SMITE Nu Wa Basic Guide

SMITE Nu Wa Basic Guide by Yorjuh

Hi there! This is my Nu Wa guide. I have a legendary Nu Wa and I feel like some players might want some help regarding how to play her outside of the split push garbage ;) I’ll first go over my build, then over the stages of the game, and at the end I’ll give tips and tricks some of you may not know/have forgotten. This is a guide for Nu Wa in the middle lane. Questions are always welcome, as well as constructive criticism. Enjoy :)


On Nu Wa I focus on BURST damage, not basic attack damage. This might be confusing for some of you considering she only has 2 real damaging abilities (not taking fog into account), but is just seems to work out so much better for me. With this build I usually end up 100-0’ing someone before they even get out of the stun, creating much safer scenarios for me than when I would need to aa the enemy down. My build is usually the following:

Starter items: Vampiric shroud, Tiny Trinket, 1 health pot, 2 mana pots.

Core items: Polymonicon, Book of thoth, Rod of Tahuti, WARDS I will also ALWAYS get full cdr. How you want to get this is your personal preference, but I usually go with cdr boots and BoV. Your last item is 100% optional. You want some attack speed? Go demonic grip. You want more burst? Get Soul Reaver. Getting fed up with the crazy cc on the enemy team? Get Magi’s blessing. Just get whatever you want and seems like the right decision at that time. My usual build will look like this (in order of finished items): Book of thoth>Cdr boots>Poly (yes, even after the nerf. It still works perfectly fine in the early stages of the game)>BoV>Rod of Tahuti>my situational item (usually Soul Reaver to bring even more fear into the hearts of my enemies).

Stages of the game:

Early game: Play it safe. Nu Wa’s early game is not that strong. It isn’t terrible, just make sure to play your cards right. Don’t be crazy aggressive as she is quite vulnerable to ganks (thus ward), but on the other hand she is a pretty good ganker herself. You see duo lane pushed under their tower? Organize a gank with your jungler. Drop your ult, stun one of the enemies (try to stun them on the edge of the cage. It’ll do tons of damage), and finish the enemy off with your team mates if there is anything left of them. Also, don’t forget about those mid camps. Nu Wa can use any advantages she can get over her enemy laner.

Mid game: If you had a decent/good early game, you should sky rocket in the mid game. Your book should be finished with at least 75% of the stacks, as well as your cdr boots. If your early game was great (you got some kills and didn’t get killed in the progress) poly should be finished as well. You are ready to be the aggressor from now on. Ganks are much less of a problem as the enemy jungler will take a lot of damage from a point blank flame strike, and either your minions can body block for you, or you are fast enough to always get away (depending on what skill you decided to max out after your flame strike). You are a great boxer as long as you keep hitting them flame strikes and you should make use of it!

Late game: With the burst build I use, I am a team fight monster. High damage flame strikes, team invisibility, Huge poly hits, and an ult that can be used at the beginning of a team fight to take out a high priority target in a second right from the start, only to be used again at the end of it. You won’t run out of mana so feel free to spam your abilities as much as possible. Make use of your mobility and free protections from your soldiers all the time. Also, NEVER hesitate. You are either full in, or full out. You need to dump everything at once, and not even think about it. As you need to be close up to your targets for her full damage potential, hesitation is deadly. But don’t worry, if you do dump everything at once you are sure to take out at least one enemy god, and highly damage squishy team mates.

Tips and Tricks:

– Full cdr on Nu Wa gives you permanent fog. Make us of this at all times. You won’t run out of mana with this build and your enemies will rarely see you coming.

– When running away, go through tight spaces in the jungle and spawn you minions. They will body block for you allowing for a clean escape.

– Don’t be afraid to get close to your enemy. Yes, you are a mage. But your damage also increases significantly when you are close up. They won’t have time to react anyway. Your target will be dead before the rest he even knew what hit him. Leading me to me next point.

– Yes you are a mage, but not a mage with huge aoe damage. When you enter a fight, you NEED to have a single target in mind and you NEED to attack that target full on. Be rational though. Going all in on a 10-0 mercury might not be the smartest thing to do.

I hope you enjoyed my guide. No question is a dumb question and if you noticed any spelling/grammar mistakes I missed be sure to point them out :)

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