Hearthstone No Combo Ramp Druid Legendary Rank Deck

Hearthstone No Combo Ramp Druid Legendary Rank Deck by scgorg

So, after nearly 5 moths of playing completely f2p i got most cards and decided i’d go for legend this season as i was able to place rank 4 2 seasons ago, i was stuck at rank 4 for a long time until naxx came around the corner, then i added thalnos which i finally had dust for. this deck has kept a solid 65% winrate against zoo, and i actually went on an 9 game winstreak to hit legend from rank 2 completely crushing all the zoo’s (5 zoo’s 3 priests 1 hadlock).

TL;DR: hit legend with a druid deck that rekt zoo.

Decklist for those interested

no combo ramp druid decklist

Innvervate x 2
Mark of the Wild x 1
Wild Growth x 2
Wrath x 2
Bloodmage Thalnos x 1
Healing Touch x 1
Big Game Hunter x 1
Harvest Golem x 2
Poison Seeds x 1
Swipe x 2
Keeper of the Grove x 2
Sen’jin Shieldmasta x 2
Starfall x 1
Druid of the Claw x 2
Faceless Manipulator x 1
Sunwalker x 2
Ancient of Lore x 2
Ancient of War x 2
Ragnaros the Firelord x 1




You always want to mulligan for your wild growths, wraths, innervates and harvest golems, however if you have a senjin in hand, keep it, if you fear aggro you also keep up to 1 swipe and keeper, the dream hand vs zoo would be going second with double wrath double keeper then drawing into coin wildgrowth, mulliganing away high cards might not be wise if you have innervate since this can gain you big tempo, the hardest macthup mulligan wise is rogue which i will get to later.


Alot of people dont like the druid mirror, thats the exact reason i created this deck, go for early board control and always play around coin black knight but never ever play around innervate black knight, the matchup is extremely draw based so you might sometimes want to keep an ancient of lore in starting hand if you also got wild growths/innervates, this deck CANNOT win the mirror of you dont get early board so be sure to get out early senjins and sometimes even do some low value keepers, if both are playing ramp druid you’ll just save keeper for the following things: ancient of war, sunwalker and sometimes harvest golems. cards to keep: wild growth, innervate, senjin, harvest and sometimes thalnos and wrath.


Rogue mulligans really give me headaches, first it is: is this miracle rogue or backspace rogue. The usual answer is miracle at the higher ranks atleast. Rogues have the card known as bullshit but its actual name is sap, play around sap TO A LESSER EXTENT often innervate druid of the claw/sunwalker will get the one sap most miracle players run, this means your ancient of war has a lot more value if they dont run a second sap, so try carefully baiting it, my favorite move is something like turn 2 druid of the claw, the rogue will either sap it or backstab eviscerate it which in both cases is some good value even if you might not think so, never use both innervates to get out something like a druid of the claw turn 1 unless your followup play is wild growth or coin harvest golem, keep your hp as high as possible, often you might want to heal with lore just to have ensured survival to drop a taunt next turn. Wrath also has THE SAME PRIORITY TIER as innervate in this matchup, dont let the rogue build up a board of more than 2 minions or you have already lost, try to take as little damage as possible. if you are suspecting backspace rogue you want to keep innervates, wraths not more than 1 swipe, keepers and sometimes wild growth, however in this macthup swipe is key becuase of all the 1 and 2 health minions like loot hoarder and leper gnome.


Priest have suddenly done a comeback in the meta due to the now increased value on cabal shadow priest and the new coming priest card: dark cultist. priest is a fairly easy matchup and you usually think that your opponent is playing zetalot priest or amaz priest, both those decks are countered by 4 attack minions like druid of the claw sunwalker and marked harvest golems/keepers, in this matchup you nearly always take the bear and not the charge on druid of the claw, just because dealing 6 damage is ALOT harder than 4, becuase the 4 instant dies to holyfire whilst the bear sits laughing at the priest, try to play around cabal, if you get your harvest golems later in the game its nearly better not to play it unless you recognize its an old list. in this matchup you keep senjin, wild growth, innervates, one druid of the claw if going second, harvest golems and wraths which counters the stupidity of playing cleric turn 1.


