League of Legends Bottom Lane Tips

League of Legends Bottom Lane Tips by NewtEmpire

Hey guys, I’m a gold support and adc main and I just wanted to help some players out with a general guide to the bot lane along with tips about trading, zoning and general teamwork in the bot lane.

General Tips:

1. Zoning plays a huge part in the botlane and can help build your lead up quickly, learn how to do it.

Zoning allows you to establish a huge advantage over your opponent, denying them cs, experience and allows your ADC to build a huge advantage over the enemy carry. Learning how to zone is essential in the bot lane and will allow you to carry games with ease. There is a wealth of YouTube resources about the topic and its worth looking up.

2. If you go in, go ALL IN

This I learnt mostly form experience, but in general if you go in for a fight and all end up backing away from it, you will lose and die to the enemy bot lane, or come out significantly behind from that trade If you are unsure of an all in, try to poke them and establish an advantage to make sure you don’t lose the lane.


Your second ability + all the free stats you get from hitting level 2 are invaluable and you should try and press the advantage as quickly as possible. On the flip side, if the enemy hits level 2 before you do, back away until you also reach their levels so you don’t have unfavorable trades.

4. It is a 2v2 lane, don’t man mode everything

You need your lane partner for almost everything in bot lane and going solo man mode will get you killed. Sometimes your lane partner isn’t a veteran in that role or isn’t on the same page as you and that is absolutely fine. Sit back and try to farm and/or harass the enemy lane. The worst thing you can do is blame you support or adc and cause them to preform poorly.


1. Know what the enemy carry can do and what their abilities are like.

For example, if you are playing as kog’ maw and are up against a sivir, don’t stand in the middle of you minions, with her boomerang blade she can harass you and push the lane effectively killing 2 birds with 1 boomerang. Instead move to the side, that way not only are you not creep blocked so you can avoid it, you can also poke her back and return damage or push the lane so shes forced to farm under the turret.

2. Follow through with your support

If your support is playing someone like Leona and she pings that shes going in, FOLLOW HER, don’t sit at the back and let your support take free damage, instead position accordingly so that you can easily move forward to attack the enemy botlane or continue farming in case she backs off. Teamwork and Communication wins games!

3. Know when to harass, when to go all in and when to farm.

This may sound simple but an astounding number of players don’t actually do it. Pay attention to your own creeps health, if its getting low then attack the enemy ADC when he goes in to kill it, free damage on the enemy is good damage. What if his minions are low and yours are as well? CS that time, more gold = more carrying. What if he’s positioned badly when hes trying to cs? Ping your support and go all in.

4. Follow your abc’s, always be cs’ing.

Self explanatory, more gold early on = more carrying.


1. Be in line with your ADC, or a little ahead

Be decently close to the ADC so that if you go all in he can follow through. At the same time, don’t overextend and go for bad trades, or stay far too back (this is the worse) as it puts you in a bad place to make plays of any kind

2. Always ping to warn the ADC of what your about to do

Communication is key, let your ADC know if you are about to ward so he knows to back off or let him know you are going in so he can move forward for the all in. If you don’t communicate you will almost always lose lane and fall behind.

3. Follow your abw’s, always be warding

Vision is crucial in this game, based on the positioning of the enemy bot lane you can tell whether they are going in, they are trading or they are falling back. It also makes trading in the bushes a million times easier when you can actually see your enemy! It also lets you see if the enemy jungler or mid is coming in for a gank and grants your more time to fall back. Just ward, there is almost no excuse for not warding.

4. Bite the bullet if it means you can save your carry!

If you dying means that your carry lives, do it. Take that Caitlyn bullet, or move forward and attract enemy attention, use your cc to stop movement towards the carry. This being said, don’t die unless you have to. If you know your ADC is gone and there is nothing you can do to save him, get the hell out of there.

That’s about it from me, don’t know how to effectively tl;dr this so jut read it. Good luck on the Rift.

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