Archlord 2 Axe Class Guide

Archlord 2 Axe Class Guide by 1mperiaL

-; Introdutions to Ax¸-

So let’s begind. Ax class can be tanky or dps depending on your gamestyle and what you like. You can do great damage with it and you can tank serious bosses aswell with proper party and good people. You will find Ax quit hard to play when u hit lvl41 due to its melee weapon. Ax’s can be very mobile due to some good skills and some other tricks. Ax’s weakness in pvp are Archer, they can out DPS you hardly and kill you fast, but if u are able to stun an Archer and get lucky enough you can kill em.

-; PvE Gear-
Let’s go first with PvE what and how. So durning your leveling journey you will get all sort of rares and that should be enough till you get to LVL41. When u hit LVL41 you will want to go first LVL35 normal runs in ” Temple of Death ” or ” Harpys Paradise ”. All tho i recommend ” Temple of death ” is easier and faster to run. You party up duo with someone and you run temple of death till you get 80 000 – 100 000 for SSS which u have the chance to get lvl 35 set item which i was talking about and that will be your first gear. After you get 5 or 6 pieces of set you can start go Nightmare LVL40 instances for LVL40 gear and later on Hell ” Arahan’s Palace ” and ” Stormbeak Castle ”

-; PvP Gear

Here is the deal with PvP gear. You can only get pvp gear by collecting fame points in skirmishes ( Aquila Arena ) 10 if you lose + kills you make and 20 – 30 if you win + kill you make. Or you can go and make quest for 5 fame each. But that’s quiet boring and annoying. As crunn you will be very diffcult in arenas because Azuni are stronger at the time, but don’t lose hope just pvp and get LVL 30 acessories that’s 2 rings and an necklace. After that you can go for LVL 30 pvp equipment or you can just skip to LVL 40 pvp equipment which i will be doing.

-; How to earn money on lvl 41 and stones for upgrade

Well there is not much talking here on how to get money and stones for upgrading your weapons and armor. So as you will be collecting your first set armor LVL 35 from instances LVL 35 you will not get any money unless you will go with lower lvl but that’s not the points. You will go LVL 40 instances on normal mode SOLO and you will not spend single mp/hp potion by doing that. How ? I will tell you how. You basicly join instances you want, then you open ”P” for party matchmaking you go for ”Raid” and you get with 20 people 30% DMG Buff and almost insta MANA/HP Heal. So when u clear whole instance you get 150k per run + stones you get

-; Skills

This is my personal opinion you can change it if u want and you can discuss if u want. It’s mixed pvp/pve skills spend 80 skill points.
-; Single target combo skill:
– Physical courage = 5
– Ax of madness = 5
– Blood stike = 4

-; Your first AoE combo skill:
– Colossal Slam = 5
– Blood Wave = 5
– Violent Wave = 5

-; Passive skills
– Physical Endurace = 5
– Vicious Destroyer = 5

-; Self buffs
– Power shout = 4
– Cleansing Light = 1

-; Special skills
– Charge = 5
– Mind stun = 5
– Warriors Will = 1
– Body slam = 1

-; Your second single target combo:
– Frenzied blow = 5
– Blood blow = 5
– Pummel = 4

-; Your second AoE combo:
– Ground fissure = 5
– Blood Shockwave = 5
– Raging strike = 1

-; Character stats depending on equipment
So lets talk about stats abit, first let’s talk what i did and why. So my stats first level 2 STRsecond level 1 STR 1 STA. Why ? Becuase i mixed dps/tank on my class and becuase i didnt go pure STR i didnt want tanking equipment so i used LVL 35 Courage set which is less tanky then Determination. Now you can go full STR but you can you on lvl 35 set Determination which is more tanky then courage, and if u go full STA i recomment Courage set at LVL 35 aswell. LVL 40 based on stats its Command set for pure tank. Half STA half STR use Fighting set LVL 40 aswell for pure STA.

-; Elemental stone
You can use physical def or max hp for any build you want. And for weapons you can use all attributes + accuracy or + weapon attack.

-; Some last words
This is stricly based on my expirience on playing Archlord 2 so its my personal opinion, if it is helpfull to someone i am glad i could help on my mistakes and my own hard work, So if u want you can comment, disscus and share opinions, please dont flame and act like kids, this guide will update based on my progess durning the game. This is class i enjoy most and i think its most interesting in-game. Peace and love.

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