LoL AD Carry Basic Guide

LoL AD Carry Basic Guide by Artiquinno

The role of ADC is really determined by the Meta at the moment and is arguemly the most important role in the entire game. You are a major damage dealer and if you die – you really set your team back!

ADC’s fit into three roles as far as I’m concerned:

  1. Hypercarry These carry late game because of increble range/damage.
  2. 1vs1 ADCs Great for splitpushing but need protecting in teamfights.
  3. Poke ADCs
    Help your team a lot – but are out damaged by other ADCs.

Out of these the Meta seems to only be interested with the Hypercarries and so I would heavily recommend learning those!


Hypercarries are the champions which do amazingly late game – in the ADC category this includes:

  • Tristana
  • Kog’Maw
  • Vayne
  • Jinx
  • Twitch

Out of these Tristana and Kog’Maw are considered the best for doing well late game in teamfights. This is because of their insane range; at level 18 Tristanta gets703 range. Combined with her Jump (W) and her Knock-Back (R) she is among the safest of all ADCs and can position incredibly easily in teamfights.

Using Tristana as an example we will see what we can do in teamfights! Due to her insane range she can sit right on the backline, coupled with some armour penetration and attack speed she wil melt tanks that come towards her and even be able to hit the enemy team’s back line if they aren’t positioned correctly!

You always want to try and sit with your support when you play ADC because they offer a large amount of protection, you want to stay alive for the longest possible time. It is their job to protect you (as it is the rest of the team’s). A few ADC’s have resets on abilities (like Tristana’s jump) you can use these to help you escape or to chase people down – just make sure that you don’t get greedy!

1VS1 ADCs (High Mobility)

These champions excel at pushing lanes and 1vs1’ing anyone that comes to kill them – these champions thend to have a shorter range but deal a lot of damage in a short period of time:

  1. Vayne
  2. Lucian
  3. Draven
  4. Graves

All of these champions have the ability to get bullied in lane rather easily but can make up for it in teamfights, they can act as a tank melter (Vayne) – High Mobility carry that can escape/chase anything (Lucian) – or someone that can burst people with great ease (Draven + Graves).

When it comes to playing these champions in a teamfight scenario – it is a little bit harder. You have to hit whatever is closest to you because if you try to hit any priority targets (unless they’re out of position) you will get caught out and killed with great ease. The champions need a support or a carry protect that can act as a bodyguard and prevent anyone from getting to them easily. Champions like Thresh/Braum are good choices because of the huge amount of carry-protect that they have to offer!

Buying G.A as a 4th or 5th item on these champions can be a good idea because they do a lot of damage but are relatively easy to shut down. As long as you can stay alive in the fights and you are AA’ing something useful – then you are doing your job.


Poke ADCs are champions that are really useful when trying to siege a tower. They can force the other team away with relative east and tend to have quite high range. Although they may not be the strongest champions they work very well agasint certain team comps and can work very well in teamfights! Some of these champions include:

  1. Caitlyn
  2. Corki
  3. Ezreal
  4. Varus(?)

These champions all have really long range abilities that can poke down the enemy and put your team at an advantage before a teamfight. For example: Caitlyn’s ult can be used before a team fight to take a large cunk out of someone’s health – the same can be said about the Q. Corki’s ult is rather long ranged, has a short cool down and does a lot of AOE damage – this champion was designed to poke! The same can be said about the other two, they have long ranged abilities that allow them to do damage from afar before the figh even begins.

Although this hasn’t been a very long guide – I hope you have learned more about the role of ADC and how to position in teamfights, it is mostly the same for all ADCs but others are slightly safer than others and all have different attributes.

Please remember to comment below, leaving any suggestions – or asking anything about this guide! I try my best to reply to everyone.

Good Luck in ranked!

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