WildStar Spellslinger Arena and BG Guide

WildStar Spellslinger Arena and BG Guide by Superr

This is advanced guide, not for beginners! I reached 2280 rating in arena doing what I am going to write, 7 months of closed beta obviously helped and I think it’s nice to help other players, sitting at the top with no competition is never fun.

I have been asked by MANY players to make a guide so here it is…

ok so first lets get on with the builds you need.


2v2:  http://ws-base.com/b…

how to play it: 2v2 arena is all about timing, kiting and using your skills at the right moment. As a spellslinger you will get focused 90% of the matches by 2 players. If you don’t kite well you are dead and you will make ur team mate lose the match. So first, runes of protection. Use that before every engagement, it has to be surged, make sure you land it on ur team mate, if you think ur team mate will dash randomly tell them to stop moving before using it.

Landing runes of protection mid fights on ur team mate surged is what makes this really strong, this build is not that easy to master, it takes time before you land every rune of protection on your team mate while being chased by warriors that hit you for 7k per attack.

2ND: Line up your target,  kiting well doesn’t mean avoiding damage only, if you kite well you can force the melee or range chasing you to perfectly line up with his team mate so you can stun / root both.

If you watch my stream, Even if i wait 10 seconds i will always use it when i am 90% sure i will hit both targets in 2v2. its not good only hitting 1 target. Note: that’s not always the case, there are some specific circumstances that you need to use root/stun on 1 player, for example if a warrior uses his onslaught, he will do insane damage, so in that case even if you only root him and not his team mate, it will be worth it as he will take more damage as well as deal more damage. Again that comes to timing and experience. The other is stalkers, rooting and stunning stalkers even if its just 1 can be worth it sometimes specially if you surge assassinate them, this will do a lot of damage on them and they will have to kite around which mean you will take less damage.

Gate: As I said lining up 2 targets is needed, however when facing 2 classes that will drop you from 100% to 0% it will be a better idea to use this skill to escape a burst that you think will be coming your way.

Start of a fight: SS has 4 Surge to start with, so using this at the start the right way is needed. Never waste any surge on auto attack unless you think you will kill a target with it when he is at 5% hp or so AND you have no assassinate.

So once you use runes of protection at the start, you will end up with 3 surge left, surge regen fast but not fast enough, so using the next 3 surge well is needed. Try to make sure you line up your targets and root them. double assassinate the target needed, cancel surge, autoattack exc… once you line up your targets again use gate. when they are stunned surge wildbarrage. This start will deal insane damage. after that your surge is situational. By that, I mean you can use it mainly for wild barrage and assassinate with good timing.

Potions: SS needs guardian potion before engagement so after you pop runic of protection and engage use guardian potion boost to get the interrupt armor. It is really good against warriors as they won’t be able to knock you or pull you. You can also have the shield that give you interrupt armor when shield is active, not the best for spellslingers in my opinion as you have a lot of utilities such as void , phase shift to avoid CC.

How to use phase shift and void slip:

Ok so this is how I think about it, If you think a big damage is coming your way, Use void shift.

If you think an even BIGGER damage such as detonate from warrior coming your way than use void slip. Remember, void slip has a very long CD so using it well is very important.

The easiest comp to counter as SS is warrior+ healer. Basically if the warriors starts attacking any1, all you need to do is run. he won’t be able to use rampage and than he can’t do enough damage with healer. So if you face a healer with warrior do damage on the warrior, once you have no cooldowns no root no stun no void slip no void shift, just run away. he will start attacking your team mate, once he do that your team mate can run for a bit as well than you go back on the warrior when you have any cooldowns back. damage him and he will go back on you. so use your cooldowns and do the same thing again, it’s 1 of the easiest setup to beat even though many people lose to it because they stay and fight instead of running away to make the warrior lose kinetic energy. Also timing your CC will be very important against this setup, kiting a warrior away from healer around corners and bursting him is the key, that way his healer will not be able to keep up with the warrior and the warrior will DIE if both of you and your team mate burst him. If your team mate also has a high burst than the best way is to kite the warrior to his healer, only use void shift while doing this, once you do that root both of them and burst them with your partner, make sure you instantly stun both of them after. that way they will  both die or at least 1 of them will die.

I will add and edit this post if you want me to make a guide / what to focus  against other comps of your choice and I will do my best to explain it.


build: http://ws-base.com/b…

Again kiting and lining up crucial with this build. You need to make sure your hitting the right targets and rooting the right targets, if you see your team mates attacking  5 players on the right side root them and instantly surge wildbarrage.

Flame burst and assassinate, remember you only have 2 assassinate, make sure you use it properly, specially against good teams.

Basically after you wildbarrage you will still have surge on, so if ur flame burst is ready, click flame burst and assassinate at the same time, that can land 15k damage in 1 second sometimes, if that happens you got ur self a kill! this is the reason i have flame burst on keyboard and assassinate on mouse so i can click both at the same time, you can do the same with both on keyboard but it will be more difficult. specially while you are kiting.

3V3 ARENA:  http://ws-base.com/b…

Again, in 3v3 90% of the time you will be focused, so kiting well while doing damage is important, make sure you only use wildbarrage once you stun/ root them because  you need to land it as well as not take so much damage while using it, jumping over the small wall is a very easy way to kite warriors so use your skills jump around use skill jump again to the other side, and use your burst when your team mate burst, the best setup atm is warrior with SS and esper. Again here is an example of flameburst followed by assassinate, its very deadly:  https://www.youtube….dBIRQp29nFiyJ-g

Check the kill at 14 minutes. That’s exactly why flameburst is powerful if you use it at the same time with assassinate.

