides raids that requires a full fireteam to even attempt. In order to participate in a strike you must first progress through the story to unlock the mission, as well as be within two levels of it the minimum requirement. The first Strike that becomes available is the The Devil’s Lair on Earth, at level 8.

An alternative way of playing in the strikes is through the Vanguard Strike Playlist, which is unlocked once you reach level 16. So if you decide to level exclusively through the Crucible and want to experience a Strike, you can do so there.

Here is a full list of the currently available Strike missions and their intended level requirements:

  • Earth
    • Devil’s Lair (LVL. 8)
  • Moon
    • The Summoning Pits (LVL. 12)
  • Venus
    • The Nexus (LVL. 14)
    • Winter’s Run (LVL. 14)
  • Mars
    • Cerberus Vae III (LVL. 18)
    • Dust Palace (LVL. 18)

Strength of the Pack
Complete a Strike with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members.

To create, join, or manage a clan sign in at and then proceed to Bungie : Clans : Popular Groups | If you do not have a Bungie account you will have to first create one.

This trophy is identical to Rising Vanguard except you must be with two other players that are in the same clan as you. You can join the PS3T clan to easily find two partners and get the trophy done that way, or take it upon yourself to seek out others. You can also create your own clan if you have some friends in mind.

The steps to creating a clan aren’t really that intuitive at all and it is confusing for a lot of people. If you are interested in creating a clan rather than joining someone else’s, please see the below.

Step 1
Go to Bungie and sign in to your account. If you do not have an account you will have to create one.

Step 2
After signing in go to Bungie : Clans : Popular Groups | and click on the large blue button that says “Click here to start your own group”

Step 3
Select a name, mission statement, avatar and theme. This is the bare minimum of information you can put in to create the clan. Once the all the necessary fields are filled in click the create button at the bottom.

Step 4
At the top of the new group page you will see words that say “Admin Tools”. Click on it and then click the “About” button on the lefthand side. Now scroll down to the field that says “Clan ID” under “Clan Features” and fill in the desired tag. After that scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save”.

Step 5
Scroll back down to “Clan Features” and you will see a button that says “Playstation Network – Click to Enable”. Click on it and your clan will now be linked to the PSN. Then click “Set as Playstation Clan” at the top of the screen to finalize it the creation process.

Step 6
Give the link to your clan’s group page (or have them search for the name), to whoever you want to join and have them click “Request to Join”. They too will have to have a Bungie account in order to join the clan.

Step 7
Accept the people you want to play with into your clan.

Step 8
Invite your clan members you want to do the strike with and select any strike and complete it to unlock your trophy.

After all three of your clan mates have joined and set their clan as active, your party should look like the one below:

The light grey words underneath the PSN ID is the clan name. If anyone is missing this from their emblem they need to go back to and fix the problem.

Flawless Striker
Complete a Strike without anyone in your fireteam dying.

In Destiny whenever a player goes down into the blue Ghost form they are considered dead, despite the fact that you can immediately revive them. If anyone on your team dies at any point in a strike the trophy will be void. This sounds challenging, but with the right players, correct strike, and some focusing it isn’t too bad.

The easiest and shortest strike in the entire game is The Nexus on Venus. It is a level 14 Strike that can be completed in as little as 7 minutes. There is only one section of the entire strike prior to the boss that you can’t simply skip, which means you can avoid a lot of encounters and lost time.

In order to ensure success I suggest not attempting this until you are level 20+ with some pretty good gear. Although the content will scale you down you will still have the maximum amount of defense and damage, which is a big asset compared to when you first encounter the strike.

When you jump down into the final room of the strike be sure to double jump just before you hit the ground, otherwise you will die from the fall and have wasted your time. Once you hit the ground you will fight a bunch of Vex Minotaurs that have shields. Use Fusion Rifle’s to easily mow them all down and bypass the shields, or Heavy Weapon ammo. Immediately take a hard right and have all three fireteam members take different hiding positions on righthand side of the room.

There are large, chest high concrete blocks that you can crouch behind and safely shoot at the boss, without ever getting directly bombarded by his attacks. Have one player just to the left of you and one player at the far right, either just before the stairs or right at the very top of them.

This spread will allow you to pick off the spawns that show up without being overwhelmed. It will also make the boss spin 90 to 180 degrees, allowing you to consistently hit precision shots. Whenever the adds spawn stop fighting the boss and call it out to your fireteam. Focus them down quickly to avoid being pushed out of cover.

If worse comes to worst and someone dies you can always start over knowing not very much time was wasted. Just practice your positioning and killing the adds until the trophy is yours.

Ghost Hunter
Discover 50 dead ghosts.

There are a total of 62 dead ghosts scattered throughout game. Each one gives 5 grimoire score that will contribute to the 777 needed for Lucky 7s. The ghosts resemble your own Ghost but are laying on the ground rather than floating. They have a light blue, flashing glow which helps distinguish them from the rest of the scenery.

Besides the four ghosts within the tower, all of them can be found using Patrol. Because there you can freely roam without having to kill bosses, open doors, or watch cutscenes it is best to cleanup missing ghosts in Patrol.

The totals for each patrol can be seen below, as well as the tower:


  • Tower – 4 (one ghost is only obtainable during the Iron Banner weekend events)
  • Earth – 16
  • Moon – 10
  • Venus – 14
  • Mars – 18

Below you will find videos of every Ghost location for each of the four planets as well as the Tower. If you would like to see a timestamps for each Ghost please check out Ne0182’s collectible guide found here, who also made the excellent videos.






Dragon Slayer
Kill a champion of the Dark.

Story related. Cannot be missed.

