ArcheAge How to get Scarecrows Guide

ArcheAge How to get Scarecrows (East) Guide by Legion

Why do we need Scarecrow and what’s that?

The Scarecrow is the one of the most important part of the game economic, without it you can’t safely plant herbs and trees or breed cows, sheeps to gain wool or leather. In my opinion best is that you can leave your packs on it. There are 3 kinds of them:

Scarecrow Garden (10×10 cells or 8×8 m)

Scarecrow Farm (20×20 cells or 16×16 m)

Gazebo Farm (30×30 cells or 24x24m)

1. Scarecrow Garden

Merchant Recruiter location (Tigerspain Mountains)

1.1. A Farming Necessity (To take this quest you’ll need level 7)
To complete this quest you just need to retrieve water from well. (5/5) Well will be near Livestock merchant.
After that just go back to Merchant Recruiter.

1.2. Caring for Corn
Now you need to water Corn Seedling. Seedlings is close to Merchant Recruiter, right side from him. After that go back to Merchant Recruiter.

1.3. Planting Potates.
To complete this quest you just need to plant 1 potato. Buy potato eyes from Seed merchant and plant it at farm behind merchant, you don’t need to wait till it grows, just plant it.

1.4. Meeting the Daru
Just go and speak with this Daru, he is close nearby Mirage Isle teleport. After that he’ll give you another quest.

1.5. Strange Traders
Daru will send you back to Merchant Recruiter.

1.6 Placing Your Garden
Now Merchant Recruiter will send you to Josiah. After that report to Merchant Recruiter. When you complete this quest you’ll gain Scarecrow Garden Design, lumber and Bound Tax Certificate (25), you need them to put a farm.

1.7. A Master of Trade
When you completed 1.6 quest, Merchant Recruiter will send you to Trading Guide Sahel. From this point starts Scarecrow Farm quest.

Traiding Guide Sahel Location (Tigerspine Mountains)

2. Scarecrow Farm

The first surprise from in 1.2 v. is new consumable – Shatigon’s Knife. With his help you can convert resources into ingredients for craft (Trimmed Meat, Ground Grain, Dried Flowers, Medicinal Powder and Chopped fruits) – 10 resources + knife = from 11 to 50 + ingrediens for craft (depends from resource)

Trade Pack list:

  • 2.1. Arcum Iris Lavaspices – 50 Dried Flower + 60 Turmeric + Quality Certificate
    To make it you’ll need 17 Azalea Seeds (we need them to makee dried flowers) and 20 Turmeric Seeds.
  • 2.2. Falcorth Plains Snowlion Yarn – 50 Medicinal Powder + 30 Goose Down + Quality Certificate
    To make it you’ll need 10 Goslings (we need them to gain Goose Down), 14 Mushroom Spores (to make Medical Poweder) and 4 Barley Seeds (to make Ground Grain and feed them to Goslings). If your Gosling fell ill, you’ll need to buy Livestock Supplement from Blue Salt Brotherhood merchant or craft it.
  • 2.3. Tigerspine Grape Jam – 50 Chopped Vegetables + 30 Grapes + Quality Certificate
    To make it you’ll need 25 Potato Eyes (to make Chopped Vegetables) and 9-10 Grapevine Saplings
  • 2.4. Mahadevi Elephant Cookies – 50 Chopped Vegetables + 10 Bananas + Quality Certificate
    To make it you’ll need 25 Potato Eyes (to make Chopped Vegetables) and 4 Banana Saplings.

2.1. Trade Run: Arcum Iris to Falcorth
1st trade run you’ll need to make from green marker to brown marker. First go to the purple circle, then sit on traveling cart and he’ll deliver you to the purple square, after that go to the brown marker.

After you delivered it and changet it for gold, go back to Trading Guide Sahel.

2.2. Trade Run: Falcorth to Widesleeves
After you made a pack on green marker, go to red circle, where you’ll find traveling cart which will deliver you to red square, close to red square is 2nd traveling cart (marked as blue circle) which’ll deliver you to brown marker, where you need to complete quest and change your pack for gold.

After that go back to Trading Guide Sahel, which will give you donkey as reward =]

A bit about donkey.
To raise donkey you’ll need bucket of water and 2 root-crop, which you can buy from Seed merchant, they grow 30 sec.
His speed with package is 4 m/s (compare to 2,4 m/s without him). He also got skill which opens on 20 lvl (increses donkeys speed by 30 % for 60 sec.), to use this skill you’ll need 1 carrot.

2.3. Trade Run: Tigerspine to Austera
The road is one of the longest, so lets start. There is 2 ways to get there, first using transport carts or 2nd with help of water and of course you can just use donkey to get there =] :
1st one using carts. First cart is near pack making machine at blue circle, this cart will deliver you to red circle,but it stops on blue square and you don’t need to wait other,just wait and it’ll continue path to the yellow circle, when you reached yellow circle there is 2 carts, be careful and sit on the right one, that will deliver you to yellow square, from here use donkey and go to brown marker or after stopping at yellow square you can use another cart to green square, then travel from green square to red square on traveling cart and from here to brown marker on donkey.And change pack for gold.
2nd one is with help of sea(you’ll need boat). The path is the same till yellow circle, from here you’ll use donkey, you need to get to pink square and from here use boat to swim to brown marker.And change pack for gold. Boat don’t get any movement penalty for pack transporting. Using this path be careful don’t leave peace zone.
Mostly I prefer 1st , but the 2nd one I use if cart left few min ago.

After that go back to Trading Guide Sahel and he’ll give you last quest for Scarecrow Farm.

2.4. Trade Run: Mahadevi to Solzreed
You need to deliver package from green marker to red circle. At brown marker you can change it for Gilda Stars or Special craft consumable.
And the most difficult part in this quest, is that anyone can kill you in sea. This quest need to make in group, the bigger group is than better, because there is quite much players who will try to steal your pack. There is one positive note, you just need to travel in red circle area, isn’t necessarily to delivery it to NPC, also at harbor you can find guards, who will help you to stay alive. Also there is monsters in sea (40-50 lvls). So be careful =]

When you’ll deliver it, just go back to Trading Guide Sahel and you’ll receive Scarecrow Farm Design and Bound Tax Certificate(50).

3. Gazebo Farm

The new update 1.2 brings to us new Scarecrow, which can be made from Scarecrow Farm and can be build on special places. Problem isn’t only in resources, but also you lost your Scarecrow Farm place and need to look for new place to put this one. Okay, what we need to build new Scarecrow:

  • Scarecrow Farm Design (1)
  • Land Extension Certificate (3) – how much I know, they need to be in cash shop.
  • Wooden Beam (20)
  • Finishing Touches (10)
  • Construction Bundle (5)
  • Tax Certificate (45)

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