Dota 2 Techies Late Game Tips

Dota 2 Techies Late Game Tips by IHTFPhD

I played a lot of Techies back in Dota1 (Throneit, Dotacash). One thing I noticed is that after most techies players mine the rune, the river, and stack remote mines at T1, they don’t know what to do anymore except to keep stacking remote mines. Of course remote mines are great anti-push, but if the enemy team doesn’t push, you become completely useless as a hero.

This is a mid-to-late game guide for how Techies can be one of the most effective 5-position supports in the game. The key is to focus on vision and ridiculous area denial:

  • Techies is the ultimate maphacker. Remote mines give 900/900 vision, are on a 10 second cooldown, and can even go inside the Roshan pit – they are basically limitless wards. There is no reason not to have the entire river/ramps/pit/jungle completely warded. At 10 second cooldown, to ‘mine/ward’ the map takes only about 2 minutes.
  • It is very difficult to initiate into a team that has Techies. When your team is pushing, drop mines and stasis traps all around that tower. Who cares if the enemy can see it under true sight, they’re not going to run into you. It’s not always about doing damage, it’s about posturing and discouraging their initiation. Mine the typical initiation spots (treelines, ramps, etc) in plain view – no need to be sneaky. A team tower push can last 15-30 seconds, at level 7 that is enough time to drop 2-3 remote mines, 2 stasis traps, and even a remote mine. You’ll burn all your mana but no one can contest the tower, then go back and recharge. Mines damage towers and creepwaves too, which is good if you don’t have enough pushing power, but if you do, save the damage for the heros. Rinse and repeat.

(The point is that you can get away with a smaller push team than you might usually have. One DK and a techies can take a tower, whereas typically DK+1 would be scared of TP support)

  • When your team retreats after pushing, always mine the retreat path with stasis traps and land mines. You can actually lay them down pretty fast while running, one after another. The goal isn’t to get kills, the goal is to discourage the enemy from chasing you. If they do, and hit a few mines and then the OP-as-fuck stasis trap (3-6 second stun in a 450 radius AOE wtf icefrog), it’s very easy for your team to turn and clean up two or three. If they don’t chase, then easy towers.
  • Always landmine uphill and on common smoke-gank paths. Even if they don’t die running through the mines, continuing at 50% hp is often not worth it.
  • I usually mine the SHIT out of the enemy jungle. Stasis traps everywhere, mines behind every blindspot, in the tree jukelines, etc. Takes 2 minutes, complete area denial. Might force them to get a gem at 15 minutes, but gem still makes it hard to clear juke path mines (think dire side North trees, dire T1 tower trees, etc).
  • Techies actually scales pretty well with gold and experience. Aghanims is a must late game. The remote mine cast range is something like 700, and the damage is 700, with a 10 sec cd. No need to even mine it, just use it like an AOE Lina ult on a 10 sec CD. Get gold from early tower pushes, and if you do a good job denying the enemy movement paths (at 10-12 minutes, while most people are still in lanes), then you’ll disrupt the enemy gold gain enough to maintain a relative advantage.

One last note:

  • Suicide attack doesn’t actually do that much AOE damage. It’s only Full damage (650/850/1150/1550) within a 200 AOE, up to 500 AOE it’s actually pretty low (350/400/450/500). It’s also takes a lot longer to get the suicide off than you think, it’s not instant like bloodstone. Ultimately, get one level to deny the enemy kills, but don’t level it up for the gimmicks.

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