MMDOC Reaching Champion 2 with 6/4/1 Charity Guide

MMDOC Reaching Champion 2 with 6/4/1 Charity Guide by zorrlost

As of right now I don’t see many guides on playing the game in general for people that are new to the game on both the MMDOC forums and on here so I decided to write one with this deck that I have made to climb ladder with a record of 30/10 75% winrate.


Card explaination: Tithe Collector : I run 3 because I don’t have a fourth but I think having 4 of them clogs up the deck with useless 1 0/0/2 creature in the late game.

Crusader Watchman: You need to run 4 in Haven decks. This card has two purposes a strong early game card as a 2/2/5 or a damage sponge. This card also builds stacks for barracks.

Elite Squire: With tons of decks now running strong 2 drop shooters in their decks Elite Squire completely negates their damage and can protect big assests like Tithe or the Crusader to prevent damage.

Griffin Crossbowman + Legionnaire: These cards are essential in Haven decks now as they can build enormous amounts of stacks for Barracks in the late game. Legionnaire works especially well with Charity’s special ability making the Legionnaire a big 8/8/12 beat stick with 4 stacks.

Crusader Vanguard: This card is so strong for the early game. 3/2/6 stays on the board for a long time and can continue to deal lots of damage even if it has been hit.

Anael, Angel of Redemption: A staple in all Haven decks this card takes off counters if you fight necropolis and it can even heal your crusaders. A must have.

Angel Protector: I only run 2 because the decks I have been facing recently have very little enchantments but I wouldn’t hesitate to put more copies into the deck. This card can stop OTK decks, Immolation decks, Mass Rage, Blinding Light, it is an incredible card.

Griffin Marksman: I have no Crusader Treasurer’s so I just run Griffin Marksman. It is a pretty strong 4 drop with 6 health.

Praetorian Captain: This card tanks really hard and helps a ton with I face Stronghold since it protects my units from giving them Bloodthirst and if you stack this with Elite Squire your front line becomes unkillable.

Scattershot Marksman: Strong card can help clear the board of a pesky frontline really fast.

Angel Commander: This card is amazing originally had 4 in the deck but eventually they clog up the hand and don’t provide stacks for Barracks so I removed one. With some strategic placement you can use this card to deny enemies of target board clear and basically it guarantees that this card will live to get one attack off which is all you need.

Damran, Chosen of the Thorns: This guy does something when he comes down on the board and is a big threat in general to the enemy which baits out removal from them or else it burns their creatures down.

Anael, Chosen of the Light: To be honest I run this card because I have it in shiny version xD It gives one more big creature for the deck in the late game.


Word of Light: Late game board clear swings momentum really heavily to your favor.

Blinding Light: The MVP of this deck really. This card opens up lanes for kills and even completely shuts down a big creature and even blocks a space they could have otherwise occupied with another creature.

Barracks: does this card even need explaining?

Mulligans: In general you want to mulligan for good curves allow you to use all your resources on every single turn.

First player: You want tithe collectors. If you don’t have one I mulligan it unless if I have a: Griffin Crossbowman -> Crusader Vanguard -> Barracks + 2nd Crossbowman

Second player: I still keep tithe collectors but as if there is a nice curve like above I take it anyway.

Match ups:

OTK decks: These guys are really annoying but just rush for damage the best you can and around when they have 5-6 resources you will want to clear their board or deal with their creatures. Angel Protector is really good here as it can remove ice shells and other big enchantments to save you.

Stronghold: Build up board control. If you have board control they have no way to win the game unless if you are >5 health as they can open up lanes and rush in very quickly. Your minions are just as tanky as theirs so Bloodthirst stacks won’t build up very quickly. Keep in mind that they can Sacrificial Altar and open up lanes for kills.

Necropolis: Recently I have only been facing things like Svetlana and Seria’s without stacks and these matchups aren’t really hard. They don’t have much removal except for Soulreaver and all they do is cripple units. These matches are huge grind as their cards have low attack and they make your cards have low attacks. This makes Anael a life saver as it removes cripple so be very careful how you use her.

Inferno: These guys play big bully’s and deal tons of damage. generally I avoid trying to fight their minions early on as fire spells are really really good. I get down to around 10 health and things change heavily. Inferno decks require board control or they lose. As long as you have more creatures on the board they are losing.

Sanctuary: I also main Yukiko so here is how you deal with them. Your creatures are tanky so they will need to use spells to remove them or honor. Be very careful about Geysers and the like as Sanctuary wins when they have more minions then you and with honor on them. If you avoid their removal spells effectively it makes Sanctuary have to work extra hard to remove your minions.

Havens: Control the enemy stacks and you win the game. Blinding light their Barracks stacks or Griffin Legionnaires and you basically just removed a ton of tempo from them. If you see tons of mirrors I recommend putting in some building removal cards.

Have you seen the trend yet? Board control is everything in this game unless if you fight OTK or something unusual like Nahla Immolation. With board control the only thing the opponent can do is play big removal spells which negates their turn then on the next turn you flood the board again with Barracks and other cheap creatures or big angel’s.

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