Monster Hunter Frontier G How to Play Guide

Monster Hunter Frontier G How to Play Guide by firebarret

PART 1: Download and Installation(+how to activate the free course)

So let’s start from the registration, go here and click on step 2

Fill with your personal info like this

Now check your e-mail for their message, it should be something like this, now Copy and paste your COG ID, it is extremely important, without it you can’t log into the game!

Now that you copy-pasted on a file the ID, go back on this page and click on Step 3.

Now you should be in this page, log in using your ID and the password and access this page, scroll down and click on the big yellow button after checking the little box

Congrats, you just activated your free version of the game!

Now go back here again and click on Step 4, the download will now start!

While downloading the game, download another free app that lets you access the japanese servers, its name is SoftEther VPN, here you can download the latest version for Windows

Now, once you’ve installed it, you gotta create a new VPN, after a few seconds you will gain access to the VPN Public servers. Selecting the right server now can lead you to a lag free gaming, but you must understand how it works first. You can access a server by double clicking on this and then double-click again on the server

When you’re searching for a server, you have to check 4 factors:

-The first one and most important factor is the Ping, you want it to be the lowest possible while playing a game;

-Another important is the Line Speed, you want this to be the highest possible instead;

-In the end there is the VPN sessions, if you see there are too many sessions(>20), it will most likely be laggy(even though the first two factors might be great)

-AND OF COURSE, it must be a Japan server

It should also be noted that some times(usually only after 3/4 hours) the connection will fail and the game will crash, making you lose the progress made in the quest you were doing.

Excellent, now go take a break, maybe eat a snickers.

Aaaand the download should be over(oh, i almost forgot, DO NOT ever activate the VPN server unless you’re gonna play, it really hurts your connection and you can’t do really anything except playing MHF, and it would also make the download fail).

Now that you have downloaded the .exe just wait, first you gotta change your time zone to the Japanese one(Sorry for the italian language :P) Now start the installation(just choose always the button with “>>>”)

Once you finished the installation, just enter VPN server (possibly following my advices to choose it) double-click the icon on your Desktop(there should be 2 icons, one launches the game, while the other is just a link to a Japanese page, i’d just suggest deleting it).

The launcher will open up after the Anti-hacking system, and it will show the updates, etc.; now paste again your ID from that e-mail you received and insert your password; if it worked there should be similar writes to this (a yellow and a green series of ?????? probably).

Now you just gotta wait a bit since it’s the first time you start it, it will check all your files and download some updates, i personally had to wait for about 20 minutes the first time, but usually it just need 1/2 minutes to start.

There you go! Just select the first option and you can now play Frontier.

PART 2: The payment; only Visa and Mastercard are accepted(one quick tip before the guide, just use Google Chrome and activate the auto-translate, I haven’t used it during this guide but it sure will be useful to avoid any problem)

-The monthly fee costs 500円(around 3,50€ /5$) for the first month, it then becomes 1400円 for every month(around 10€, 14$)

-There is the Extra Course which gives you access to more quests and also gives you access to the chests outside the house/forge, to get this one you have to add 600円 to the Basic fee, and it’s not really necessary..

-There are additional costs you can pay to get istantly full armors/ weapons(including the event ones you might have missed), but those really cost A LOT(mostly about 2800円), and they aren’t really worth it….

So once you selected your fee (i suggest taking the basic monthly fee, which costs only 500円 for the first month, and is great if you just want to try the game before spending more) go to this site

Scroll down and click on the link you’re interested in, if this is the first time you’re paying you will also have this ad on the page which gives you access to the huge sale and let’s you play at 500円 for one month, so as said before, if it’s your first time playing Frontier just click on that one.These are the actions you gotta do after clicking on the Yellow button: Just click the yellow big buttons after checking the right boxes as shown, in the end you just have to fill in: Card Number, expiration number and the 3-4 number and the 3 numbers usually located on the back of the credit card, then press the grey button with “>>>”, just wait for a moment and continue going on, until you reach a page with a Big grey button in the center that closes the window and completes the operation.

If you already have payed at least once, you won’t have access to the sale anymore, and there are some differences in the procedure: you have to click the one I highlighted first on the other image(basic fee) and it will open up a page where you can choose the amount of months(i chose the 3 months subscription), afeter clicking on the one you’re more interested in, a new page will open, scroll down, check the box and click on the yellow button, scroll down and click on the yellow button again, a new window will open, select one of those three options(it has to be the same you selected before) and the payment method and then follow the same instructions as I listed before.