This matchup is actually quite hard if its midrange hunter, rush hunters is more of a 50/50 turning into a win if you draw healing touch. the reason midrange hunter is so hard is that it actually has alot of big threaths to a lower mana cost, which includes houndmaster savannah highmane and snapjaws (which is kinda of bullshit when comboed with houndmaster). there is really few hunters on ladder atm, so the matchup havent really gotten tested, but there is mostly facehunter as i’ve seen, so you mulligan for that usually, if you see a golden hunter its probably just some guy that didnt give up on midrange hunter after unleash the hounds got nerfed. Against face hunter you want to keep senjin, keeper, wraths, innervate, not so much wildgrowth, swipe and ofcourse harvest golem (its also possible to keep healing touch if your hand seems bad, just as a stabilizer). The moments when you can innervate out harvest golems and are pretty sure its facehunter, do it, if unsure dont take the risk. against midrange hunter you want to keep all the ramp you can mulligan really hard for ramp. The only card except for innervates and wild growths you keep is harvest golem, even toss the senijns (this matchup is kind of a coinflip but if you dont get your ramp you’ve probably lost already).


Freeze mage kinda fell out of the meta with naxx coming and druids getting popularized tgether with priests, however there are still aggro mage players, you should excpect those just do a pretty standard mulligan like i described in the first part of the guide, also common mistake not playig around flamestrike vs aggro mage, most of them run 1 since they like to copy duckwing, much like me.


Paladin is quite bad in the meta however kolento made a paladin deck called tauntadin, which was having quite alot of players on the ladder run to use their up to then useless tirions, always assume your opponnent is playing this deck atleast at rank 8 and up, having one keeper in hand at all times after turn 8 is a must, NEVER use a keeper without having the second one in hand, this will pressure him away from playing his tirion, basically winning you the game. You wanna mulligan for wraths to his knife jugglers and senjins for early pressure and as usual keep your ramp.


There is not many warriors on ladder atm, always assume they are control since aggro warrior is kinda shit and you should win even with bad mulligan. Control warriors are annoying but fairly beatable, this is the matchup where charging with druid of the claw is most favored, keep his armor down, so he’ll have to save his shieldblocks which means he will lose if i got a bad hand since warriors sucks at cycling other than shield blocks and slams (and acolyte whirlwind which requires two cards). basically keep things he’ll have a hard time dealing with this includes druid of the claw wild growths innervates and harvest golem, keeper is nice if you fear turn 3 acolyte.


What you have all been waiting for, how the hell do you beat zoo. ATM handlock has kind of disapeared from the ladder its definitely coming back as soon as the full naxx set is out, but for now lets stick to zoo mulligan. Zoo is all about getting a board of high stats-per-mana this meant that zoo had to include the naxx cards known as nerubian egg and haunted creeper, however this means zoo is wekaer tempo wise giving druids an INSANE edge, by silencing the egg you have basically removeed a 4/4 so this should be prioritised over killing a flame imp with keeper. as mentioned earlier the dream hand vs zoo would be double wrath double keeper then draw into coin wildgrowth, however there are other cards thats good in this matchup those include wild growth senjin swipe, to a lesser extent starfall and harvest golem


Shaman is this deck hardest matchup due to no combo however it can be won, if you get good draws and shaman gets below average draws. you NEED to get early tempo hard mulligan for harvest golems and senijins innervate and wild growth is also nice,keeping thalnos can be ok since it allows you to draw or make him waste silence, which means its safer to play ancient of war and sunwalker, in this matchup ancient of war is more important than rag, try to bait out hex with rag (preferably something smaller but he WILL keep atleast one hex for rag) and then play ancient of war, if he doesnt hex rag, assume he doesnt have it and play your war, try playing around lighningstorm, for example if he has a 4/2 unbound elemental run your keeper into it instead of harvest golem. do not play around al’akhir since some shamans dont even run it. meaning you have wasted x resource to get only a 1 for 1.

basically i have covered most matchups ok i feel, if you got further questions feel free to ask, also im playing on EU so if have questions concerning the deck or want to play against me add scgorg#2807

Hope the guide helped, and for next season ill go for making a hunter deck so stay tuned. :)

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