WildStar Whitevale Lore Items Location Guide

WildStar Whitevale Lore Items Location Guide by SignsOfKelani

All Items

whitevale map


whitevale datacubes


whitevale journals

TALES: Widow’s Web

whitevale tales widows web

TALES: Temple of Dak’buun

whitevale tales temple of dakbuun

TALES: Subject 33

whitevale tales subject 33

On all of these maps a red icon indicates the item is out in the world and easily accessible, whereas a purple icon represents a cave entrance which has some items inside. There may be several items in one location, if they are really close together there will only be one icon.

For anyone wanting a visual reference, I also made a video on the ‘tube.

Hope this helps with finding those pesky pieces of lore!

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