Hearthstone Midrange Priest Anti Hunter Legendary Deck

Hearthstone Midrange Priest Anti Hunter Legendary Deck by

I will hunt you down!

I’m pretty sure everyone hates that. Rexxar denied me legendary rank for quite a long time. I tried control warrior and paladin, but both seemed a little bit hit or miss. But building deck just versus Hunter makes you lose against other classes hard. Inspired by Snus Grandmaster Forsen, I checked out Midrange Priest.

Decklist : Midrange Priest


Legend proof : Proof

This deck is not among the most expensive ones, as it runs only 2 legendaries.

Cards breakdown:

*Holy Smite – 1 mana 2 damage value , 3-1 Swipe with Wild Pyro.

*Power Word : Shield – Amazing for trading and early board clears with Wild Pyro.

*Northshire Cleric : Main card draw engine.

*Shadow Word : Pain – Early game removal, kill the target without dealing damage to it , which is HUGE.

*Wild Pyro – Great way to deal 1 damage as priest , offers early board clears.

*Shadow Word: Death – Removal for bigger threats . Also offers mind control for 2 cards , when used on your own Sylvanas (Damn you Cairne!).

*Thoughtsteal – Who said deck limit is 30 cards? HUUGE card for control matchups ,but good in pretty much every game. Enables you to do funny and overpowered plays. Thoughtsteal OP

*Dark Cultist – for me it’s autoinclude , as 3/4 can trade nicely and along with shade of naxxarams can quickly snowball game in your favor.

*Shade of Naxxramas – I’m loving this card. It’s almost guaranteed to trade up.

*Shadow Madness – Amazing card right now! Deny hunters their free secret from Mad Scientist! Get free 1/2 taunt from sludge belcher! Kill leftover hyenas from Savannah Highmane! This card is also crazy good versus zoo! With so many deathrattle minions , this cards is just amazing!

*Chillwind Yeti – Mayor of Value Town. Most midrangey card there is.

*Holy Nova – Our only AoE damage (apart from Wild Pyro), also great for card draw with Northsire Cleric

*Loatheb – Best legendary in the game at the moment , I love this card. Denies huge gadzetan turns. Protects your board from Unleash the Hounds . Also 5/5 for 5 mana. So gut.

*Sludge Belcher – Sorry Taz’dingo , you got nothing on this dude! 4/7 in vanilla stats and enemy has to attack it at least twice. Best taunt against Unleash the Hounds.

*Holy Fire – 5 damage , 5 heal. Great for removal or bulding up your life total.

*Cabal Shadow Priest – This card brings AMAZING value right now. When she enters board , you are already going 1 for 2 cards! Best feeling ever to check Hunters trap with leftover hound!

*Sylvanas Windrunner – I can’t imagine priest deck without one! Synergy with Shadow Word : Death and difficulty for opponent without silence to deal with her is just too good.

Cards to consider :

Acidic Swamp Ooze instead of Shadow Madness. Makes your matchup against Zoo much harder, but deals with Eaglehorn. But bow never was that much of a threat for me to switch them.

Cairne Bloodhoof instead of 1 Cabal Shadow Priest – solid choice , but I preffer CSP as she does something on turn she’s played.

Harrison Jones instead of Loatheb/1 Sludge Belcher. Another way to deal with weapons and card draws, but very weak in other match-ups. Too situational for my taste.

Common match ups!

Midrange Hunter

Here he is – REXXAR, guardian of the legendary rank. How to deal with this beast?

Early Game

I usually risk dropping Northshire at turn 1, especially if I happen to have Power Word Shield in hand. It’s blocking hunter from dropping spiders(Webspinner, Haunted Creeper) on the board and if they will actually drop(they are doing it a lot , even on legend !) , well, free cards for you! Remember , you are having all the answers, you just need to draw them. Also NC are great for checking out traps. So many Hunters are dropping freezing trap to deny you from drawing cards from spiders! That’s a small victory for you as well!


Well, in this matchup , victory is usually decided by turn 6-8. Let’s say your early game went pretty well and you have got Dark Cultist and Sludge belcher on the board on turn 6. But it’s still easy to lose from this position , because of Unleas the Cancer! so what do you do? If you are having Loatheb in your hand , drop something else on the board like yeti or shade, 3 minions UtH still isn’t that bad (also remember that they can’t clear shade without their flare!) . If you managed to dodge it, congrats , drop Loatheb and enjoy you board. If he managed to clear your belcher, it’s still ok, as you board is in decent shape and u still can use Loatheb to further develop ! If he will drop Hymane on turn 9, don’t hestitate to use sylvanas+ death combo! Late Game (turn 10+)

I’m pretty sure that you have already won.

Mulligan for:

Northshire Cleric

Holy Smite

Dark Cultist

Wild Pyro

Avoid (apart from high mana cards) :

Thoughtsteal ( Dead turn 3 is pretty bad)

Best cards in this matchup :

*Shadow Madness (So many targets !Haunted creepers, Leokk,Webspinners, Mad Scientists ,hyenas (hymane token), potential beasts from Webspinners!)

*Cabal Shadow Priest

*Sludge Belcher


*Northshire Cleric

*Holy Nova

Control Warrior

Well , everyone wants to counter Hunter, Control Warrior is a nice choice , so we will encounter a lot of them. I won’t break down this one in parts , because I found out that the best way to break Control Warrior with this deck is to deny them card draw. Save your Cabal Shadow Priests, Shadow Madness and Shadow Word Pain for Acolytes of Pain. If you wont let them draw cards form acolytes , you have probalby already won ( also YOU will draw from these acolytes , so card your card advanatge should be rather huge). If they will manage to get one draw off Death’s Bite deathrattle, well that happens, but one draw wont help them. Bait brawl and flood board with yetis, arena style. Coining out shade is extremaly strong in this match-up, it can just sit there and grow as warrior is pretty slow. I am not usually dropping Northshire Cleric early, because of Fiery War Axe.

Mulligan for:

Thoughtsteal (getting 2 of them is really good)


Shade of Naxxramas

Avoid(apart from high mana cards) :

Wild Pyro

Best cards in this match up (in order) :

*SW :P , Cabal Shadow Priest , Shadow Madness (Duh)

*Thoughtsteal – Usually amazing value , it’s control warrior! (Goddamnit Shield Slam…)

*Shade of Naxxramas

Miracle Rogue

Not that common anymore, but I see more of them everyday. Actually my first attempt to get legendary got denied by legend rank 7 Miracle

How? Well , it’s still very hard , but Naxxramas gave us some tools to help priests deal with them. Shade od Naxxramas and Loatheb. Use Loatheb to secure 2 turns of damage with Shades or to screw up big Gadzetan turn. Thats pretty much your only hope.

Mulligan for :

Shade of Naxxarams

Power Word : Shield

Holy Smite

Wild Pyro

Avoid ( apart from high mana cards ):


Shadow Madness

Best cards in this match up :

*Shade of Naxxramas


*Sludge Belcher

*Holy Fire

Well that’s all for today . Sorry for any language mistakes! I hope someone will find this guide helpful. I’m happy to answer any questions! TL;DR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN THE LIGHT SHALL BRING VICTORY

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