Again when you burst you need to surge wildbarrage or assassinate and flame burst at the same time this is ur biggest burst in 3v3. again it can land 15k damage while ur warrior land 20k damage in 3 seconds. Rooting or stunning before ur warrior burst is really important if target has interrupt armor make sure u break it with GATE. You have to communicate with your warrior, your warrior has pull,root and knockdown. time ur CC wisely. don’t stun while he knocks down… wait after target is up! you can pretty much lockdown a target for more than 6 seconds if you root/ stun /warrior: knockdown / pull.

Remember, if target has 1 interrupt armor, gate will break that interrupt armor and stun at the same time.

However if target has 2 interrupt armor, gate will destroy both interrupt armor but will not stun them.

In combat option make sure you tick USE BUTTON DOWN INSTEAD OF PRICE TWICE

AND hold to continue casting, That way you can hold your autoattack button without spamming it to avoid any SKILL LAG.

it helped a lot fix my high ping issue !

I can’t really explain it but you need a good aim to have this option specially for things like Runic shield and assassinate as you won’t actually see the telegraph, it will insta cast. It is basically a way of making your skill use faster and more advanced.

Here is the runes I use:  RUNE SETS: + [Scatter shot runes of assult] + [Weapon specialist rune of critical] + [Assassin rune of critical] + [spellweaver rune of finesse] + [focused surge rune of finesse]

For armor I use full PVP gear, and Pve weapon attachment with Slow it down PROC.

You really only need 45% PvP off/def. You can drop some of the pvp gear for pve gear to get more Assult power, it will increase your damage. I am VERY POOR so I didn’t buy any pve gear apart form the weapon attachment. Just pray that carbine fix PVP gear soon! @believe in carbine!

Addons: the only real addon you need is PROCSHUD or AURAMASTERY.

I use procshud as it shows my assassinate and flame burst on middle of my screen when they are available. Both work like a charm.

This is example of Perfect root timing:


This is a match against a rated 2200+ team:


Also, best way to kite a melee is sprint away from them, Double jump while rotating your camera to hit them, if they sprint after you than you will be able to daze them, pretty handy against stalkers, its good against warriors as well but they won’t get dazed because of the AMP. I will post a video of how it’s done against top warriors on my youtube channel.

Extra tips:

TIP1: if you are using CS, I found it very useful to Surge and snipe them with assassinate run back use Autoattack which will give u the 10% Buff and by the time they push you will have CS ready with the 10% buff. that way you can deal way more damage. That doesn’t mean waste 1 assassinate, you need to make sure you land it to get in combat and “deal the damage” to be able to obtain the 10% bonus.

tip2: If you are using CS, you can cancel it by sprinting “don’t waste too much stamina, you can just tap the sprint key” that way you don’t waste a CD if the enemy goes around corner. You can do that with Wildbarrage as well.

Item wise, I started using pve gear as it is clearly OP because “carbine…” I am currently using , PVE shield,  chest, gloves,  pants, implant, weapon attach.  Rest is PVP 1800 gear.

Currently have around 5% Strikethrough,  20% crit chance and 2730 AP.

I have extra amp UPGRADE which I put them all in strike through as strikethrough is very important to have, you need to make sure you have more than 4.5% strike through.

If you have any questions or want me to add guide about specific setup let me know in this post and I will edit the main post.

Hope that helped if not than sorry for wasting your time! Also I am posting alot of spellslinger videos in arenas on my youtube video, It might help checking some of the arena videos I posted against top teams.

HERE is a video showing some of the stuff I mentioned in the guide.


You can check my channel :   https://www.youtube.com/user/1337super

I also stream arenas only on twitch:  http://www.twitch.tv/xsuperxgw2

If you want to me to make a “VIDEO guide” about Spellslinger than let me know in this post and I will try my best to make a good one.

Edit: First video guide: MORE TO COME!

guide 1:

SS VS WAR VIDEO:  https://www.youtube….dBIRQp29nFiyJ-g

Many of you said you have trouble against 1800 warrior, So I decided to make a video guide on how to counter warriors as a spellslinger. Video can explain itself, however if you are still not sure than here is the main points:

1.  Warriors have alot of gap closers, you need to be fast with dodging and by  fast I mean really fast, if the warrior land 1 hit on you, than you are *cupcake*ed, you need to dash back  ” or forward” the instant he use gap close

after that you need to SPRINT double jump and rotate your camera to hit them, you can see how its done in the video.

2. Use your CC at the right time, to do that you need to know the warrior skills. Firstly, unstoppable force, this skill is what warrior stun break with, when they use that, DO NOT USE any CC on them, this is because after they use this skill they will be immune CC for 3.2 seconds, so you need to count these seconds before using another CC. the other skill is LEAP, this is a gap close skill that break stun at tier 4, all warriors use it with tier 4 so you know that, if they ever use it for gap close, always CC them after they use it because you know that they are down 1 CC break.

3. SS has huge range, use this to your advantage, ALWAYS make sure you are as far away from the warrior as possible.

4. It is very easy to kite warriors like you see in the video specially if they only have a healer with them, this is a whole different story if they have SS with them that stun you and root you and  snare you. you are kinda *cupcake*ed against that setup.

In the video you can see that the first clip is a duel,  the second clip is a 1v2  vs a warrior with a healer,  jackie managed to kill me after 10 minutes of running around kiting and attacking him, against good warriors like Jackie like you see in the clip, you make 1 single mistake and you are dead if they have detonate. I obviously didn’t use the whole 10 minutes in the video as that would be really boring  “also jackie was playing with 20 fps and 180 ms which is why he was missing some of his attacks point blank”

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