Guild Wars 2 T4 Dry Top Tips and Mechanics

Guild Wars 2 T4 Dry Top Tips and Mechanics by Draflameous

Hi everyone! After being lucky enough to get into a T4 megaflow the other day, I was surprised to find out how predictable and structured the flow of events was. After a quick look around here and on Dulfy, I couldn’t find a compilation of all of the zone’s mechanics (although I was not thorough at all) so I thought it would be helpful to make a post trying to collect what we know.


  • 2 to 4 events spawn every 5 minutes
  • Each successful event raises the Favor of the Zephyrites, and some events have bonus objectives that give extra favor
  • Each tier of favor lowers the prices at the geode vendors, causes an extra champion to spawn during the sandstorm, and raises the geode reward from sandstorm events by 2
  • So a T4 run will not only increase your geode income, but will also make the lockpicks cheaper, meaning even more loot boxes and chances at the goggles/bandannas

Regular Events

  • Crystal Race: in the middle of the zone, crystals spawn and you have to bring 20 of them to your basket before the Inquest collect 20. Bonus if the Inquest collect no crystals. Any sort of hard or soft CC (stuns, slows, blinds, etc.) will cause the Inquest to drop crystals, which you can then pick up and throw towards your own basket. This is generally an easy event, so focus should be more on keeping the Inquest from getting any crystals, with a few people hanging out right in front of their base as a last line of defense.
  • Three-Toed Tootsie: Champion Moa that runs really fast around the sparring rock area. You need to hit her once to start the event, at which point she stops running and starts attacking. Every few seconds she will start to “take off” as seen in the event UI. If she completes her cast without being CC’d, she’ll become invulnerable, reset, and start running again. Thieves with offhand pistols are extremely helpful here.
  • Nochtli: Hylek living in a cave below the sparring rock. Talking to her causes her to climb up the sparring rock, where you have to fight her. She uses a lot of knockbacks, so just stay outside the orange areas and/or use stability. When she lights up the entire platform, wait for her to raise her arm, and then jump (this is also the best time to use stability).
  • Colocal Queen: Spawns in the canyon south of the main waypoint. /u/Garudabane made a great guide to a lot of the champions here, but the general idea is to stack so that she doesn’t use her leap.
  • Tendril: Spawns near the zone entrance. You have to kill all of the little enemies before you can take down the big one. The wiki says you can get a bonus by keeping it from burrowing, but I’m not sure how (CC I guess?). I’ll try to update this when I find out.
  • Basket: Found on the ground level just below the entrance to the Marjory and Kasmeer story instance. Kill Inquest and keep them from stealing supplies. Bonus if no supplies are stolen. Scales up pretty badly apparently, so if you’re organizing send only a small team to this one. There’s a whole thread on this event here
  • Serene Crystal Escort: At the top of the zone, next to the jumping puzzle. You simply follow her around killing Inquest and collecting crystals. Try to clear out enemies ahead of time if you can, since she takes a long time to walk back to her normal path after attacking something.
  • North Mine: Large mine next to the town in the NE corner of the map. 12 Zephyrite captives spawn, along with a lot of Inquest. The captives will continuously take damage after spawning (even before freeing them), so classes that can bring heals and regen are very useful. You kill the Inquest around each captive, and then escort it to the exit. Do not just go around freeing all of them at once, since Inquest continue to spawn. Make sure they get to the exit (swiftness works). Bonus if no captives die, failure if 6 die. You generally need a lot of people there ahead of time to get the bonus.
  • South Mine: “Abandoned Mine” on the map, the main Inquest base. 13 containment cells will spawn throughout the mine, which you have to destroy within the time limit. Once freed, the Zephyrites inside will spawn crystals to help you reach the other cells. These ones do not have to be escorted like in the North Mine.
  • Inquest Golem: Spawn in the South Mine a little later if the previous event succeeded. Kill the champion golem before all of the little bars in the UI fill, and then go kill the little golems. This event can fail fast in my experience, especially since a lot of people go straight from Tootsie to Nochtli and the Colocal Queen. Be sure to have a group of people ready to go for this one.

Sandstorm Events

  • Nochtli: Same as above. I could be wrong, but she seems to continue spawning through the sandstorm. It could be she spawned before the storm but was only talked to afterwards. Edit: She does not spawn during the sandstorm, I had just seen her XX:35 spawn still up.
  • Escort Haze: Spawns just south of the South Mine entrance. Simple escort that spawns a lot of mobs if upscaled. Good for loot. Spawns at XX:40 and XX:50
  • Dust Mite Attack: Same area as the entrance to the Marjory/Kasmeer story instance. Just kill the mobs. Spawns at XX:40 and XX:50.
  • Cave-in: North Mine entrance. You have to carry explosives to the cave-in while avoiding buried devourer traps. Use your 1 skill to see the traps, like the Dolyak race from last update. Spawns at XX:40 and XX:50.
  • Skritt Burglar: Several spawn locations around the map. Appears as a chest that triggers the event when you try to open it. Follow and try to kill quickly. Drops bags with blue items along the way. Needed for the Llama Drama achievement. Spawns at XX:40.
  • Devourer Queen: Spawns near the sparring rock at XX:45. Requires T2 to spawn.
  • Dust Mite Twister: Spawns south of the waypoint at XX:50. Requires T3 to spawn. Avoid the quicksand puddles.
  • Dust Monster: Spawns south of the waypoint at XX:55. Requires T4 to spawn. You need to kill the adds around the same time to destroy its shield.

That’s all I have for now. If I’ve missed something leave a comment and I’ll try to update.

Edit: Spawn time and location map by here.

XX:00, XX:15, XX:30

  • Crystal Race
  • Tootsie
  • Tendril

XX:05, XX:20, XX:35

  • Nochtli
  • South Mine (rescue at :05, golem if the previous event succeeded)
  • Colocal Queen
  • Serene

XX:10, XX:25

  • North Mine
  • Basket

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