Destiny Exotic Hand Cannon Weapon Bounty Guide

Destiny Exotic Hand Cannon Weapon Bounty Guide by MrPants17

I’ve heard a ton of different things about this bounty, so here’s exactly how it works. This is a look at what to expect from the Exotic Bounty A Light in The Dark, which results in Thorn, an Exotic Hand Cannon!


Complete “The Summoning Pits” Strike on the Moon.

  • This gives you the Depleted Hand Cannon.


Harvest the energies of Hive on the Moon to activate the weapon.

  • Kill 500 Hive, but it counts up much faster (stronger mobs count for more than 1 kill?) Edit: According to Skreevy normal kills net 1, and kills on majors/ultras net 20.

Use Void Damage to defeat Guardians in the Crucible. Death will slow your progress.

  • 500 points needed. Each kill gives 5 points. Your deaths subtract 2 points.
  • Any Void Damage kills count, including damage from abilities such as Nova Bomb.
  • This gives you the Corrupted Hand Cannon.


Bring the hand cannon to the Speaker.

Cleanse yourself and your corruption with an Infusion of Light.

  • Purchase an Infusion of Light from the Speaker. It costs 1 Mote of Light.

Bring the weapon to Ikora Rey.


Kill Xyor, the Unwed.

  • A new Strike appears on the Moon. It is a level 26 version of The Summoning Pits with the Epic modifier. Be warned, since this is a special strike, there is no matchmaking. If you want to bring people, you have to form a Fireteam prior to going in. I recommend a Fireteam, but I was able to do it solo at level 26 thanks to a good variety of different elemental damage on my weapons.
  • Fight up to Phogoth, the final boss of the strike. Clear all of the adds and ignore Phogoth. Do not even shoot at Phogoth. I am unsure if you need to unchain him, but I did, just in case it was a requirement to spawn Xyor. Continue killing adds. Xyor will spawn with the 3rd or 4th wave. He is a wizard. Kill him to get credit for the bounty. You do not need to kill Phogoth afterwards.


Return to the Speaker.

  • This gives you Thorn. Congratulations on your Exotic Hand Cannon!

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    I have been killing hive on the moon for a very long time and does it show a counter or does it just pop up saying your finished?

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