Destiny Hunter Bladedancer Blink Build Guide

Destiny Hunter Bladedancer Blink Build Guide by frostwolfeh

This will be a guide for a blink build for the Bladedancer subclass.

Here is some small proof of how well it works and a picture of my character and skill tree:

Warning!! This is a PvP build and not a PvE build. It will not work as effectively on PvE.

The blink build focuses on quickly teleporting around the map and juking enemies while getting in close enough to use your shot gun, and you will be using your shot gun. I almost exclusively use it now because it is more effective. Blink will get you in close enough to one shot kill with the shotgun and the shotgun doesn’t have a charge up time like the fusion rifle. For your second- I mean primary you can use anything but I prefer to use scout or pulse rifles because they are more accurate at longer ranges than the auto rifle and I don’t like hand cannons. For heavy it doesn’t really matter machine gun or rocket launcher. Currently I am using a machine gun because that’s my preference but a rocket launcher is perfectly acceptable and might be even better but I haven’t tested it.


Focus on Intellect and Strength

While I don’t have the armor to focus on it yet I am currently going for Level 2 for New Monarchy which all of their armor gives INT and STR. EDIT: Intellect will get your super up faster and Strength gets your melee up faster. These two skills are very important to the blade dancer because the bladedancer is all about his super and dashing abilities.


Arcbolt Grenade

The arcbolt grenade is the best grenade for this build because it is the ONLY large aoe grenade that the bladedancer has. While this grenade won’t kill your enemies unless they are low it does get a group of them low enough to kill with one Pulse or Scout rifle headshot or a shotgun shot from further range than normal. Other use is to throw it around the corner at a running enemy for a cleanup kill.


The reason this build exists. Blink is a VERY powerful jump ability that allows you to clear more distance quicker than normal jumps and allows for amazing outplays. This skill does require some getting used to as it only moves you in the direction you are already traveling. The faster you are going the further you move, the direction you move the direction you blink. You can only use two blinks rapidly after you will have to wait. You can combo a blink behind the enemy with a shotgun hit or a blink strike for an easy kill or you can dodge enemies until you are in position to kill them. It is a fantastic skill.


While arc blade is a fantastic super its additions are somewhat lackluster for the blink build. That said Showstopper is a great ability for when you find yourself in the middle of a lot of enemies. dash to the nearest one and immediately use showstopper for a large aoe burst. Razor’s Edge isn’t a very good skill for one reason: its clunky. It can only be used in the direction you’re character is facing not the direction your cursor is facing. If it wasn’t for that I would use this over showstopper. Vanish while a good ability isn’t necessary for this build as you want to be dashing around as much as possible and the invisibility stops the second you strike with arcblade.


While you may be able to blink strike more with fast twitch, it isn’t as necessary as you are already able to blink around enough with blink itself. Backstab is necessary great because it gives you the assassination ability and works well with the blink blink strike combo. In my oppinion escape artist isn’t a good ability because it requires you to get into shotgun range just to get invisibility out of it. Back stab just works better with this build. Fast twitch is also 100% viable as it gives incredible mobility as it blink strike will be up every 5 seconds and also allowing you to make use of Hungering blade more often. Both Backstab and Fast Twitch can be used in this build and are perfectly viable.

Path Forgotten

Not much to say. Agility is the most important stat and you need survivability if you are going into melee range a lot.

Fleet Footed

Gives more agility, speed, and a longer slide what’s not to love! Once again agility is a necessary stat and this helps you get the most possible and the speed boost is noticeable. Makes escaping a lot easier.

Way of the Drifter

Again you want as much agility as possible and more survivability. The recovery is just a bonus.

Hungering Blade

You immediately regenerate health when you kill someone with arc blade and blink strike. Perfect for sustaining yourself when you jump into melee range. Vanish is a great ability but not necessary, just like the other invisibilities, in this build and encore isn’t as useful in PvP as it is in PvE

If you stayed with me through this lengthy post thank you. I hope this guide was helpful for you. One other thing to note: If you have enough strange coins get Mask of the Third Man. It makes your arc blade attacks use less super energy which is better than encore in the PvP setting.

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