ArcheAge Healer’s Guide

ArcheAge Healer’s Guide by Legion

I am playing for healer in Korea and RU and now I want help you with this =]

1. Healer – who is it?
2. Basic builds.
3. Skill overview

1. Healer or in the other words ass saver. First of all I want to say that Healer is group PvP class, because in solo PvP he is very, very and very bad,if you want kill someone alone, he isn’t for you, but there is also few bonuses, without healer you can’t kill kraken and clear the dungeons, and in const party you will be always welcomed guest =]. The most important for healer is smart head, good hands and experience ofc. Also don’t forgot to use consumables for any build, defense potions (Alchemy), drink – increases HP (Cooking), food – increases spirit (Cooking).

2.1 Templar (Vitalism/Auramancy/Defense)

Good for large scale wars, high survivability.

50 level cap Build or Build

55 level cap Build

Higher P def and Health compare to other builds
Anti stun, impale, shackle, silence
Instant self heal, which regens 2 k hp
Imunity to dmg for 12 sec, can’t move and cast spells
High block rate (40 %)
Got 1 debuff clearing spell

No crowd control

Cloths – Stone Set gives Spirit/Stamina(increasing pdef and reduces incoming dmg by %), I was thinking about it quite much and I believe that cloths now is much better, because now healing power and magic power is separated (so it means healer need more spirit and int/sta plates is not to good now =[)
Life One Handed Club gives Spirit
Earth Shield gives Stamina
Life Lute gives Spirit
Cloak which gives +500 hp or +5 % block rate
Earings on damage reduction, necklace on health and rings on mdef

2.2 Hierophant (Vitalism/Auramancy/Witchcraft)

Good for arena and small scale wars, because can disable few enemies.

50 level cap Offensive healer Build or Supporting healer Build

55 level cap:
Offensive healer Build

Supporting healer Build

Got 2 debuff clearing spell
Anti fear, sleep, stun, impale, shackle, silence
Got plenty of crowd control spells

Lower P def (Compare to Templar)
Lower Health (Compare to Templar)
Vulnerable to archers and melee, because of low block rate

Cloths – Stone Set gives Spirit/Stamina(increasing pdef and reduces incoming dmg by %)
Life One Handed Club gives Spirit
Earth Shield gives Stamina
Life Lute gives Spirit
Cloak which reduces 6 % cast time or +5 % block rate
Earing on damage reduction, necklace on health and rings on cast time

2.3. Necromancer (Vitalism/Witchcraft/Occultism)

This build is good if you are planing to be aggresive in small scale wars, 2-5 parties. Because you can disable few opponents and got few AoE CC, but because you don’t have Auramacy, you are vulnerable to Stuns/Impales/Silence and ofc you can’t inta cast Anthithesis and lower cd on hearts and Anthithesis. Also this build is good if you are willing to level up Hierophant, because from healer he can be converted in to nice damager and level up easily

50 level cap Build

2.4. Edgewalker (Vitalims/Auramancy/Occulitsm)
Good alternative to necromancer, because he got 2 most important trees for healer, vita and aura, to lower cd and insta cast anthithesis. But because of lack in cc, like hiero, necro, or survivability, like templar, he will die fast and can’t fulfill his full potential as healer.

50 level cap Build

3. Skill overview

Thwart + Hearten – Hearten up allows you to make 3 Inspire stacks, which reduce cd of Vitalism spells:
1. Antithesis – from 5 sec to 3,2 sec cd
2. Mend – from 24 sec to 17,7 sec
3. Continuous Recovery – most important healing spell, from 30 sec to 26,4
Energy Shield – allows to insta cast Antithesis (so it means if it works for 8 sec, we can use Antithesis 3-4 times without casting time),
also convert 26 % of dmg into health.
Shrug It Off – clears you from Stun and Impale, become immune to it for 4 sec
Teleportation – gives you ability to position yourself on battlefield or run away from melee
Liberation – grants you immunity to shackle and silence for 20 sec.

Protective Wings – very useful spell in Castle siega, because grants immunity to all magic spells for 10-15 sec, while your allies is bombing with dynamite or guns enemy walls.

Liberation + Redoubt combo – gives bonus 1000 mdef for 10-15 sec
Imprison + Protective wings – one friend said me about this combo, you can cast Imprison and then use PW, and the effect of PW will work through imprison walls.

