Destiny Guns Rarity Information

Destiny Guns Rarity Information by Castielle101

I have acquired a great deal of knowledge over the past few months putting together a Destiny Wiki and I would like to share somethings I have learned about gear so that you might be better prepared in the coming days to fight the Darkness:

EDIT: This information is bases upon Beta gameplay and may change upon release

EDIT: It would appear that Bungie pulled a fast one and removed Magazine Upgrades and consolidated Round Upgrades into one Enhancement Upgrade category. Where you see round or magazine, instead sub in Enhancement Upgrade. I will update with link when I have more info.

(Keep in mind this is for people who have some knowledge of the game already and most likely have played the Beta)

MOST loot in Destiny have somewhat randomly generated properties. There are some exceptions, ALL Exotics and a few Legendaries. I say “somewhat randomly” because there are pools that each Weapon type and armor type pull from on each. For the purposes of this guide I will stick to Weapons as they have far more and Armor tends to have much weaker upgrades (unless they are Exotic).

Let’s start with Primary Weapons:

ALL Uncommon, Rare and Legendary Primary Weapons and Fusion Rifles have a Sight Upgrade Path. This will ALWAYS be the first Upgrade

NEARLY ALL Rare and Legendary Primary Weapons and Fusion Rifles will come with a Sight AND a Round Upgrade Path or with a Sight and a Magazine Upgrade Path. There are only two exceptions. NOTE Hand Cannons will not ever get the Magazine Upgrade Path.

ALL Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and Exotic Shotguns and Machine Guns will come with a Ballistics Upgrade Path.

ALL Rare, Legendary and Exotic Shotguns and Machine Guns will come with a Round Upgrade Path and a Ballistics Upgrade Path. There are NO exceptions.

ALL Uncommon, Rare and Legendary Sniper Rifles come with a Scope Upgrade Path. This will always be the first Upgrade

ALL Rare and Legendary Sniper Rifles come with a Scope Upgrade Path and either a Round Upgrade Path

ALL Rocket Launcher (except basic ones) come with a Launch Upgrade Path.

ALL Rare, Legendary and Exotic Rocket Launchers come with a Warhead Upgrade Path and a Launch Upgrade Path.

Couple of things to note here: Nearly All Primary Weapons come with Kinetic Damage. The exceptions being a couple of Legendaries and some Exotics.

Special Weapons are only guaranteed to come with Elemental Damage at Rare quality or above. The exception being Fusion Rifles, which can only do Elemental Damage.

Uncommon Weapon Upgrades have a much wider pool of Upgrades than any other quality. If you find and Uncommon Gun you like with the Upgrade you want and you out-level it, you can still use it in Crucible (probably not Iron Banner though xD).

DON’T trade in Spinmetal, Relic Iron or any other Upgrade material for reputation. You WILL need these to upgrade all the sweet Weapons you will find and the amount of rep you get is really not a lot.

Well I hope that helps a bit. If you know what the weapons are capable of having sort of in mind while you play, you won’t spend valuable time chasing Upgrades that will never appear or may never appear. I know it seems like a lot, but if you understand it then it’s not overly complicated

I’ll we updating the Wiki regularly while I play this week. Feel free to do the same if you care to. Hope to see you out there Guardians.

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