Archlord 2 Class Theorycrafting

Archlord 2 Class Theorycrafting by VioleScarlett

In General, due the fact that skil / stat builds might be different.

Main bow

(Critical Rate Party Buff)
(It’s all about DPS)
Amazing Snipe (Accuracy) Abilities, High Dodge

DPS rotation:

Normal Attack / Skill1 / Normal Attack / Skill 2

Stat / set combinations.:
AGI + Magic Def set:
High Dodge, High Crit,
Best setup for ranged sniping.

STR + Physical Defense set
High DPS, Lower Crit Rate.
Good chances To escape +Axe Jumps / +L&S Pulls

AGI + Physical Defense Set
Best chances to escape +Axe jumps / +L&S Pulls
Get’s Melted by Wand nukers

Magic Defense Sets
To solo Magic bosses or 1v1 Wands

+Lance&Shield [L&S]
Pull + Multiple Stuns.
+ Axe Dash to the enemy + CC + Aoe
Great for wave clear / AoE farming / PVP
+ Wand
Hybrid duo Snipe / Kite / Heal / Snipe

Main Axe

(Attack Party Buff)
Great Crit Rate / Health / Amazing AoE damage.

STR + physical defense set
High Damage, Critical Rate is not that High, But when you crit – numbers are crazy good.

AGI + physical defense set
Highest Critical Rate, good defenses to brawl.
In PVP focus Wands so you minimize magic damage on you and good stats to take on that physical damage.

Sta + physical defense set
I do not support it, unless you use 2ndary classes like +Wand +L&S

+ Lance&shield
Might be useful in AoE Farm to gather huge mob pulls, then AoE them down.
+ Bow
Snipe enemies down in situations like: Enemy is sitting duck on towers. <Very optional>
+ Wand
Could be used to damage enemies from a far, or for minimal regenerative abilities.

Main Wand

(Max Health Party Buff)
(Max Healing / Mana Passives)

Position is very important.

Int – For people who play healer and healer only, Int doesn’t affect any other current class.

AGI – Fits all current classes, Crit Rate increase DPS, little bit of dodge.

Sta + Physical defense set
High Survivability, Great for staying alive and healing.

Int + Physical Defense Set
Best Wand nuker setup, clearly to max out the DPS and survive.

+ Lance&shield
Front line healer

Stamina suggested – Won’t get sniped.

Pull +stun enemies when heal is not needed.
Switch to +L&S when you get focused too much, when there is 2nd healer to assist you or you have no chance to heal. [CC]
+ Axe
Aoe dungeoneer 

Between heals, jump in for Aoe support for Faster PvE
+ Bow

Between Heals, possible ranged damage support 4x -Attack speed reduction / freeze / movement speed reduction CC skills;
To minimize boss DPS <Very optional>
or Trap Support against rushing classes like +Axe..

Main Lance & Shield [UD]

(Physical Defense Party Buff)
Very High survivability
Lower Damage.

Sta + Physical defense set [UD]
Possible tanking without healer.
Top notch Defenses

Sta + Magic Defense Set
To tank Magic Damage Bosses <Very Optional>
To 1v1 Wands

AGI – Very High defenses Lead to Low Crits on you, Dodge is not necessary.
Accuracy – Great against AGI builders.
Crit – As lowest DPS in Game get boost from it.

+ Axe 
Still Great AoE damage, Great Defensive boosts.
Probably Best PvE Solo Combo.
+ Bow
Trap the place + Pull, Great Lock down build.
Finish off enemies from Range.
When bosses cast ultimate abilities, DPS from distance.
+ Wand
Paladin, Face roll everyone, Fall back, Heal up.
In PVE. Tank the boss till you have 20-30% hp left, switch heal / kite / heal – back to tanking.
Or Heal up when boss is casting his ultimate skill.

+++ You can have all 2ndary classes, No Class restrictions are awesome.

Snipe – 
to shoot at individuals as opportunity offers from a concealed or distant position 
AoE – Area of Effect, most efficient / fastest grinding.
Kite – to drag along an enemy in by attacking it with ranged spells or weapons
UD – Ultimate defense
DPS – Damage Per Second, unit of measurement.
CC – Crowd Control.

Most of all common sense required:
if you have High dodge + High physical defense and focus/stun physical based classes and let wand nukers take you down, this is not for you.

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