Absorb Damage – converts 7 % of dmg in to heal.
Unassailable – gives a chance to be immune to all dmg for 2 sec
Inspiration Cloak – decreases all incomng dmg -100 for 3 sec, after critical strike, very useful against archers, because make their auto attacks close to 0 =]
You can change Inspiration Cloak to Unassailable

Antithesis – one of the strongest heal spells after Continuous Recovery.
Mirror Light – removes one debuff and increases received healing on 15 % (ally), on enemy it works like root for 3 sec + debuff that’s increasing received damage on 12 % and decrease received healing for 30 %
Resurgence – buff on 10 sec that heals smth about 1200 and also gives bonus for received healing from Anthesis by 16 % and Mend by 30 %.
Mend – very good healing spells, heals smth about 30+ % of hp, but eats too much mana and got high cd.
Fervent Healing – the best healing spell in game. Can be used on few target at the same time. After patch 1.0, they increased cd, but problem with hearts is still with us =[ and it’s their flight time, it means that ally get heal not instantly, but after small period of time, which can be crucial in any kind of PvP or PvE, so before using Fervet Healing it would be nice if you insta cast him with Anthithesis.
Whirlwind’s Blessing – nice buff, which increases movement and attack speed for your allies and debuffs enemies movement and attacks speed, so it means that this spell will be very useful in PvP and how good heals can continuously buff it, because buff and debuff time is 30 sec, but cd 2 min.
Quick Recovery- very useful, can save ass sometimes, because it reset all healing spells cd
Alms – reduce cast time for all skills by 6 %
Invigorated Healing – if heal crits, it heals on 50 % more
Defiance – grants 500 mdef buff for all allays within 15m
Joyous Spirit – Must be spell, because reduce cd of vitalism tree spells by 20 %.
Aranzeb’s Boon and Spirit Growth – good if you want to get max spirit which you can.

Refreshment – Increase health on 1 k (with Bear’s Vigor bonus), also increases Mettle, when receiving dmg.
Toughen – restores 20 health every second, with bear’s vigor
Revitalizing cheer – extra self heal, at the end, with Shug It Off(Auramancy) and 3000 rage it heals smth about 2 k hp.
Redoubt – increase block rate by 25 %, also with Liberation(Auramancy) grants bonus 1000 mdef.
Invincibility – no one can attack you for 12 sec, you just stay at 1 place and if you move immunity will be gone.
Boastful Roar – with 3 k mettle dmg enemy smth about 3-4 k.
Supplemental Block – increase block rate by 15 % after sucefull block.
Shield of Stell – give 700 pdef
Spry Fortress – decrease stun and Tripped duration by 10 %
Bear’s Vigor – bonus 800 health

Augment Witchcraft – quite good passive if you want to play aggressively, because it insta cast Earthen grip and increases duration almost of all Witchcraft tree CC.
Enervate + Earthen grip combo – enervate is good because burn enemy mana and if you use earthen grip while Enervate is on enemy, then you’ll regen health, make 2-3 k dmg and snare enmy on 5-6 sec.
Bubble trap – nice CC, because puts enemy in bubble, which is flying for 5-6 sec or till someone hits him.
Purge – removes debuff and increases ally mdef by 25 % for 3 min. On enemy it clears 1 buff and changes debuff on him. Shackle on Silence and Silence on Shacke.
Courageus action – nice buff which makes ally immune to Sleep and Fear for 1 min.
Banshee Wail – good insta cast AoE cc, fears and stuns enemies for 2-3 sec.
Dahuta’s Breath – pulls enemies away, but this wave is quite small =[
Folding time – decrease cast time by 4 sec for all spells.
Mitigation – awesome spell against melee, because reduce all incoming dmg by 30 % after melee crit hit.

Occultism(Necormancer, Edgewalker):
Hell Spears – nice gap closer
Mana force – regens mana and pulls enemies away

Those 2 spell build I was using on both, Korea and RU, and they works perfectly, there is also “healers” with Songcraft, which personally I dislike. But Templar and Hierophant builds is best for pure healers =] And if compare Templar and Hierophant, Hierophant is more difficult to handle, so chose wise =]

If you got any queastion I am playing on EU Beta(Shatygon) , Nickname Legion or Amor

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    I haven’t started playing it yet, but I usually choose healer with lots of cc’s and not the main healer. But as necromancer doesn’t have cleanse(at least that was what I understood) and I’m done with no.cleanse healer classes, are hierophant ccs worth the healing habilities it has for an usually offensive susupport?

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