League of Legends Support Guide

League of Legends Support Guide by Master Roshi


any specific questions, message me or leave a comment and i will address.


Aphromoo’s suport teir list: braum, thresh, nami, afk, feed. Personal note: morg is fuckin op. pick those champs. (would not recommend picking afk or feed. pretty underpowered this patch. still better than janna, though.)


be dedicated to your art. support is a unique playstyle. if mastered, you too can carry games vicariously through your allies. they are your weapons. pick from the list of good champs and spam the living shit out of them.

learn basic math. know your build route, how much it will cost, how many consumables you will need, dont rush sightstone like a mad man thinking the gold efficiency will win you the game, count your tank waves.

Learn the ward game. Learn how long your wards last, know not only how many wards you have, but how many they have. learn where they ward. Keep track of their ward count everytime they go into fog of war. They went river for a sec? did their ward count go down by one? then theres a ward in river. you dont pay attention to the creep wave like a carry does.

practice your mechanics, practice ward tricks (if you know they have a sweep available, throw trinket ward, THEN longer duration ward, use their greed to their disadvantage: place a pink to let them kill it, use it to set up a snare or hook as they sit and kill it 300g>100g), practice warding the tri brush over drag pit (its hard), practice your harass, give presence in lane. dont neglect your farm or gold generation, learn auto attack distances of your enemy.


As a support, YOU ARE THE GAME MASTER. You are the gamemaster, and the rest of your teammates are the players in your game. You control the game’s difficulty for the rest of them. You play well: that means the rest of your team is playing league on easy. Nice. You play your heart out and set up kills fucking everywhere, you light that fucking map UP. You call the shots, you watch out for the bloodthirsty soldiers. YOU CONTROL THE FIGHTS. If a fight goes wrong, that is because you let it go wrong. Make the enemy suffer, and watch your team rake them in. You will go unnoticed and unpraised, for 90% of the shit you do.


as a support: CDR and MOVESPEED. You are utility, so you need to be casting spells all the time, everywhere. HP is decent for taking a licking and staying in the fray casting yo shit.


pick this champ. Aphro’s list is good, sure. But he is LCS. You are not. Morg can carry games. her utility, catch, black shield, and even her kill potential are some of the best all round for a support. I frequently end games as 2nd highest damage. AS SUPPORT MORG. Next highest is whoever I CHOOSE IT TO BE. If my adc sucks, roam mid when you can, get mid fed, get drag control, light the map up, do not engage when black shield is down, be smart.

Black shield – cait traps, jinx snares, zyra snares, alistar stuns, trist bleeds, thresh everything, nami everything, cait-ashe-jinx slows (even though its phys dmg you can negate the slow and gtfo), ashe ult, ETC. AND THATS JUST IN LANE. Black shield is OP. USE IT.

Your snare is godly. Get good at landing it by learning how to read your enemy. Dont watch your cs, watch THEIRS. something low? they will go in and auto the cs, you will auto THEM, they are on the fringe? SNARE. lane a snare? W for harass.

POOL OF MONEY – Use this to generate decent money in lane. It’s an instant, so its easy money. Usually procs all 3 frostfang charges in one W. dont put this in the middle of cs if you can avoid it, let your adc control the wave best as possible. dont spam this. you will oom much faster.

Ult – use for burst dmg for kills in lane, easy to proc the stun if they are already snared. if they are engaging hard, use. if they are fleeing, use to slow and land a snare easier. low cd, easy to use, good results.

out of lane phase, WARD YO SHIT. This goes for any support, but double for champs with such good catch. get a sweep, throw sand in their eyes.

ROAM like mad. I have movespeed quints cause Q is a kill on a 10 second cooldown.

Build order is important. Armguard is good for lane, zhonya’s is essential for teamfights, Liandry’s is core for me. obviously sightstone and frostfang. 6th item depends, what i like to get in order of pref: deathcap, rylais, abyssal, or twin shadows. DC for all around kit boosting. Rylais for hp and synergy with liandry’s, also better slows on ult and W is a slowing field now. Abyssal for niche games, and twin shadows if your catch is bad or vision game is lacking. Never do voidstaff on support morg. Locket is decent, but i dont get it for morgana.

SKILLS: Morg is easy to skill. max Q first. Not only does it increase its damage, but also the snare duration. Very important. Max black shield second. More shield, more OP. Get one level in W at level 3 to start the gold generation. R when you can.

RUNES: magicpen reds, armor yellows, magic resist per level blues (can use cdr if you want cdr early, and dont mind overcaping later), and movespeed quints.


if you cant pick morg, pick thresh. Yes he may be hard, but you will learn. his playmaking per game is a highlight reel waiting to happen. i get midair trist hooks and flays, I cancel jarvan combos, etc.

Hook – His Q has a delay. Just takes practice to learn. Your first few games will be tough. Stick with it. Once you master it: lol gg to ez peace out twitch.tv/insertthreshplayerhere. I got people calling me god for snaring trist mid air. I DO THAT DAILY. Leona? LeNOna. Jarvan never looked more sad when i stepped on the rift. No slip and slide today J4. POOL’S CLOSED.

Lantern – lolnope.jpg in a spell. Take a bit of time to land, so predict when someone might need it, before they do. That sets up an instant lantern they can use. Use good lantern placement: try not to throw on 5 million cs and watch you ally try to cs instead of whoosh to safety. use to engage a jungler to a lane gank. Use for vision if checking brush or drag. Dont use to collect souls if there are enemy around. dont be over soul hungry. dont neglect them either, though. find a balance.


use for good peel. use backwards for engages. use in teamfights for control. typically, just use in the opposite direction they want to go. be wary, though, as if you are throwin peeps on yoself, get ready to take a lickin or two. you tough though. cause you know your items got your back. you aint a bitch.

