LoL Teamfighting as Support Guide

LoL Teamfighting as Support Guide by Artiquinno

As far as I can tell there are three main types of Support:

  1. Carry Protect
  2. Engager
  3. Damage Dealer

All three are perfectly viable but all of them are played differently in teamfights, it is crucial that you play the support you play in the correct way!

Support is a very versatile role! Make sure that you adapt to situations when you need to!


Being a carry protecter is a very important role when it comes to playing support. If your ADC is fed or another champion on your team is fed, then it becomes your job to protect them from death to ensure they can put out as much damage as possible and help win the team fight. Various different champions can take this role but some of the more prominent ones are:

1. Braum
2. Thresh
3. Zyra
4. Leona

Braum is incredible well know for his ability to shiled an ADC because of his “Unbreakable” shield. He can stop incoming projectiles and so does a very good job of protecting them.

Although Thresh doesn’t have a huge shield any more he is still an amazing pick up. He has a hook (Q) that can pull people away from the carries, a flay (E) they disrupts enemies and pushes them away – as well as an ult that slows them by 99%! Thresh is an incredibly strong carry protect.

Zyra is not seen so much anymore, but it doesn’t mean that she isn’t strong! Her Grasping Roots (E) can lock up multiple people while her ult acts as a disengage, damaging those who walk over it and knocking them up allong your ADC to escape.

Leona can fit in multiple categories but I think that she can be used as a very strong carry protect. With multiple stuns and roots she can stop anyone trying to get to the ADC with relative ease!


These tend to be support that can start fights well by themselves – they have sontrol over engage/disengage so is a rather good style to play if your team needs a shot caller! Some of these champs include:

1. Leona
2. Sona
3. Thresh

Leona is an incredibly strong engager, with a skill shot, ranged ult that stuns people and slows them – she can engage from afar. Her E takes her into the fight with bonus armour suppled by her W – she can the proceed to stun someone and her team can follow up with relative ease.

Sona is usually seen to be a passive support that pokes her laners down a bit. This is not necessarily the case though. Sona’s ult can lock down an entire team and flashing to ult can be a very good choice leading to some great follow up from your team! I would heavily suggest learning her because her prescence in teamfights is incredible.

Thresh can act as a great primary engager – if he lands a hook on a priority target then his team can chain CC and easily burst the target. He can also jump into the middle of the enemy team and flay people towards his team – this is also a great initiate.


There is not much else to say with regards to damage dealers, just make sure you do your best not to die!

Overall you have to be very versatile to teamfight well as a support – there are a lot of things that you have to consider – including items.

Mikael’s Crucible; Locket of the Iron Solari; Talisman and Face of the Mountain are all good picks – just remember to use them!

Good luck in your ranked game – please leave a comment below; any suggestions are welcome!

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