ArcheAge Oracle Healer Build

ArcheAge Oracle Healer Build by Yoru

Why should I consider being an Oracle for healing?

This build Is for pure healers that want to be able to go from lv1-55 with the same build and never feel like there is something that they can’t do! The Oracle has outstanding healing power but it is also capable of good DPS in PvE. It’s a very mobile class that is highly resourceful.

Different Healers (How to choose your healing build)

Even if you don’t want to be an Oracle this guide as a lot of info on how to be a great healer!

Templar(Vit/Aura/Def): Tanky healer. Pretty much no DPS. You will need to always have team mates or carry a staff around to swap when you need to damage mobs.

Hierophant(Vit/Aura/Witch): CC healer. The Crowd Control healer is a great choice for PvE and PvP. You help multi aggro manage with all your cc spells and you can cripple enemies in PvP. High magic defense but squishy to others. Barely any DPS so you will need to have team mates or carry a staff around to swap when you need to damage mobs.

Healer with effective DPS: Oracle/Argent(Bat/Vit/Aura)/Soothsayer(SP/Vit/Aura). You will be able to do both DPS and main healing without switching weapons and without a team mate. You will be great at PvP and PvE. Very mobile classes. Pretty squishy if caught by the enemy (the point is to not get caught xD). If you want to be this healer then the following build is for you!

Healer with ineffective DPS: Vit/Aura/(Occ/Sorc). You will need to switch to a staff to do good damage otherwise your dps will be too weak to kill mobs. Squishy but can be mobile with Occ but not with Sorc.

Cleric(Vit/Aura/Song): Healer/Buffer. No DPS. You will always need team mates. Squishy but can be mobile dependsing on your build. Cannot buff and heal at the same time so you will need to pick one at a time. Very high mana consumption.

Oracle Skill Trees


The main healing Skill Tree in the Oracle class is Vitalism. Most of your skills points will go in that skill tree. To make a mobile healer, the Oracle class has the Auramancy skill tree. Auramancy will make your mail healing spell an instant cast, will reduce your cooldowns and will let you attack faster amongst many other benefits. The main attack skill tree of Oracle is Archery. It’s a great attack tree because the skills do nice damage, let you move and attack and doesn’t share the same weapon slot as your healing weapon.

Skill Build

Lv 50 Build

Lv 50 Build Aternative
More mana hungry and less PvP friendly

Lv 55 Build

Lv 55 Build Aternative
More mana hungry and less PvP friendly

You will want to start with Archery to be able to kill mobs at the start and to have your character equipped with a flute (Vitalism gives a lute). You only need those 3 attacks as they will be enough to kill mobs and dish out nice damage without compromising on your healing. Charged Bolt will combo nicely with Piercing shot and poison/slow your enemy. Endless Arrow will be your filler attack and get a great speed boost from your Inspiration buff but more on that later.

In Vitalism you want to take only the heals that can be cast on the move and don’t require too much mana to use. Antithesis will be an instant cast and, when you are under the Inspiration buff, will be able to be cast 3 times per conversion shield. You want to take all Vitalism passives to boost your healing and have to cast less spells.

Auramancy is your synergy skillset. All the skills and passives you take there are to help your other skills or your mobility. If you use Conversion Shield, your Antithesis skill will become an instant cast. This lets you heal on the move or damage quickly. The Inspiration buff is oh so very important. You can get that buff by using Twarth even if no enemies are around. The passive will lengthen the buff to 30secs which will let you stack it to it’s max which is 3. With your Inspiration buff stacked to 3, you can cast 3 antithesis per conversion shield, your Endless Arrows has record breaking attack speed and your other healing skills have more reasonable cooldowns. When in PvP or in an instance, you shouldn’t ever let your Inspiration buff run out. Other skills help your mobility greatly with teleports and debuff removing skills.


The most important equipment pieces are your weapons and instrument. Because you have 2 skill trees that use 2 different weapon slots, you will need to get a bit more gear. You will want a Greatclub (2h) and a Bow for weapons. The bow is self-explanatory, it’s for your Archery skills. The greatclub is one of 2 healing weapons. The other one being the Club (1h). The greatclub is preferred for its higher Healing Power stat, its 2h buff (that boosts healing) and its higher Healing Power Lunagems. Overall, the greaclub is more useful for a mobile healer than a shield and club.

As for the armor set, any armor with the Spirit stat will help boost your healing power. None of the armor set buff (cloth/leather/plate) is useful to a healer. The leather buff, however, is good to boost Archery damage. As for the defensive stat, cloth has higher Magic Defense, plate has higher Physical Defense, while leather has average Magical and Physical Defense. For those reason, for most of your leveling, a leather set is a good idea. It’ll give you balanced defense and boosted damage. For your end game set, its all about finding a set with Spirit stat as you will barely need to damage things.

Equipment Walkthrough

Lv 1-17

Bow: Follow the questline to get bows from quests.

