Dota 2 Nature’s Prophet Blade Mail Build

Dota 2 Nature’s Prophet Blade Mail Build by kinkosan


These days i saw bone7/Comewithme playing with NP with a different build, its was different and unique, to people who was watching bone7 stream these days with his NP will understand how its works, basically the core of this build is 4 null( or 3 to have slot for a tp) + PT + Blade Mail, i thought that it was just a fun build and I decided to try , and after some games i discovered that this is really good build and after playing some games and watching bone7 stream I decided to post a guide about it


  • + good against burst heroes
  • + good against squish heroes
  • + can counters some of the np counters
  • + its a really fun to play
  • + its a man fight build, its not recommended for pussies


  • – lose its effectiveness with you are a lot behind
  • – depends a lot in you to gets some early kills
  • – recommended for experienced NP players

Some thoughts about the build

While this build seems weird, its can be really effective against some heroes, especially against some of the NP counters(clock with no blademail,storm spirit no bkb) , heroes with burst(lina,sky,lion) , squish carry with no escape(luna,sniper,SF), and sometimes its good against the most hated heroes in meta(tinker,razor,void,mirana)

this builds depends a lot in rotations and early ganks, if your team play too much passive you cant really get a kill, so try to comunicate with your team and tell them to play more agressive, the earlier you get this core the faster you will snowball the game, if you get too late you cant really do much.

I’m not saying that this build its better than other builds, since its really situational, some times its better go just for splitpush(necro) or go for Bulldog build(treads + maels + blink)

The reason why this build is legit

its cheap and easy to get your core thats why you need to gets early kills, basically each kill you can get its a null talisman, having 3 null talisman in early game is no joke, even RTZ cant win against those NullsKappa , and its cheaper than a midas. Lets do some math:

  • 3 nulls = 9 all stats + 9 int + 9 dmg 1410 gold
  • 4 nulls = 12 all stat + 12 int + 12 dmg 1880 gold
  • Midas = no stats + xp and gold = 2050 gold

and the total cost of this build and the others

  • 3/4 Nulls + PT + Blade Mail = 5010/5480 gold
  • PT + Maelstrom + Blink Dagger = 6150
  • Midas + PB + Shadow Blade = 6400 gold (Common Pub Build #1)
  • Midas + PB + Necro 3 = 8600 gold ( Common Pub Build # 2)
  • Dagon 5 = 7720 Gold (Common Pub Build #3)

this build its really cost-benefit in comparison with the other builds and you can do a lot in mid game if you can buy it fast

Lets say that you get your core on lvl10 , you will have more than 1200 hp with PT on str, +10 armor and hit more than 130, so, with you core you hit like SF and tank like a Cent and like I said, you need to get them fast, if you can get them you can snowball hard (a good time to have 3/4 nulls + PT + BM is at -16 min mark)

How To Play

With this build you can go jungle(but plz help your supports when they need) or offlaner, try play agressive get kill everytime you have tp, i noticed and bone7 playing, and he shared some thoughts, tp to get the kill, even if you die after you kill its worth, you will get xp and you will basically will get a null too( if you put the null to quick buy and buy before you die)

When you get your core(bm+treads+3/4 nulls) go hunt anyone that is alone just ult and tp on his side, if he tries to nuke you to death(like sky or lina) just turn on the blade mail and you will get free kill after you core, i recommend you buy maelstrom after so you hit harder(160dmg+ atk speed + chance to lighting) and farm + split faster, after meals you can go for any item that you think it’s good according to the game.

Its not really hard, but when i said that its recommended for experienced NP playes its because its requires a lot of map awareness and know when to go for a kill and when to farm, especially if you want to go for this build on a offlane, its easier to get farm in jungle, but when you go offlane its a little more trickier, since if you are against a goods support you dont get much farm and xp, thats why you need to be more aware about the game, if you see a chance to get a kill for it

Some Tips Against the Annoying Heroes on Meta

  • Void

Yes , this build is actually good against void, though only if he go for a madness build, when you get your core you can manfight him until you kill him, if he jumps at you with madness just kill him you hit harder and you have blade mail, he cant hit you,or if he ults you try turn you bm before he ults and when ult is gone try to sprout him since he just jumped at you he cant get off unless he have a quelling or tango he cant get out and you just hit him to death, when he gets stronger, you really need a blink dagger to try bait his ult, you cant win against him late game, but you can deley a lot his farm in early/mid game

  • Mirana

When your core you tank a lot, so you can even bait and took his arrow, normally when a mirana player get a good arrow they normally jump to get closer and try to get a kill, but that will be their mistake, when they leap just trap them with sprout turn on blade mail and kill her

  • Razor

Its a little trickier to go against razor, alone you cant really kill him, since he will just link you and you cant do much, but in team fights this build is good against razor, just wait him to link someone, when he does that go at him, even if he steal some dmg, it doesn’t matter since you tank a lot and hit harder, and he if he attacks you just turn on blade mail

  • Tinker

Its the easiest one among those heroes, its easy to gank early game and easy to kill mid game, in early just tell to you mid go aggressive and try find the chance to kill him, and mid game when you have your core just use your treants to scout his jungle, when he shows up just ult tp on his side and kill him, when he gets his blink its gets a little harder but its just requires a little timing, when you ult wait to its hit him and try kill him

I hope guide helped those who wants to play a different kind of Nature Prophet.

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