WildStar Stalker DPS Guide

WildStar Stalker DPS Guide by NalrahPlays

Hey there,

Glad to see someone interested in maximising their potential, currently in Genetic Archives i’m running these AMP’s


These are from my testing and experience the highest DPS base AMP’s you can choose, if you have any questions about any of them I can go into depth later on (Im going to sleep after I write this)

Below is the Ability Point Distribution and my LAS Set up for this spec


Stalkers don’t have a “Rotation” don’t use that word, its a priority.

You want to be using these abilities “On Cooldown”:

Preparation – Generates 6-12 Suit Power and gives 3-6% crit for 4 seconds, the animation for this ability can be cancelled with shred so there is no DPS Loss from using this on cooldown.

Punish – Ideally used on Cooldown with good suit power management, Only use when below 35 Suit power so you get the 30 restored for a free impale, mastering this is your DPS “Boost” and is one of the few abilities that separate the good from the great.

Collapse – If a fight doesn’t call for stuns, use collapse on cooldown for a small DPS boost (About 40).

Nano Suit – Lethal – Combo with Impale, it’s worth saving this ability for 2-3 seconds to wait for the next impale, this is the other ability that separates the men from the boys.

Priority past this point is

  • Drop Suit power below 25 every 3 seconds.
  • Keep Ruin up 100% of the time, only recast when the debuff ends, not * the cooldown.
  • Shred To Keep the suit power regen up.
  • Concussive Kicks (Yes, It has a higher DPRC – Damage Per Resource Cost than Impale with Entry level raid gear)
  • Impale
  • Shred

With this build, perfect rotation and only self food and potion buff for the last Brutality Tier I can achieve 6.5k DPS on the RAID target dummy with these stats over a 5 minute fight.



Last thing to note – my Gadget is Attachment Optimisation Routines, it gives 210ap over 20 seconds whereas every other gadget gives 248 over 10, its clearly superior but it IS being nerfed so try and get your hands on an AP / Garunteed Crit Gadget for when it gets thrown in the shitbin.

Runes by Popular Demand.

  • Fusion – Fusion Blast Rune of Assault Power > Flat Assault Power
  • Fire – Fusion Blast Rune of Assault Power > Assassin Rune of Assault Power > Flat Brutality
  • Logic – Weapon Specialist Rune of Strikethrough/CritSev > Sucker Punch Rune of Critical (If going for Set) > Flat Strikethrough
  • Earth – Weapon Specialist of Crit Sev (If going for set) > Hard Rock rune of Crit Sev (If going for set) > Flat Brut
  • Air – Fusion Blast Rune of Strikethrough > Flat Moxie/Finesse to hit a Breakpoint > Flat Strikethrough
  • Life – Flat Brut > Flat Finesse to hit Breakpoint > Flat Crit Sev.
  • Water – Cry > Flat Finesse to hit Breakpoint > Flat Strikethrough

In order of the ones I like


Air is only good if Fusion Blast rune is needed, otherwise its at the bottom of the pile. Earth is good whilst I need Weapon Specialist runes.. Flat Brut is never bad either.

Fusion and Fire are amazing.

In terms of Set Weights or the sets to aim for..

Fusion Blast > Weapon Specialist / Hard Rock (If you can get it without sacrificing too much..) > Sucker Punch (Lol.)

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