**PART 3: Choosing the server, using controllers and a brief guide to quests

we will finally talk about the game itself.

Let’s start from the main menu, those are the tabs translation:

-Quick Start, the game will automatically search for a server based on your HR

-“World Select” page, you can select the server you want to access, if you don’t reach at least HR3, you can only access the 1st page servers, but once you reach HR3+, you will gain access the Official Frontier server the mods put on the right column(2nd page/tab->3rd world->10th land)

-Options, you can find there the same options you can find from the Start menu

-Exit, it will open a small window with selections, the first one is return to Windows, the second will bring you back to the login launcher

How to use a PS3/X360 Controller:

PS3: You have to install the DS3 Tool(or an equivalent) and the drivers first, since it can be a long guide, i’m not gonna cover it, but here’s a link to another guide i found searching on Google. After the installation you open DS3_Tool and this window will open, select as i highlighted and click on Enable(i usually click also on “Vibration testing” to be sure, if it vibrates for a few seconds it means it’s paired up correctly). Remember to Enable the controller BEFORE the game is launched, otherwise it won’t work, and you’ll also have to enable the controller again every time you restart the PC.

X360: It’s just plug and play, so you won’t need any additional installation!

After your controller is paired up go on the options from the main menu, click on the second option, then go on the third tab and click on this option, select the first one to have the PS2-style controls(Right analog controls weapon) or the 2nd one for the usual controls. You can later change the attack presets for every weapon

The start menu and what can you do from there

In the items tab you can discard an item, give it, move it and setting a button to use that item(press a button from F1 to F12 to assign it)

From the combining tab you can combine 2 materials, 3 materials or use the combo list

In the misc. tab you can find infos on various things.(in the equipment details there are two options, the first tab gives you info about your true weapon whilst the 2nd tab shows info about the armor and weapon you wear in the village, i ‘ll give you later info on this too)

I’ve never really needed/used the messages tab, the “Unknown kanji” tab and the Item button pairing(press an F button on the item you want to assign it)

The Option right after the Messages tab, gives you info about your Guild: remember joining our guild: the “Devilbros”!(more info later in the guide)

The challenges(this page can also be opened by pressing R1+R2/RB+RT), the challenges are mostly completed by reaching a certain level or killing a certain amount of monsters, after completing a challenge(a flashing symbol will appear on it) you can collect the reward by clicking on it.

I’d suggest leaving the oprions by default except for one thing, if you play with a controller, change this option as shown(there are 2 images), and you can also change the volume of BGM and Sound effects from the 6th tab.

The Exit tab is the same as before, first option returns to windows, second option restarts the launcher

Quests: If you’re under level 51, you gotta take the quests from the Guildmaster(the old guy sitting in the centre of Mezeporuta Square, he will give you access to these quests(If you surpassed HR51, you gotta take the quests fromthis girl instead):

The event quests usually are made to get more HRP(basically the EXP that makes you rank up) or get special tickets for weapons/armors

The [Frontier quests]( you can find all the monsters from Unite and some new monsters here, you can choose quests for HR1-31(basically low rank), HR31-99(High Rank equivalent), HR100+ quests(Main series G-rank equivalent) or choose by Hunting Area(all the other tabs)

The noobish quests are basically like main series’ village quests, these quests are extremely easy and usually you can take down any monster in less than 10 min. Of course, since they are so easy there is a limitation to the maximum number of players and you get a much worse reward than the reward you get in the usual quests. Do those quest if you wanna level up faster.

The tutorial quests are….well….the tutorial, you know, get Raw meat, cook the meat, kill velociprey,etc.

The tab before the Tutorial are the saved quests, you can save any quest by pressing square/X on it and choosing a slot, you will then find the same quest in the slot you saved it.

The Quest history contains all the quests you’ve done since you’ve entered the server(also when you retire or fail the quest)

The Quest Search is kind of more complex and i rarely used it, and i won’t cover it, since it requires a basic knowledge of japanese language

Now here’s the big question:”How do i understand what monster I’m going to fight? and how do i choose the right quest without other large monsters?”

Here is a partial translation of the 2 most important pages: to understand what’s the monster in the quest you can either look at the little image or write the names of the monsters on some paper like i did

After you choose the quest click on “はい” and then this will open. Asking for help from this page can be really helpful when you’re having problems with a quest, just wait until someone accesses you quest.

PART 4: Item boxes, Equipment, Weapons/Armor Craft and the Farm

These are the box functions:

Put an item into box

Take item from box

Equipment: read the next chapter for more info


Organize Items:1st tab the items, 2nd tab the equipment(you can only rearrange your equipment from here!)

