ArcheAge Gilda Star Daily Quests Guide

ArcheAge Gilda Star Daily Quests Guide (Nuia) by Tockity

Since it’s unusual, figured I’d make sure everyone’s aware: Dailies reset at 8pm EST.

Priestess of Nui:

Upon hitting level 10, the Priestesses of Nui at the Respawn Bases (trackable as such on your map) begin offering dailies, one every five levels, until you reach level 30.

Each of these grants one Gilda Star.

  • The Goddess of Nui (Available from 10-15)
    Simply speak to the Priestess again after accepting the quest
  • The Hereafter’s Energy (Available from 16-20)
    Purchase a Memory Ink from a General Merchant (10 silver) and bring it to any Priestess of Nui
  • Gifts for the Goddess (Available from 21-25)
    Use the emote “/flowers” on a Priestess of Nui
  • A Lily Offering (Available from 26-30)
    Bring a Lily to a Priestess of Nui. Lilies grow in the wild or can be planted. They’re also purchasable on the auction house.

Blue Salt Brotherhood:

At level 31, these can be accessed in most major towns and cities (e.g. Marianople, Enza, docks in Cindermoore) and effectively replace the Priestess of Nui quests as they’re no longer accessible.

Each of these grants one Gilda Star for a total of five.

  • A Rare Perfume
    Use 30 Crushed Flowers, Ground Grain, Crushed Spices, or Chopped Produce to create a perfume. These are obtained by growing or finding in the wild Flowers, Grain, Spices or Produce and “using” 10 of them in conjunction with a Blue Salt Knife (purchased from a General Merchant). Typically, you’ll get 12-15 Crushed Flowers, Ground Grain, Crushed Spices, or Chopped Produce per 10 items. Visit your local Seed Merchant to see a list of all of the available options. The longer that it takes the plant to grow, the more you’ll get from it. Alternatively, these can be purchased on the auction house.
  • Guerrilla Marketing
    Available after completing A Rare Perfume
    Place a vase in 3 spots in Lilyut. You’re given three vases to place in Lilyut. Just head to the designated spots (marked on your map as with other quests) and drop the respective vase there. You’ll know you’re in the right spot if you see a slew of vases sitting on the ground.
  • Raising a Wild Elk
    Go to Gweonid Forest and raise the elk calf you’re provided. This is identical to the initial mount quest you get around level 8. The stable is north of the airship dock and the nearest portal is the Temporary Scarecrow Garden, Gweonid Forest.
  • Raising a Wild Horse
    Go to Solzreed and raise the foal you’re provided. Same as above. The Stable is in Wardton.
    Tip: While you’re waiting, gather a lot of water from the well, purchase several Vita Seeds from the Stablehand and plant them for future use. Every couple steps you have to wait 30 seconds, so it’s a good time to stock up on supplies.
  • Roadsend in Danger
    Collect 8 barrels of gunpowder near Roadsend in Dewstone. There are two spots that these spawn, but they respawn very quickly and there are plenty of them. The first is towards the bandits just to the north of Roadsend. The second is to the South-westish, along the rocks bordering Roadsend near the road.

Farmer’s Workstation:

These dailies are obtained by crafting a quest giving item at a Farmer’s Workstation under the “Quest” category. Each requires 5 raw chicken/duck/goose meat gathered from pens crafted with husbandry which require 10, 20 and 30k proficiency, respectively. The meat, as well as the other materials (15 Ginseng, 25 Garlic, 50 Rice), can be found on the auction house. After crafting the item, you simply turn it in to the nearest auctioneer.

The Farmer’s Workstation itself is crafted using your Small Scarecrow Design, 30 Lumber, and Viscous Glossy Oil. It must then be placed on your property to be used.

Each of these grants one Gilda Star for a total of three.


Outside of Sharpwind Mines and the Burnt Castle, Lucius the bird will offer you a daily based on your level. If you are within the dungeon’s target level, you will receive the Mentee quest which asks you to kill the final boss and loot a chest with a mentor. If you exceed the target level then you will receive the Mentor quest which asks you to kill the final boss and loot a chest with a mentee.

Mentee quests grant one Gilda Star each.

Mentor quests grant three Gilda Stars each.

Trade Runs:

These are not dailies and are repeatable ad infinitum. Simply bring a Trade Pack across the pond to Haranya or to Freedich Isle in the middle of the ocean.

  • Solis Headlands: One Gilda Star
  • Villanelle: One Gilda Star
  • Ynystere: Two Gilda Stars
  • Freedich Isle: Four Gilda Stars

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