WildStar Maximising Inventory Guide

WildStar Maximising Inventory Guide by Zikkun

I couldn’t find a guide to inventory slots except one that’s outdated so I decided to make my own. Note that these are the best bags in WildStar and as such very expansive. So if you’ve got nothing better to do with our plats, it’s something to do.

Maximum inventory slots (+68):

Quadric Hypersphere18DROP: World Drop (Level 50 enemies)/ VENDOR: Auction House
Eldan Coin Pouch17VENDOR: Elder Gem Merchant (Exile/Dominion) for 250 Elder Gems
Nearly-Bottomless Bag17VENDOR: Costume Merchant (Exile/Dominion) for 500 Platinum (!)
Bag of Finite Holding16CHALLENGE: What’s in the Box?

Maximum bank slots (+80):

Note: Pick 5 from the list, top being easier while bottom is arguably harder.

Carrion Luggage16DROP: The Vultch (Rare enemy)
Dragonscale Sack16DROP: Enemies in Stormtalon’s Lair (Veteran mode)
Satchel of the Forgotten16DROP: Enemies in Kel Voreth (Veteran mode)
Trade-Sister’s Satchel16DROP: Enemies in Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden (Veteran mode)
Bag of Booty16DROP: Enemies in Skullcano Island (Veteran mode)
Precursive Dampening Supply Rig16CRAFTING: Tailoring for 14,000 Crafting Vouchers / VENDOR: Auction House
Null Space Container16VENDOR: Elder Gem Merchant (Exile/Dominion) for 70 Elder Gems

BONUS: Most efficient inventory slots (+62):

If you’re looking to get the best out of your inventory and not spend a single copper, this is what you’re looking for.

Carrion Luggage16DROP: The Vultch (Rare enemy)
Bag of Finite Holding16CHALLENGE: What’s in the Box?
Transportable Microtube15CHALLENGE: Get Off My Ship! / Grimvault Reaper /Poppin’ Pustules
Proton Pack15CHALLENGE: Who Ya Gunna Call?

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