Sell Items

Item Presets: 1st tab to save in a slot, 2nd tab to load the items

Send items to the 2nd box: To access the second box you just gotta select this in front of the box.

Combine items: Combine 2 items, 3 items, or from the Combo List

The Equipment:

The equipment works a bit differently here, you have a set you wear in Mezeporuta Square, and a set you wear in quests. Here for example you can see I’m wearing the Full set given by the Diva, but if I go on a quest I’ll have the Full Rukodiora armor like here:

These are the Equipment tabs:

Change Equipment: First tab to change your “true” armor(the one you use in quests) and the second tab to change the one you use in Mezeporuta square

Modify a part of set: not that useful, i prefer registering the full armor i’m using…

Use a set: Once again, first tab to change your “true” armor(the one you use in quests) and the second tab to change the one you use in Mezeporuta square

Register your current set: you can also give a name to your set.

Swap the sets It just swaps quest and village armors

Change the colors of your set

-Currently Unknown

The Forge and how to craft weapons/armor In the Forge you’ll meet 2 people, the girl is just there to sell you the starting weapons(totally not worth covering), whilst talking with the big guy in front of the entrance will let you craft weapons, armors and decorations, these are the options.

Weapon Crafting:

Regular, Event and SP(HR100+ only) Weapons: press square/X to see info and items needed, you can press X/A to skip the animation

Enhance Weapons

HR 100+ monsters weapons(HR100+ only): Mostly OP, require rare materials.


Premium weapons(unsure)

Armor Crafting

Regular, Event and SP(HR100+ only) Armors: press square/X to see info and items needed, you can press X/A to skip the animation

Enhance Armor: In Frontier there aren’t any Armor Spheres and the armor is enhance like the weapons

HR 100+ monsters armors(HR100+ only): Mostly OP, require rare materials, in particular Rukodiora Gems.

Premium Armors(unsure)


Create Dec.

Attach Dec.

Remove Dec.

The Farm, to access it select this tab in front of your house’s door(you can also access the lake where your hawk lives from the last tab, I’ll cover the Hawk tomorrow)

To obtain the farm’s items, you have to talk with the cat near the tree he will give some options:

-Watering: gives you some herbs and mushrooms as reward

-Cleaning: It gives you some bones, it’s really useful only at the beginning

-Cooking: You give the cat some meat and he will cook it

-Mining: Gives you some minerals, not the rarest ones but it can be really useful for Iron and Machalite


-The Nyaka-pot: If you put an item and select a pot, it will give you a different item, you will need the Nyaka-pots though.

To obtain better rewards and items, go to the House Decorations seller and select the 1st, the 2nd and then the 4th tab to buy the tools, I’d suggest buying them all, remember you can use each one only 5 times and then you’ll have to buy them again….

PART 5: NPCs, the Halk and how to access our Guild.

The NPCs you can talk to in Mezeporuta Square:

Let’s start from the girl who sells you the basic items(and also gives you access to the Daily quests that give you a lot of HRP).

These are the tabs that will open:

From the “buy” and “Send to the box” tab, you can choose:

-Basic Items

-Combo Books, Info books and house upgrades

-Projectiles and other stuff for gunners

-Other Useful Items(Pickaxes, Barbecue grills, Bugnets, etc.)

-Items used for 1v1(totally useless for everyday hunts i believe)

-Even more useful items(kind of)

From the “Buy with P”, you can exchange your P points for Monsters’ items, minerals, bugs, etc. you don’t wanna farm(it’s highly recommended to not waste those points)

You obtain P points after completing a quest(in the last page shown before returning Home), the amount you obtain is randomly generated but it also depends on the quests you just have taken(in the beginning you will obtain 1-10 points usually, but later it will usually be around 40-50 points).

The tabs here are:

-Hunting Items(Max Potions, Mega Demondrugs, etc.)

-Minerals, bugs, herbs and similar items

-Low and High Rank Monsters’ Items, you can find almost every monster item, except for a few rare items.

-HR 100+ Items. you can find items but most of the Gems/Heavenly Scales aren’t there.

-G-Rank Monsters’ Items, same as the other two tabs

-Jewels(go farm them in the Volcano instead of wasting P points on those)

-A bunch of Proofs and similar stuff

You can basically buy the same Items from the “Buy with NP” points.