During the first story mission on Earth, Restoration, you must kill the Archon at the end of the level to receive the Warp Gate. The trophy will unlock as soon as it dies. The boss itself is very easy and slow but the adds can make things difficult. Be sure to kill all of the additional minions before focusing on the boss, otherwise you will be forced out of cover and potentially die.

Hunter Mastery
Fully upgrade a Hunter Subclass.

The final upgrade for each of the subclasses can be seen in the bottom right of a subclass skill tree. You only need to learn the final upgrade of one subclass for this trophy, not both. These are the upgrades that must be learned for each class and their respective subclasses, in order to unlock the trophy:

  • Hunter
    • Gunslinger – Gambler’s Dagger: Gain an additional throwing knife.
    • Bladedancer – Hungering Blade: Kills with Arc Blade and Blink Strike immediately regenerate health.
  • Titan
    • Striker – Juggernaut: After sprinting for a short time, gain a protective shield.
    • Defender – Illuminated: Increases the benefits granted by Blessing of Light and Weapons of Light.
  • Warlock
    • Voidwalker – Embrace the Void: Damaging enemies with Nova Bomb or grenade triggers the Energy Drain effect.
    • Sunsinger – Gift of the Sun: Gain an additional grenade.

Be sure not to swap between your two subclasses too often, otherwise it will greatly delay how long it takes to fully upgrade one tree. However, after one is maxed out you should always equip the lower level subclass before you turn in bounties. This will level it up with minimal effort.

Once you reach level 20 you will notice that you have yet to unlock every upgrade in your subclass skill tree. This is because you will continue to gain experience after hitting level 20. The experience goes towards your Mote Level as well as the sublcass you currently have equipped. Once you have leveled up somewhere around 6 to 7 more times you will have unlocked every upgrade in the subclass.

By my estimate it is roughly 100k experience needed per mote level, so somewhere in the ballpark of 700k experience post level 20 to fully master your subclass.

Just be aware that no grinding location yields reputation, Crucible or Vanguard marks, or reliable legendary engrams at a rate better than Strikes. All of which are needed for not just trophies but overall success in the game. The best experience gains while playing through the story comes in the form of bounties and excelling in the Crucible.

If you decide to level exclusively through the Crucible rather than the story, you will be able to reap the rewards of huge EXP bonuses from completing the missions for the first time, on the highest difficulties. The bonuses for each heroic level are as follows:

  • Level 20 – 4800 EXP
  • Level 24 – 6000 EXP
  • Level 28 – 7500 EXP

Needless to say you should always play on the highest level difficulty you are capable of completing. It will go a long way towards maxing out a subclass and leveling gear.

Titan Mastery
Fully upgrade a Titan Subclass.

See Hunter Mastery

Warlock Mastery
Fully upgrade a Warlock Subclass.

See Hunter Mastery

Packing Heat
Fully upgrade an Exotic weapon.

In order to fully upgrade an Exotic or Legendary weapon you must do two things: acquire the necessary upgrade materials and unlock every upgrade node via leveling. Each node takes roughly 20,000 experience to unlock.

The total amount of upgrade materials you will need for both an Exotic and Legendary weapon are as follows:

32 Weapon Parts
Weapon parts are the simplest thing to get out of the required materials. They are found every time you dismantle a weapon of any kind. The best way to stockpile them is by leveling up multiple weapons before dismantling them. This is accomplished by equipping a weapon prior to turning in a bounty. At level 20 Greens will always give 2 parts when upgraded to max, blues will always give 4 to 5.

Obviously you do not want to equip a weapon for this purpose if your main weapon in that slot still needs experience, so be sure to pay attention to their respective upgrades.

80 Upgrade Materials (Either Spinmetal, Spirit Bloom, Helium Filaments, or Iron Ore)
There are four different types of upgrade materials in total. Each one can be found exclusively on a specific world in the game. Spinmetal is on Earth, Helium Filaments are on the Moon, Spirit Bloom is on Venus, and Iron Ore is on Mars.

The material needed on each weapon will always be random unless it is purchased from a vendor. For example, I have found two Shadow Price’s (Legendary Assault Rifle) and one requires Helium, while the other takes Spinmetal. Because of the randomness you will want to go well out of your way to pick up any materials you see while playing. Doing so will save you a lot of time and effort down the road when you must upgrade your armor for additional light levels, and weapons for trophies/efficiency.

18 Ascendant Energy
This is one of the rarest components in the game and is considered raid tier. You can get them by dismantling legendary and exotic weapons, from legendary engrams, level 26 and 28 Daily Heroic Story, Nightfall Weekly Strike rewards, raids, and oddly enough from gold tier public events.

The first gold tier public event that you complete each day will mail you a special reward for completing it. Inside is a random raid tier upgrade material such as an Ascendant Shard or Energy, or two. Furthermore, you can even get a single Ascendant Energy as a reward for completing additional gold tier public events. In six events I was able to get four Ascendant Energy; 2 from the daily and 2 from rewards. Always do the public events!!!

Fully Weaponized
Fully upgrade a Legendary weapon.

See Packing Heat

Bane of the Machines
Kill 25 Vex with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.

The Vex are robotic enemies that you will first encounter on Venus. What sets this trophy apart from the others is that their weak point aren’t on their heads. For the generic footsoldier variant, the Hobgoblin, the weak point is a white light on their stomach. If you shoot their head they increase their movement speed and become more aggressive, so avoid doing so.

The best place to farm 25 precision kills safely is during the 5th story mission on Venus, The Archives. Make your way to the Ishtar Commons where you’ll encounter a large number of Vex fighting a smaller force of Fallen. The best way to get the kills is using a Scout Rifle or Hand Cannon, since they require the fewest number of shots and are the most reliable for continuous precision kills.

After you wipe out the Vex the Fallen will respawn, followed by the Vex. Repeat the previous step until the trophy unlocks.

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