FFXIV Stone Vigil HM Tips and Boss Guide

FFXIV Stone Vigil HM Tips and Boss Guide by Sreyb

Boss 1 – Very similar to the boss from the normal mode. He moves around and uses Swinge. Use Sprint and what not to stay behind him to not get hit. He summons adds. These adds are very unique. They auto-target the healer. DPS kills these adds. But an important note! These adds perform an AoE on death (one is a large conal and the other is a large circle around them). If the boss is in range of these AoE’s, it will gain Haste and Damage Up.

What my group did was have the healer stand away from the group so that dps could kill the adds safely. Not sure if party can be damaged by the conal AoE, but the circular one does NOT damage the party. Fairly straightforward tank and spank.

Boss 2 – Designate two people to be “stunners”. Every party member gets a cannon. These cannons have two abilities. One is a normal damaging shot, the other is a lightning aspected shot that stuns the boss and has a rather large CD. Use the normal shots to damage the boss. Do NOT shoot it when it turtles. You’ll know it’s turtling when its shell glows. If you shoot it at this point, the shots will bounce back and hit you.

The Boss has a group wide AoE called Hard Stomp. Use the stun shot to stun it out of it. Two people rotating the stuns should be enough to let CD’s recharge (it was for our group). The boss has a move where it sets itself on fire and charges a cannon. Very easy to avoid if you’re paying attention.

Don’t bother killing the adds with normal moves. Everyone should use the cannons to clean up the adds. Do not let any of the NPC’s die. If they do, the boss will do an unstunnable Hard Stomp that does 10k damage… fun.

Boss 3 – This boss. This boss is just awesome. He has a moveset consisting of five moves that don’t have any cast timers. You actually have to pay attention. His first is an AoE Tail Swipe that hits behind him and gives Infirmity (the Hydra debuff). This move’s tell is lifting up his tail. His second move is a Claw Swipe conal AoE that may or may not give Infirmity (haven’t confirmed it yet). The tell for this move is him raising his claw up (think of Bowser in Super Smash Bros.). His third move is a flaming shoulder tackle forward. The tell for this move is the boss bracing his shoulder. His fourth move is a flame breath AoE. It’s tell is him putting his hands to his mouth. About a minute into the fight, he summons a clone of himself through a roar as his last move. Focus on the first boss and kill him. Then turn your attentions to the second one. Use Melee LB to finish it. Not sure what the tell is for the infirmity AoE, but once you see the flaming shoulder tackle tell, you’ll see it coming from a mile away.

TIPS: * Like in Amdapor’s Keep, there is a mob that summons a very deadly mob. This mob is called Haranguing Harrier (thanks Spondyl for the correction)! The move is called Dragon’s Blood. This move can be stunned but not silenced. Unlike Amdapor’s Keep though, this mob will do nothing but spam this move. Prioritize stunning this move over all others. It will summon a rather tough Aevis. Always prioritize killing this guy.

  • Aevis’s (Aevisi?) have a move Strident Scream. This move does group wide unstunnable and unsilenceable AoE damage. Try to make these guys a priority.

This dungeon is a fun romp. It’s challenging, but in a very well balanced way. Comment below with any more tips/questions/comments and I’ll be sure to edit this as it grows.

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