WildStar Pyralos Easy Guide

WildStar Pyralos Easy Guide by Bloodrose

I’m writing this guide to get the information out to as many people as possible. 

I would like to emphasize that this workaround is merely to circumvent the bug of far too many flame circles spawning, giving no safe zones. Once Pyralos is fixed, please do him as he was intended. I in no way encourage using this method for anything more than to make this fight doable in its completely luck-based current state.

There is an extremely easy way to defeat Guardian Pyralos for the attunement quest, as he is a huge pain in the ass right now given that he’s horrendously bugged out and unless you’re incredibly lucky, almost impossible to defeat. I have no video, but we just tried this out and though our timing was off, it made this fight a complete joke. This requires a minimum of two people.

The Strategy:

Player 1 and player 2 of irrelevant class enter the fight together. You dodge the first barrage of fire bombs and the flame circle.

Player 1 and player 2 interact with different extinguishers.

Player 1 uses their extinguisher, sending Pyralos to the floor. Player 2 saves their extinguisher’s interaction near the end of the bar.

Player 1 begins moving to a new extinguisher that hasn’t been interacted with by player 2, DPSing down Pyralos on the way.

Pyralos stands up to enter his bombs and circle phase. Player 2 uses their extinguisher. Pyralos goes down again. Player 1 interacts immediately with an extinguisher.

Player 2 DPSes down Pyralos while moving to an extinguisher not interacted with. Player 1 continues to hold the extinguisher at near completion.

Pyralos stands back up. Player 1 uses their extinguisher, while player 2 begins working up the next extinguisher immediately.

Rinse repeat.

If anyone has trouble interacting with the extinguishers because of timing or otherwise, this strategy is far more comfortable with more than two people. You can in fact get enough people to interact with each one, and use them subsequently as long as you can instantly get his health down, as the extinguisher interaction will time out after a decent amount of time.

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