Staff: Follow the questline to get staves from quests. There’s no greatclubs available at that level but having a staff will boost the Magic Damage of your Vitalism spells when used on enemies. This will help you kill mobs faster.

Flute: Only the flute you start with will be available.

Armor: Follow the questline to get armor pieces from quests. Select the Leather armor pieces to get a good damage boost and a balanced defense.

Lv 18-30

Bow: Farm the Palace Cellar instance for the bow that drops from bosses. If you can get Arcane(purple) grade or higher, you will have an easier time leveling and fighting off Pkers.

Greatclub: Farm the Palace Cellar instance for the Greatclub that drops from bosses (Fire-Striking Hammer). It is mandatory to get this weapon as it is the only greatclub available for a while. The higher grade you can get the better. Aim to get Heroic (Gold) grade.

Flute: At this level you should be able to get the materials needed to craft the first flute. It requires no Handicraft proficiency and very little materials. It will greatly help your mana regen as it gives back 9mp instead of 5mp per second when played. It is greatly recommended to upgrade to this flute.

Armor: Follow the questline to get armor pieces from quests. Select the Leather armor pieces to get a good damage boost and a balanced defense.

Lv 30-50

Bow: Follow the questline to get bows from quests.

Greatclub: Stick with the Palace Cellar greatclub unless you can buy/craft/be gifted a crafted greatclub. Obtained a high level crafted greatclub may be very expensive or hard work but it will greatly help you in the lv45 instances. If you cannot upgrade your greatclub, then the PC one is still viable but you will want a second healer in your instance party.

Flute: You can stick to the first crafted flute easily but a higher level crafted flute will be beneficial.

Armor: The last armor set you get from the questline is the one you want to use until you can run the lv45 instances. A cloth set is a good idea because most bosses use magic damage in those instances. Leather is still an option if you think you will be doing damage in PvP or in grinding mobs. Having both sets would be a good idea if you can afford to buy a crafted set.

Lv 50-55

To be added

How to Heal


I know this seems silly but a lot of thinking and skills come into healing your target. First up, which target to heal/prioritize? Simply, a healer should always heal its tank. Even more so in this game, you can’t afford to heal the other party members. If your tank isn’t taking damage and you cast a few heals on another teammate, your tank could take critical damage and you won’t have enough mp, even with pots, to successfully heal him/her. If you have a good party your tanks shouldn’t lose aggro anyways so your dps will rarely get too damaged. Advise your teammate at the start to drop dps if they get aggro to help the tank.

Now that you know who to heal, when do you heal? Some MMOs are so predictable that healers know to heal only after a % of HP loss. This game is NOT like that. Tanks can easily lose all their HP in a few critical boss hits. During a difficult fight make sure to always have your tank almost full HP. A good trick is to fake cast. Fake casting is starting to cast a heal that has a longer cast time even if the tank’s hp is full and cancelling it a little before the end if your tank didn’t take any damage. So at all time you should be casting Antithesis(without conversion shield) on the tank and cancelling it last second if your tank doesn’t need healing. This will allow you to have an instant antithesis without wasting conversion shield if your tank gets hurt.

Lastly, how do you heal? Now this is the healing rotations! First up, you should always cast thwart when it’s off cooldown to keep up inspiration buff stack (to lower your healing cooldowns). You should also always have Regeneration (HoT) on your tank. After that, you fake cast Antithesis (like explained previously) until you actually fully cast it because your tank got damaged. If it’s enough just keep up the previous steps. If your tank is still damaged, use Fervent Healing (up to 5 times) to keep your tank fully healed. If your tank is still taking damage, you should cast conversion shield as soon as your antithesis is off cooldown. If you have a complete skill build and your inspiration stacked to 3, you will be able to cast antithesis up to 3 times before conversion shield runs out. Make sure to keep up the first 2 steps throughout this. This is pretty much your rotation so rinse and reuse!

How to Damage with an Oracle

Again for max damage you’ll want your inspiration buff stacked to 3 at all times (best attack speed). At the start of the battle cast Mirror Light on the enemy to snare and debuff them (increased received damage). Then use Charged Bolt and combo with Piercing Shot (slowed and poisoned enemy). Keep using endless arrow while kitting. Endless Arrow should get a MAJOR speed boost from Inspiration. Keep using Twarth to stack inspiration and to slow down your enemy’s attack speed. Don’t use Charged Bolt until Piercing Shot is almost or already off cooldown. Charged Bolt is useless without the Piercing Shot combo and you won’t be able to kite if the mob isn’t slowed. That rotation should would for all mobs and you don’t need to use any healing kill to damage mobs. That avoids weapon change to staff and it keeps your healing for yourself if you need them.

Feel free to comment on this build to help improve it. Any additional info will be credited. Feel free to discuss how this build compares to other healing builds too to help players decide if this is right for them.

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