League of Legends Minions In-depth Guide

League of Legends Minions In-depth Guide by Nysuasian

HotShotGGEvery second that you are not getting gold and experience, you lower your chances of winning.

“It’s perfectly possible to destroy the enemy Nexus without killing a single enemy champion.”

(INC) = Incomplete (TODO) = Haven’t started yet (ED) = Needs editing

So I’ve found after a few hundred solo queue games, that it’s really important to control your minion wave, regardless of the lane you’re playing. I would like to create (with the help of you guys) a guide that covers the following topics (just Summoner’s Rift, for now):

  • Basics: XP/Gold, Timers, Minion Behavior
    • XP/Gold -In a solo lane (when a single person is gaining XP)
      • Note: in duo lanes, each player receives 65.2% XP, and XP from minion deaths is split between all champions within 1400 range. Nidalee’s spear is 1500 range, for scale.
      • a melee creep will provide 58.88 (+4.6 / 3 min) XP and 19 (+0.5 / 3 min) Gold
      • a ranged creep gives 29.44 (+2.76 / 3 min) XP and 14 (+0.5 / 3 min) Gold
      • a siege (cannon) creep gives 92 (+6.44 / 3 min) XP and 40 (+1/ 3 min ) Gold
      • a super minion gives 97 XP and 40 (+1/ 3 min ) Gold
  • Timers -See Here for detailed XP/Gold per minute, and times at which each wave spawns. (accurate?) (I don’t know who to give credit to, other than this article)
  • Minion Behavior
    • A Great Explanation: MINION BEHAVIOR Minons work on cry for help basis. If a minion is damaged it will issue a cry for help with varying levels of priority. So let’s say a wave reaches an enemy wave of 3 caster minions. The caster minions were all focused on a remaining caster minion when this happened. Let’s call one of the melee creeps from this new wave John. John keeps walking forward, he arrives in-between auto animation of the enemy creeps, so he hears no call for help and simply attacks the closest target. Now he’s attacked caster minion 1, however, caster minion 2’s next attack reaches a friendly minion before caster minion 1’s does. So John heeds the cry for help and changes focus to caster minion 2, caster minion 1 still being alive. This may seem really specific, but it occurs a lot during a game.

See here for an explanation of this explanation.

This should help you figure it out; basically it occurs when a minion starts attacking due to a priority 6, and a priority 3 occurs, changing his focus.

-FuujinSama[beastboy] (EU-W)

  • Freezing, Farming, Denying (INC)
    • Freezing: Freezing the lane gives you an advantage over your opponent by zoning them from XP and Farm. This can be used to great effect in any lane, and can be used when you are ahead or behind. You can only perform a freeze on a reset lane, for the most part.
      • Method 1 (I will add more as I learn more): This method was originally developed in Korea, and is very simple. When the opposing minions are coming into lane, you walk up to the front of the wave. This causes the first 3 melee minions to follow you, and group tightly. You then drag them up to the front of your wave. By doing this, they are focusing on only one target, and the wave should slowly push towards your tower. See this video for a better explanation.
      • Tips:
      • If a minion isn’t taken damage, there’s no reason to last hit it. A minion that is at low health but not taking damage will still put out the same damage as it would at full health.
      • Being in Melee range when using a ranged champion will make it easier to last hit the minion at the lowest HP possible. It takes a lot of practice to do it from full distance. Keep in mind the fact that ranged champions should be fighting enemies at full distance, and will most likely lose duels if they fight enemy champions in melee range.
      • If you want to reset the wave, shove into their tower, or let it shove into your tower.
      • Avoid as much damage from minions as possible, especially early on. You will take damage by setting up this freeze method, just keep it to a minimum.
      • There’s no reason to hit a minion more than once, unless you want to break your freeze and/or push the wave.
  • Breaking an enemy freeze/resetting the wave: (TODO)
  • Different Roles and What to do/When (TODO)
    • Top – Controlling the wave in top lane is key, as it gives you an advantage in trades, and allows you to create and maintain a lead over the opposing top laner

(ED) You go top, your enemy laner dies and yours lives with 10hp and goes back. There’s 2 different things that you can do.

  • 1 You will push as HARD as you can, use all your mana to clear this wave to shove it into the tower. You do this so the wave will reset itself, and make the enemy laner lose CS to the tower, you can also get tower hits too.
  • 2 If the minions are going to push towards your tower and it’s like a wave of 16 minions, then it’s best to freeze it for them, tank the wave so it doesn’t reach the tower and only last hit, do this until they come back, this makes it so your laner gets the XP from the full wave pushing and gold, and the enemy gets literally nothing because his minions killed all your minions. And the fact it’s near your tower means you can gank really easily.

The enemy top laner has froze a wave of 15 minions and if your lane walks up to it he dies

  • 1 What you can do here is to just walk into lane and push the minions out into the tower to stop the freeze, the enemy laner won’t tank All the minions and you both because that’s suicide. You been in lane and pushing stops the enemy freeze and gives your laner some help. Don’t do this though if your laner is too far behind, if the enemy ganks you will both die, or if the enemy laner is fed they may be able to 2v1. What you should NEVER do is half heartedly push a wave, so you fuck your team over. Or lets say your ADC and support bot, both die, they’re already behind in cs and xp. The enemy adc is lvl 6 and your adc is lvl 4 with – 20 cs. If you go to that lane when the adc is dead to kill the enemy, that’s good, but if you then push when your own adc is dead, this means the enemy adc is still lvl 6 and your adc is lvl 4 still, and not only that but the enemy has a big wave of minions to come back to and if the lvl 4 even steps close he will just die instantly. If your lane is behind by a lot, just don’t push the lane or you can really fuck them over.

-Arizlu[Arilzu] (EU-W) (I will read through this and fix grammar when I get a chance, otherwise, this is a very good explanation)

  • Mid – The same as top lane, essentially. Pushing into the tower at the right time allows for you to roam without missing out on significant amounts of XP
  • AD – Farming = Money = Items = Power
  • Jungle – Farming your lanes when your laners are dead/at base/roaming provides significant gold and XP
  • Support – Farming all CS that is going to waste provides you with gold and XP. Freezing the lane for your adc allows them to continue farming when they’re dead/back
  • Importance (TODO)

Note: I am not that experienced, I’m not diamond, platinum, or gold. If you’ve got some information about minions that I haven’t included, please share them and I will update this guide as often as possible. Also, forgive me if the formatting is ugly, I’m not great with those kinds of things.

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