BOX – Fighting? RRRRRRRR

use in corridors, use on engages, retreats, objective control, just whenever really.

You can throw the enemy into it too making them hit more than one part of the wall. 1:1 ratio on ap, and decent base damage. early and mid game, it can actually be use for decent burst on squishies in addition to the rest of your kit and 1st auto. nothing to boast about, but nothing to ignore.

While learning Thresh, buy coin and stay on the fringe. Practice your Qs. coin gives a little mana regen and upgrades into movespeed activate that is decently useful.

As you master the champ, start buying relic shield and targons. Now you have the job of learning how to last hit as thresh. Tough at first (broken record), but you will learn. Get 1st minion of 1st wave to have a charge back by tank minion wave. Prioritize: tanks>melee>range. However, dont sit around all day waiting to get the best creep, aka, never be at full charges, always have that ticker ticking.

ROAM BITCH This is your playground. The others were not invited. Someone in that lane? THATS YO LANE NOW.

SKILLS: get all spells by level 3. Max E while in lane for harass. AS SOON as you are out of lane, start maxing Q. I usually end up with 3-4 levels in flay by the time lane ends. Then midgame/teamfight/roaming begin, and my Q now gains priority for CDR. If their damage is considerable, put a couple points in W for that shield. Flay is for lane, Q for catch, W for defense. Obviously level R when available.

RUNES: I run Attack damage reds, armor yellows, magic resist per level blues, 2 armor quints and one movespeed quint.


You are the manliest man there ever was.

You Q has decent harass, a good slow, adds to your passive, and decent cooldown. Overall, very strong.

Braum’s W makes 300 pounds of muscle fly like its chasing bacon. AND IT IS. Move over mundo, Braum goes where he pleases. Not only does braum hop around like hes got Michael Jordan’s new Nikes, but he gets a defensive bonus just cause he flexed his muscles. Use this to set up combos for the rest of your kit, flee or engage. Mobility is key for supports, and this is built in. awesome. Remember, you can cast on yourself for the defensive bonus if nothing is around to jump to.

Your Shield is like a mobile windwall. aka: op broken shit in the form of moustache. Oh and it gives movespeed, which I mentioned is one of the two most important stats for a support. Heh. This is what defines Braum’s muscles and his playstyle. You can block pretty much anything with this. Don’t over do it though. Dont block just because you can. You still take damage, just much less. Remember: Avoiding damage>reducing damage. If the damage is going to lane on either you or an ally, get infront of it and shield it away. Very good for denying enemy burst and then reengaging.

The ult really needs a iconic sound effect to go with it. Something like Demacia, but only Braumstyle. Why? Because is so flashy, so big, and so game changing. AoE knock up with a slow field and screen fucking? Jump to a front minion and cast this shit to engage. Fleeing in a corridor? Cast in a line, they eat the whole thing. Use to zone, interrupt, create a path to funnel them in. Lanes are wide, cast diagonally to narrow it. Cast down the middle to split them. Cast horizontally to create a mock Karthus wall.

Oh, and never forget Braum’s passive. Just like Braums arms, it’s very strong. Basically it forces the enemy to take an immediate break from Braum’s rigorous workout schedule in the form of a stun. They just cant keep up.


Fish are friends, not food.

Nami is very strong in the right hands. She has catch, disengage, sustain, a little mobility, and decent harass in lane. Not very tanky, so use your kit well.

Nami’s E give targeted ally 3 autos of watery ownage. squirtle it up in this bitch. Gives movespeed thanks to Nami’s passive. Casts instantly so use when fleeing, or engaging for easy proc of your passive. Slows enemies, which synergizes with your Bubble.

Bubble: This skill can put a mothafucka on tilt faster than Windows Pinball. Unlike Morgana Q and Thresh Q, this is not inhibited by minions or tanky enemies. This thing lands, that is guaranteed harass, and good setup for kills. This is your primary catch spell. To land it easier, use your E to slow them, then bubble em up. squirtle it up in this bitch.

Your W heals and pokes. Good to spam, watch your mana. Gives movespeed thanks to passive. Good in lane, and extended teamfights. Watch your mana. Mana. Watch it.

NAMIS ULT. Arch enemy of Yasuo’s windwall, but then again, what fucking isnt. Very long range, good slow, brief knockup, null damage. Seeing as you are a squishy fish, use whenever you are getting engaged on. Again, this is more cc lets you land even more cc.

RUNES Use the same as morgana’s: magic pen reds, armor yellows, magic resist blues (cdr if you want early cdr and dont mind overcapping later), movespeed quints.

Items: Your basic gold gen, boots, and SS take up three slots. Liandry’s is the next best item for all ap supports. I always say Liandry’s is a mediocre ap carry item, depending, but a fucking OP item for supports. This lets you go full support masteries and items, and still dish out damage. Nami especially because all her shit slows. DAMN. CAN YOU SAY SYNERGY. IM SO BUZZED ON BUZZWORDS. Last two items are non-core and fully situational. They have burst? Zhonyas banshees. They getting crushed? Deathcap twinshadows. Watch your CDR, always try to get 40%. Dont go under, dont go over. If you have to pick between the two. Go over. Wasting stats costs money, but if you need certain item utility, its worth the money.

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