But, to obtain NP points you have to play with your account from a japanese Net-café, which means you can’t obtain any unless you have a friend in japan(who does the access for you) or your VPN casually happens to be connected to a net-café in japan…

From the “access Daily quest” tab you gain access to some quests that give you A LOT OF HRP. Once you gained access from talking with the girl, you can go take one of the daily quests, choose the one that gives you the highest number of HRP available for your HR and do that quest: this trick will let you level-up way faster!

Unfortunately you can take only one “Daily quest” a day….

The Alchemy master

From the first tab you can pay him to combine items with 100% and without the need to go home to do box combining…it only works on combines you’ve already done at least once(are shown on your Combo List)

The other tabs are just to buy/sell items to combine

The happy fat woman

She will sell you food and let’s you eat before taking a quest(you will affect your entire hunting party if you eat there, so one guy eats and everyone gets the bonus), the options she gives you are:

-Eat(you have to do it before taking a quest and you must already have bought the food), here you can find some useful recipes(The effects depend on the season).

-Buy food

-Sell items

-Buy food and send it do the box

The Halk

You can access the halk’s lake from the same menu you use to go to the farm

In that area you can call your Halk and feed him, check his status, change his name, teach him new skills and get the “Godly Defensive potion”(which makes you become absolutely OP for the entire fight, you can get hit by a Zerureus Light Beam and survive with more than 75% of your life bar still there, unfortunately you get only one a day)

How to feed the Halk: Call the halk and wait for him to come to you(press A in front of the big rock), then talk to him/her, select the last tab and then last tab again: now you can select what to feed him with. You can choose what element to feed him with: Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning or Dragon. You can feed it with 3 snacks a day, and when he reaches +100 of that element, it will evolve into that type of halk(you can change it later: i made mine become fire type, after being dragon, you just have to feed him again with the element you want)

After he evolves feed him with those snacks that give the first skill +6(i accidentally taken the screenshot from a +3), those will make your halk level up faster.


To get in our guild:

Talk with the guy in front of the guild(sorry, forgot to get a good screenshot) and select 1st option, 1st option and 4th option: it will open up a little space to write in, write “Devilbros” and hit Enter, click on the clan and just wait until i accept you in the Guild/Clan.

PART 6:List of helpful resources and a short FAQ

MHFG Material Search: a really helpful file where you can find almost every single item in the game+ a link to the respective page on ferias(that shows where you can find those items), credits to /u/ShadowRuby and/u/xGBUKxSimple for this amazing work

ABBYY OCR, for all of you who can’t read japanese or only know Hiragana and Katakana like me, this program can read any kanji from a screenshot, (so you can then search the item you need on the file i linked before)

The official game manual

Event quests of the week

Frontier’s atwiki

Diva Story Guide

List of helpful food recipes

FAQ:(mosly what i’ve been asked on the previous comments)

Q: How much does the monthly fee for the subscription cost?

A:5$ for the first month, then it becomes 14$ a month.

Q: What are the minimum requirements?

A:2.0 GHz Intel Pentium, a 256MB graphic card(512MB are recommended) and at least 512MB of RAM.

Q:Does the game automatically renew your subscription?

A:Nope, you have to choose a different option than the one I’ve indicated in the guide to make it automatically renew the subscription.

Q:What happens if I don’t pay for another month?

A: You can still log in and do quests, but only up to HR2.

Q:I can’t access the official server, why?

A: You need to reach at least HR 3 to gain access to our server.

Q:I can’t access the Official Guild, why?

A:Go on the start menu and open the 6th tab, if it shows an error it means you can enter, if it opens something it means you’re still in the newbie guild and you have to leave it before: go on the second tab, press square/X on your controller and select the first available option, then try again entering the guild

Q:I can’t use the boxes, why?

A:You can’t use the boxes in Mezeporuta square and those in the farm unless you payed 600yen for the Premium Course, which, as I said, isn’t really worth wasting money for.

Q:The Old Guild master isn’t giving me quests anymore, what happened?

A:After a certain HR he doesn’t give you the quests anymore, you gotta take them from this girl

Q:What is the difference between a Potion/Megapotion and a First Aid-Med/MegaFirst Aid-Med?

A:The word for your own potions starts with the kanji 回(which is really easy to remember, it’s just a square one inside another), whilst the one for the First-aid meds starts with the kanji 応(which is a bit more complex but you will eventually learn it). Then, if there is this word in front of the others グレート it means it is a Mega Potion/Mega First-aid med.

Well, looks like I don’t have much more to say, if you have any questions just PM me or comment this post.

I hope this guide could be useful to all the hunters desiring to try a forbidden game that probably will never be officially translated to our languages.

I’m also hoping to see some of you online on our ts server in the future.

Have fun, my friends!

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