Destiny All Farming Methods Guide

Destiny All Farming Methods Guide by Sythirus

Hey guys, I saw the suggestion somewhere earlier today and still have yet to see a compilation of all the current farming methods so I thought I would go ahead and write one up.

Some of these videos and walk through’s that I am linking may be from beta builds and no longer functional, if that is the case just let me know in the comments and I will have the links removed :)

Also I’m going to do my best to include videos that are precise and show how you get to your current locations as the lack of a map can be really daunting to new players or people whom don’t recognize your farming areas.

Old Russia

Engram and Glimmer Chest run

More Engram Chest Farming

Spinmetal Farming


Helium Farming

Crota Engrams

Crota on Roids – Engrams


Relic Iron Farming

Chest Farming

More Mars Chest Routes


Spiritbloom Farming

Vex Slaying during the nexus – engrams

Vex and Fallen Slaying – engrams

Glimmer Farming

Glimmer for cryptarch ranks

Glimmer runs

Vanguard Marks

Public Event Farming

I think that these are by far the best farming methods currently. If you guys think I missed another important area, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

edits : Added a few more methods and added farming vanguard marks edit: also with a little research on each spot myself, “I” find the most effective spots to get engrams and/or marks to be “Crota on Roids” and the Public Event Farming

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